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 February 7th, 2012 Edition of ECW

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PostSubject: February 7th, 2012 Edition of ECW   February 7th, 2012 Edition of ECW Icon_minitimeSat Feb 18, 2012 9:12 pm

Dolph: Welcome, everyone, to an amazing event tonight, where our Host will take over.. in a wheelchair...

Kevin Nash is in ring in wheelchair with Hogan and Stone Cold at his side.

nash: Welcome, to ECW REVIVAL

(crowd cheers)

Nash: Now, I was taken out last week, and had to leave the arena, in a wheelchair, but dont worry, because as you seen on WWE.com, the men were none other then Michael Powers, heath Slater, and Husky harris....

(Crowd Boos)

Stone Cold: Don;t worry though, because we get a match.. TONIGHT... against them

Christian runs in and attacks them from behind with killswitches, then rolls Nash out of the ring.

tazz: Christian just kidnapped nash!!!!


Christian is running with nash, until he is caught in a Roundhouse Kick by Yoshi Tatsu. Tyler Reks comes in and hits a Reks You Up on Yoshi. Miz comes in and gives Reks a Skull Crshing Finale. the rest of the ECW comes out and starts beating down on Miz and Yoshi, until Kevin nash shows he was faking his wheelchair and jackknifdes everyone except yoshi, Miz, and Michael Powers. nash places Michael in the wheelchair, Miz and Yoshi try stopping him from destroying Michael, but it is too late. michael was strapped in and thrown down a flight of steps, crashing into the steps and walls and finally, the end of the security barricade. nash then takes Michael out of the wheelchair and jackknifes him through the barricade

match 1, Dolph Ziggler vs mark Henry vs Miz vs kofi Kingston for ECW Championship, in an Xscape Cage match with weapons tied to cage in barbed wire (made many competitors because Tiffany was being nice)

The cage lowers, and mark henry is quickly aimed at. Mark gets hit with a trouble in Paradise, and Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale on henry. Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold and makes Henry tap. Henry is mad though, so he grabs a barbed wire baseball bat and smashes it on Zigglers head after getting back to his feet. henry is pulled out of the cage though by 7 security guards. Kofi then starts climbing the cage, maybe giving up, but gets on top of the cage, grabs a chair, then jumps. Kofi is big booted though, and the chair about knocks Kofi out. Morrison walks out to the cage, then sits down. Miz is happy his partner is there, supporting him, but spits in his face through the cage. Ziggler stands up, finally, and smashes Miz's face into the cage. Kofi grabs a barbed wire table, and spends some time unwrapping it out of the barbed wire, making his hands bleed. After Kofi gets it with enough barbed wire taken off he can move it from cage and enough on it to make someone bleed, he sets it up. Dolph sees this, and sets the table on fire after throwing a small lighter he got from a fan. Kofi is trapped in a corner, he cant get out without catching on fire. Kofi has a new plan, to climb the cage, then move around the table. Dolph starts smashing Miz into the mat, finally jumping on his neck. Miz gets up, and goes for a skull crushing finale, but it gets turned into an arm drag, then a superkick. kofi jumps from the top of the cage and hits a body splash on Miz. Kofi looks for a boom drop, but Dolph grabs Kofi's neck and locks in the sleeper hold. Miz gets up and gives them both a skull crushing finale at the same time. Dolph grabs a rope, keeping his shoulder up, and Miz goes for a pin on Kofi, but Kofi has a little piece of barbed wire on him, which Miz doesnt know and hurts him, making him stand up quickly to heal his wound. Kofi slowly gets up, but is caught in a DDT by Miz, then a Superkick by Ziggler. Ziggler then tosses Miz into the cage, then locks in a double sleeper hold on Miz and Kofi. First one to tap is out. Miz taps out first, then Kofi, but it doesnt count for Kofi because now he must leave the cage to win. Miz leaves the ring, grabbing the chair as he leaves, and cracks it over John Morrisons head. Miz then starts beating down on Morrison. Ziggler gets up, forgetting the rules of this match, and is cheering thinking he won, but is caught in a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi climbs the cage. Ziggler stands up and starts climbing too. They are ontop of the cage. Ziggler is sitting, and Kofi is standing. Kofi kicks Ziggler in the head, then looks to jump off Cage, but is caught in a zig zag of the cage into the ring through the flaming table!!!!!!!! Ziggler starts climbing out, but somehow, Kofi manages to get up and crawl on Zigglers back. Ziggler tosses him out of the ring by accident, onto the announce table though (not through it, on it). Kofi never touched the ground. Ziggler looks at this and quickly rolls off the cage, winning the title.


