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 May 1st, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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May 1st, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: May 1st, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   May 1st, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2012 9:33 pm

The show video happens, and then finally, Reall Estate comes out

Estate: Welcome, to the Era, of Extreme, in which I, and AJ, have announced.... along with the Extremette division. JDUDE has taken a turn for the worst though, and I hope Jillian can even him and Mr. Dreamer out, because if not, I, along with everyone else, is doomed. Anyway

Mr. Dreamer comes out

Dreamer: I am, tommy dreamer, new commisioner of ECW, and why dont you.. get out of my ring

Estate: Because Big Show is up next.... and AJ and I will be managing him

Dreamer: Nooo, since I am the commisioner, I have decided that Big Show, nor AJ will have a match, but you will

Estate: Well, even though I am undefeated.... dont make me do this, please, please, please, I am not meant to wrestle

Dreamer: Too bad, you better get ready, because this next match will be a tables match.. with everyone banned from ringside, with Reall Estate vs

Big Daddy V comes out

Match one, tables match, Big Daddy V vs Reall Estate, everyone banned from ringside

Big Daddy V quickly headbutts Estate, then hits a body splash, then picks him up and tosses him into the ropes and samoan drops him, then lifts him up again and tosses him into the corner. He hits a chop, then headbutts him, then bounces off the ropes and hits an avalanche. Big Daddy V leaves the ring and grabs a table, then tosses it into the ring and sets it up. Big Daddy V lifts up Estate in a samoan drop position, but Estate jumps off his shoulders, and starts nailing right hooks, but they dont effect Big Daddy V at all, and he lifts Estate up into a bear hug position, but then, Big Shows music comes on. Big Daddy V tosses Estate to the side, and then stares at the entrance. No one comes out, but the music is still playing. Estate then leans the table against a corner, and then leans against it. Big Daddy V then bounces off the ropes, going for an avalanche, but Estate dodges, grabs Big Daddy V's arms, and then gives him a little extra push, making him go through the table

Tazz: And your winner, Reall Estate!!

Big Daddy V looks angry, but then, Big Show comes out. Big Show is protecting Estate. Big Daddy V then pushes Show aside, but gets speared, then lifted up. Big Daddy V hits a low blow!!! Big Daddy V then climbs the ropes. AJ from behind knocks him off with a kick. AJ then starts nailing kicks, and then all of a sudden, Mr. Dreamer comes out

Dreamer: Ok OK STOP NOW, look, since all 3 of you touched Big Daddy V, me and JDUDE have decided to have you two in a tag team match, a mixed tag team match, a mixed HANDICAP tag team match, with AJ and Big Show against Torrie Wilson, Carlito, Eddie Kinsgton, Eddie Edwards, and Mike Quackenbush

Match 2, Mixed handicap match

Big show and carlito start it out, but everyone but torrie on Carltio's team come out and start hitting Big Show. Big Show spears both Eddies and Mike, but is caught in a backstabber!!! Carlito tags in Torrie. Torrie runs and waits for Show to tag in AJ. AJ and Torrie lock up, but AJ gets the upper hand, pushes Torrie aside, and then dropkicks her. Carlito tags himself in!!! Carlito and Torrie are shouting at each other because of the tag, and Torrie slaps Carlito, and AJ rolls up


AJ, Torrie, and Big Show roll out of the ring, and Estate comes out to congratulate them, and they run off


Mr. Dreamer: I cant believe it, this is just, Its too much..... it really is

JDUDE: Shut it, OK, we need to think of a way to get them OUT OF HERE

JDUDE: Wait, Im getting a call, from, oh my its that idiot Estate... What do you want

Estate: Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that guess who owns half of your show along with Tiffany? That is right, Mr. Estate owns 1/2 of ECW

JDUDE and Dreamer look angry

Match 3, Punk Hazard vs Delirious, 50 chair shot match, rematch for Who Leads Hazard and Delirious

Punk grabs a chair, and quickly goes to Delirious, but Delirious trips him, and grabs the chair, and then goes for a chair shot, but misses. Punk rolls out of the way, and kicks the chair into Delirious face, making it count as a shot. Delirious then punches Punk, then climbs the ropes and hits a dropkick. Delirious grabs the chair, and then smashes it against Punks arm ten times, and then Punk grabs the chair, and then kicks it into delirious face. Punk then rolls out of the ring, and tosses 7 chairs into the ring, all of them hitting Delirious, making it 9-10. Punk then climbs the ropes with a chair, and hits a dropkick into a chair into Delirious. Delirious gets angry and then grabs 2 chairs, and then hits Punk with them both 10 times, making it 10-30. Punk then grabs both chairs, and then hits a dropkick, then starts smacking the chair off Deliriouss head, making it end up 15-30 Delirious then rolls out of the ring. Punk jumps over the ropes knocking Delirious off his feet. Punk then grabs a table, even though it isnt a chair, and sets it up. Punk also grabs handcuffs, and actually handcuffs Delirious to the table, trapping him on. Punk then just starts hitting Delirious' arms with a chair, then his legs, then his head. He goes over 50 hits, but he is still going. He then is pulled off by security, but Punk kicks the security, and goes back to hitting Delirious. Delirious is KOd. Punk then climbs the top ropes, and then hits a 450 splash through the table!!! he grabs a mic

