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 April 17th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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April 17th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: April 17th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   April 17th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:59 pm

Show opens with replay from Sundays PPV, and then shows Ziggler, who ties Foley up from the Rope Swing, lifts him up to the cage, and tosses him off, then grabs the title

Ziggler: I am proud of what I done, I am the LEGEND KILLER, so look, to make myself a name, I ended a legends career, when I tossed him off the cage, onto the floor, and

Foley comes out to the ring, and lock in a mandible claw hold

Foley: You think I am done with you, one final match, tonight

Foley lets go, then leaves ring, and the next match starts

Match 1, Vader vs Yoshi Tatsu, barbed wire ropes match

Vader and Yoshi lock up, but yoshi is quickly tossed into the rope. Tatsu backflips over them, landing on his feet, but having no way to get back in the ring. Vader is taunting, and Yoshi is hopeless, until Vader comes near the ropes. Tatsu trips him, then pulls him out of the ring, with Vaders back going into barbed wire. Vader then counters a strike by yoshi, and tosses him back first into the barbed wire. Vader then smashed tatsus face into the wire, then tosses him, in a scoop slam, into the wire, and yoshi gets stuck. Vader then grabs the steel steps, and tosses them into Yoshi, and does this 5 times until he decides to stop, and then he starts nailing punches on Tatsu, until finally he pushes Tatsu so hard, he snaps the wire, falling into the ring. Vader gets on the top rope, and goes for a vadersault, but it gets countered, and tatsu rolls vaders body up onto the wire, 1........2.......kickout. Vader grabs Tatsu by his hair and then nails him in the face multiple times, until finally powerbombing him out of the ring, onto the floor. Vader then climbs the turnbuckle, cutting himself along the way, and vadersaults Yoshi, but Yoshi rolls out of it. Yoshi stands up, and then hits his kick, and Vader is still standing. Tatsu bounces off the barricades, and tries for a kick, but Vader catches him, then slams him onto the apron, then grabs the wires, and cutting his hands, also cuts Yoshi by wrapping tatsus back in it. Vader then starts choking out Tatsu, by using the wires, but then, Tatsu tries getting out, but leaves his neck wide open for attack, facing up. Vader then lifts his leg up, and makes it come down on Tatsu, breaking the wires even more, and then, Vader pins Tatsu, 1......2......Tatsu grabs vaders leg and locks in a rollup, 1.........2..........3

Tatsu goes to leave the ring, but Vader spears Tatsu off the apron onto the floor.


Mick Foley is in the ring

Mick: I, I may have lost, and nearly been forced to quit, but I am still here, and the best thing is, I am still the ECW Commisioner, and I have agreed for one PPV to happen, that is right, ECW has a Trip To Tokyo, and will be forced to go to the extremes and, with that, I have a contract signing happening tonight, between Tommy Dreamer, and the man they call Vader

Tommy Dreamer comes out

Dreamer: OK, Shut up.... now here is what is going to happen.... I am not fighting Vader at Trip To Tokyo, I want to fight you, ECW Commisioner

Tommy gets in the ring, and sits at the table

Foley: As ECW Commisioner

Dreamer: SHUT UP, now look, I have been speaking to the General Manager, that is right, I have been speaking with JDUDE, and he told me, I could get a shot at becoming ECW Commisioner, so instead of this contract, how about this one

Dreamer pulls out a new contract and tears out the old one

Foley: You know what, here

Foley signs the contract, and so does Dreamer, and Foley is about to leave the ring, but Dreamer grabs his back and gives him a german suplex, then starts pounding on his head. Dreamer finally gets out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick. Dreamer goes for a strike with it, but Foley grabs it, kicks Dreamer in the gut, then starts pounding his back with the kendo stick. Foley then pushes Dreamer on the table, and then grabs his arms, and hits a butterfly off the table, onto the kendo stick. Foley almost locks in a claw hold, but Dreamer lifts Foley onto his back, and gives him a dreamer driver through the table. Dreamer lifts Foley onto his back again, but Foley counteres it, slides off his back, then tosses him into the corner so hard, he flips into a tree of woe position. Foley then hits a cactus jack elbow drop. Dreamer gets up, and slides out of the ring. Dreamer is on the floor, trying to get up, but Foley gets on the apron and hits a cactus jack senton!!! Foley then leaves, and Dreamer doesnt know what just hit him!!!

[i]Match 2,
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April 17th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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