Dolph looks at his title as he goes backstage to celebrate instead of commentary

Miz and John Morrison are going at it, until Miz tosses John into the ring, grabs the chair, and places it around Johns head. Miz drags Morrison to the top rope, then gives him a skull crushing finale


Tiffany is writing up a bunch of matches in her office.

Vader barges in

Vader: You have to be kidding me, right.

Tiffany: What?

Vader: You just give anyone a title match don't you.

Tiffany: OK, OK, I went a little easy on the title matches, but this time I will be better..... OH MY GOSH

Christian spears Vader and Tiffany runs out of the office. Christian beats down on Vader

Match 2, Christian vs Vader, hardcore Title match

Christian grabs a trophy on the shelve, then smashes it against Vader's head. Christian then is tackled by Vader. Vader lifts Christian up and tosses him into the wall. Christian grabs onto a book case and climbs it. Vader throws a laptop at him, knocking him down. Christian then tries running, but is chokeslammed. Vader then picks up a lamp and beats Christian with it. Vader tosses the lamp aside, focusing on beating down Christian with a laptop. Vader breaks the laptop, and while he looks for a new weapon, Christian runs away. Vader then grabs a trash can and runs after Christian. Vader tosses the trash can at Christian, but Christian dodges it and runs into the bathroom. Christian is hiding, until Vader smashes a stall door down and it collapses onto Christian. Vader picks it up and tosses it aside. Christian tries running, but is caught by Vader, vader slams Christian into the door, then spears him through it, taking this outside the bathroom. Christian again tries running, but fails, and trips over a chair he doesnt see. Christian tries escaping Vader, but runs into a leaned up ladder. Vader takcles Christian, this time taking him out with a vader bomb into the wall. Vader looks at the leaned wall, and sets it up. Christian gives Vader a low blow, taking him down. Christian climbs the ladder, and goes for a diving headbutt, but Vader gives Christian a headbutt, knocking each other down. Vader gets up first, and drags Christian into a wall, Vader hits a vader hammer on Christian, then tosses him out into the door to the arena entrance. fans are watching this live. Christian grabs a fan and pushes him into Vader, then runs into Tiffany's office

Christian: please stop him, please, I am begging you...

Vader finds Christian and spears him. Tiffany is shouting dont hurt him please, but it doesnt work, Vader picks up Christian, and tosses him into the table, then Vaderbombs him through the table, Vader then tosses the book case down into Christian, knocking him out. Christian then tries getting up, but can't. Vader drags Christian out, and goes for a pin, but Tiffany breaks it up by slapping Vader. Tiffany screams at vader, until Vader pushes Tiffany down and pins Christian again. This time it was a 3 count.

Christian is being checked on by doctors and Tiffany, who is extremely mad at vader.

Tiffany: NO... NO... NO... I say, this match ends in a NO CONTEST because one of the men in it is unable to move.... so Christian keeps his title....

Vader looks angry as he almost chokeslams Tiffany in anger, but lets her go and tosses the title onto Christian.

Match 3, European Championship match, Sin Cara vs William Regal vs Jeff Hardy vs Ted Dibiase (Dibiase was moved from Hardcore to European) in a fatal four way Relay match

Jeff is on one side of the apron, and Dibiase on the other, waiting to be tagged by the two men in the ring. Sin Cara quickly strikes Regal in the leck with a kick, then another in the arm, then a dropkick. Sin cara then hits a hurricanrana after bouncing off the ropes multiple times. Regal hits a clothesline on Sin Cara after he goes for a body splash. Sin Cara then grabs Regal's arm and pulls him into an armbreaker, then he tosses Regal into hardy, knocking Hardy off, meanwhile making Hardy the legal man. Hardy is laying on the steel steps, until Sin Cara jumps over the ropes and instead of hitting Hardy, Hardy rolls out of the way, and Sin Cara crashes into the steps, crushing his head, but still doing the match. Sin cara dizzily walks over to Dibiase and tags him in. Dibiase about takes out Hardy with a dream street quickly, but Hardy hits a ddt. Hardy looks at the ramp... and a group of men are there... they are the ECN. They run to the ring and start beating down on everyone, including the referee.

ECN is dominating, but they know that the match is still going on. Jeff and Ted team up, hitting everyone, then sends them all outside the ring. Sin Cara tags himself in, then hits a roll up pin on Hardy.1........2.......3
Sin cara retains.