Punk: Im sorry to say this, but I am sick, of you causing us matches, and you know what, I have decided that not only should I get rid of you, but also ECW, also WWE, so I will walk away, with you having no career

Match 4, All Hail vs Tyler Reks and Umaga w/Armando Estrada in an elimination tables match

Umaga and Reks hit a double clothesline on Khali, then on Tensai. Reks hits a few quick dropkicks, and then Umaga hits a few chest slaps to both Khali and Tensai. Umaga waits until Khali gets up, and runs at him, but he runs straight into a brain chop!! Reks then grabs Khali's leg and pulls it down, making him fall backwards. Tensai runs at Reks, but Reks just ducks, and Tensai flies over the ropes! Khali is getting his leg beaten down on by Reks, until Tensai tosses 2 tables into the ring, then comes back in it. Reks turns around, right into a table to the gut. Reks bends over, but is caught in a powerbomb! Tensai then picks up one table and sets it up. He waits for Reks to turn around, but Armando distracts him, and Tensai actually picks him up and tosses him through the table! This allows Reks to pick up a table, and lean it up near the corner nearest tensai. Tensai turns around, but is thrown into the table! Umaga runs at him and hits an avalanche to make him go through the table. Khali stands up, he pushes Reks down, then locks in a Vise Grip on Umaga. Reks gets up slowly, sets up a table behind Khali while the vise grip is still happening. Reks then jumps up and pulls Khali down, making him go through the table, back first! Umaga is KOd, and Reks drags him and Armando out of the ring. Tensai gets up, and is angry that they couldve won if Armando hasnt gotten in their way. All Hail slowly walks away from the ring

Match 5, Main event Match, Cruiserweights Collide (Cruiserweoghts start off with 2 people in a No DQ match, but people can come in or walk out whenever they want to, 2 people must stay in the ring at all times)

Hunico walks out, and he enters the ring. He is followed by Jigsaw. Jigsaw and Hunico grab a chair before the match start, so that they have something to hit each other with. Jigsaw quickly swings the chair at Hunico, Hunico is down, but Mistico comes out! Returning to action on ECW! Mistico hits a double springboard moonsault attack, then quickly locks in a facelock on Hunico. Jigsaw climbs the ropes and actually moonsaults sin cara, and breaks up the hold. Jigsaw and Sin Cara go kick for kick, until Hunico makes them headbutt each other. Hunico climbs to the top ropes until....... CHRIS JERICHO COMES OUT. Y2J hits a few quick dropkicks, then hits a double ddt, then a single, taking the three men to the ground. Hunico rolls out of the ring, but wait... here comes Kofi Kingston......... he is followed by Evan Bourne.... they start fighting outside the ring, until Bourne goes for a springboard attack, but Y2J Pulls him into the ring. Kofi Kingston follows, hitting a body splash to Bourne. Jigsaw then hits brainbuster after brainbuster, until Y2J goes for a codebreaker. Jigsaw catches him, tosses him down, then hits a Jig'O'Tonic!!! He climbs the ropes for a canjun tornado.. he hits it


Jigsaw celebrates, until Hunico starts hitting him, but wait, European Champ comes out. Barret hits them both with a double wasteland, but gets caught in a huge Codebreaker. Y2J looks happy, but is hit with an SOS! Kofi is still trying to get up, but Bourne with an Air Bourne!! Sin Cara, not knowing the match is over, hits a dropkick, then picks up Bourne, not knowing what happened

Main Event, contract signing for Kevin Nash

JDUDE, Mr. Dreamer, and Ashley Massaro come out and stand at one corner. Tiffany, Reall Estate, and AJ Come out and stand at another, then, KEvin Nash comes out and sits at the table.

Kevin: So, should I sign this contract or not, tell me why...

JDUDE: Well, you could be given anything you want from my side if you join ECW and help me win

Tiffany: I will give you t-shirts, movies, anything, just join ECW and help US the good guys

Dreamer: Dont listen to her, want to be a VIP of ECW, join ECW and help US win

Estate: No no no no no, I can manage you and lead you to greatness if you join us

everyone starts yelling at each other, until Nash stands up..

Nash: SHUT UP.... I will sign on one condition, you give me.... a title shot, for the ECW title.....

Tiffany and JDUDE shake hands, as does Dreamer and Estate

Estate: Ok, looks like we have a deal.....

Dreamer lifts up Estate, and then gives him a dreamer driver onto the apron, sending him outside the ring

Ashley and AJ start slapping each other, until AJ smacks her with her title, then drops her on her skull

JDUDE is lifting Tiffany in the air... he wont... he wont..... he moves by the table

Nash from behind lifts up JDUDE, which is forced to let tiffany go, and Jackknifes him through the table

Nash: Ziggler, I am coming for you

ecw goes off air
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May 1st, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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