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 April 9th, 2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw. Four Hour Draft Special

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April 9th, 2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw. Four Hour Draft Special Empty
PostSubject: April 9th, 2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw. Four Hour Draft Special   April 9th, 2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw. Four Hour Draft Special Icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 6:25 pm

All announcers sit down, as a combined video of all three shows plays.

Mick Foley walks out, wearing an ECW Shirt

Foley: Hello there, are any of you guys ECW fans?

Crowd Chants ECW

Foley: Well then good for you, because first thing is first, I will be defending my title against Tommy Dreamer in a match RIGHT NOW

Crowd chants Foley as Tommy Dreamer walks out to the ring

Dreamer: Let me get this right, you think you can beat me? Wrestlemania was a FLUKE victory, you could NEVER truly beat me, which is why I am going to get my title... back....

Dolph Ziggler walks out to his theme music, and crowd boos and cheers him

Dolph: Hold up, I think I DESERVE a title shot... I mean, I never gotten my rematch clause from Elimination Chamber, so I think I should be in a title match... RIGHT NOW

Foley: OK, both of you, I will give you that match on one condition

Cody Rhodes music plays as he enters the ring, mic in hand

Rhodes: OK, both of you guys, and whatever the hell foley is, shut up, because I think I should be involved in this match.... BECAUSE ITS A DRAFT SHOW.... so why not have an interbrand Title match??? Get someone from Raw out here and let's do this.

Santino Marella comes out

Dreamer: WAIT.... it has to be fair, so only one of ECW's stars can be here.... so you two get lost...

Mark Henry from Raw and HHH from Smackdown come out

Dreamer: Your kidding... right, so now what, a tag match??? Because these two wont be good as me....

Tiffany walks out

Tiffany: No, Dreamer... it is a battle royal for the ECW Championship... with one man being taken out of it... and that man, Im sorry Ziggler, but thats you.... Oh, wait, lets make this for a draft pick as well.... winner gets 2 draft picks

Match 1, Tommy Dreamer vs Cody Rhodes vs Mick Foley vs HHH vs Mark Henry vs Santino marella, over the top rope battle royal for the ECW Championship

The match starts, as Henry is easily eliminated by Marella. henry is angry, climbs back in the ring, and drags Marella by his hair out of the ring. Dreamer sees an opportunity, and takes a distraced HHH out by tossing him over the ropes. Foley then locks in a claw hold on dreamer, but dreamer lifts Foley up. Foley is tosses over the ropes, but catches one foot on the apron, gets a soda can from a fan. Foley gets back in the ring, smashes the soda can across the face of Dreamer, then gives him a Butterfly DDT onto the can. He tries tossing him over the ropes, but it is countered when Dreamer ducks, tossing Foley over the ropes... Dreamer HAS WON THE ECW TITLE.... or so he thinks.. Rhodes comes in and gives him a big boot, knocking him down, onto the floor

[i]The video screen shows a bunch of people, until all of a sudden.... Christian and the Miz walk out, getting booed and cheered, and they rip off their former shirts to show a SD shirt
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April 9th, 2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw. Four Hour Draft Special
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