Match 4, Punk Hazard and Brock Lesnar and Evan Bourne vs The Great Khali and Tyler Reks and Chris Masters, tag match

Punk and Reks start out, but Punk is quickly hit by Great Khali, who runs in the ring and brain chops him, but he is F5d by Brock. Masters locks in the masterlock on Brock. Brock goes to the ground, but pulls Masters down, and bourne air Bourne's him!!! Reks then runs at Bourne, hits him with a reks you up, then turns around, but is hit with a jumping cutter by Hazard. Hazard then looks for a pin, but a man runs in and spears Hazard while Masters was distracting the ref. The man is JBL!!! JBL then is dropkicked by Bourne. Everyone starts fighting in the ring again, until Hazard is distracted by the ref talking to him, and is rolled up, but Hazard rolls up Reks
Hazard and everyone on his team runs backstage as the men in the ring start screaming at each other.

Promo, a show-off between who is better fit to run the show as JDUDE's assistant, Tommy Dreamer and Tiffany (with Mick Foley to be the mediator)

Mick Foley comes out, to a standing crowd, then calls out both dreamer and tiffany. Dreamer has Angle by his side, and Tiffany has Jim by hers.

Mick: OK, first off, Ladies first, so Tiffany you can say what you wa-

Dreamer: OK, shut up, this is wrestling, I didnt know we used manners. Look, the match has just been announced, so why not shut up and train your piece of shit Jim Logan? What ever happened to Christian? Wouldnt you pick him instead of this newbie? I dont care anymore... because Kurt Angle will beat either one of them. And Mick, Mick, Mick, guess what the news is, I get to slam your face in after the match because you wont be commisioner when I am assistant. And guess what the best part is, this!!!

Kurt spears Jim Logan, and Dreamer hits a spinebuster on Foley. Tiffany wants to help Mick or Jim, but is afraid to be in the middle of this. Sandman comes out to save Foley and Jim!!! But Sandman gets in the ring with his kendo stick, but hands it to Dreamer. Dreamer hits Mick with the kendo stick multiple times. Sandman then rolls out of the ring and hands Dreamer his title. Dreamer holds it high in the air, until Logan pushes kurt off, then grabs Angle and Hits him with the assasinator!!! Sandman gets hit with a spear from Foley!!! Foley then gets up and locks in a Mandible Claw on Dreamer, until he falls to the ground. Foley keeps Dreamer down with the claw hold, while Logan climbs on the ropes and hits a Leap Of Faith on Dreamer. Then Christian runs to the ring, and lifts Tiffany up on her shoulders, until at the last minute, rips off his Peep shirt he was wearing to reveal a smackdown shirt, and drops Tiffany down in an electric chair drop. Christian then spears Logan and Foley, then leaves the ring as Bret comes out to congratulate him, and the wrestlemania match seems to be nothing, championship or not, Christian is going to Smackdown!!!!

Main Event, Stone Cold vs ??? Tables match (Was supposed to be an ECN Superstar, but all have sustained "injuries")

SCSA: Hello, give me an opponent, any minute now...

Shelton Benjamin comes in from behind. Shelton then hits Stone Cold with a quick Tbone Suplex. Shelton brings a table in the ring, and leans it up against the corner. Shelton then is about to throw Stone Cold through the table, but Stone Cold grabs the ropes and climbs out of the ring, and grabs a table. Shelton jumps over the ropes, but hits the table head first. Shelton then tries getting up, but Stone Cold steps on Sheltons head. Shelton then counters a fist drop, and then grabs a table and smashes it against Stone Cold, breaking the table, he doesnt win though because Stone Cold didnt get thrown through the table. Shelton grabs another table, but Stone Cold grabs the table, then throws it at Shelton. Shelton gets knocked down, and the table is leaning up against him. Stone Cold sets up a table next to the barricade, Shelton grabs the table that was non him, but Stone Cold ducks a hit with the table, and Shelton runs into the table, not breaking it, but hurting himself badly. Stone Cold grabs the table shetlon had and places it on the table he recently set up. Shelton kicks Stone Cold in the head, then lies him on the table. Shelton gets on the barricade. Shelton jumps, but Stone Cold catches him in a stunner!!!! Sheltons body goes through the table, while Shelton is getting a stunner!!! Stone Cold wins!!! Shelton gets up, and right before Stone Cold leaves, he grabs a piece of a table he was thrown through, then smashes it against Stone Colds back. Stone Cold turns around, then gives Shelton a stunner again, but after this, he throws him into the turnbuckle post!!! Shelton is knocked out bleeding while Stone Cold Celebrates!!!!

Show goes off air
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February 7th, 2012 Edition of ECW
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