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 Royal Rumble 2012

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Royal Rumble 2012 Empty
PostSubject: Royal Rumble 2012   Royal Rumble 2012 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 8:51 am

Matches scheduled for the Royal Rumble.

WWE Champion CM Punk(c) vs TNA World Champion Kurt Angle(c) in a title unification match.

World Heavyweight Championship Match Daniel Bryan(c) vs Mark Henry vs Big Show

United States Championship Match: Jack Swagger(c) vs Kofi Kingston(w/Evan Bourne)

WWE Tag Team Championship Match The Corre(Jacob Cass and Wade Barrett) vs Primo and Epico in a TLC Tag Team Match

Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler. Winner gets Ryder's WWE Championship the next night on Raw SuperShow

The 40- Person Royal Rumble(winner gets a shot at a World Title at WrestleMania 28)



Swagger(c) vs Kingston Swagger wins after an Ankle LockUnited States Championship
The Miz vs Mark Henry The Miz winsECW World Heavyweight Championship
Jacob Cass and Wade Barrett defeated Primo and Epcio(c) Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship
Zack Ryder vs Dolph ZigglerRyder won after a Rough Ryder #1 Contendership for the WWE title
Daniel Bryan(c) vs Big Show vs Mark Henry Bryan wins after making Henry tap out to Cattle MutiationWorld Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk(c) vs Kurt Angle(c) Angle wins Undisputed WWE Championship Match
40 Man Royal RumbleAJ Styles Wins AJ gets a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania


#1The Miz. Eliminated by R-Truth
#2 Sheamus|Eliminated by Big Show|Eliminated: R-Truth
#3 R-Truth |Eliminated by Sheamus| Elimianted: The Miz
#4 William Regal |Eliminated by Tommy Dreamer
#5 Rob Van Dam |Eliminated by Tommy Dreamer
#6 Tommy Dreamer|Eliminated 6 people| Eliminated by:Self
#7 Curt Hawkins |Eliminated by Zack Ryder
#8 M. McGillicudy |Elimianted by Big Show
#9 Husky Harris |Eliminated by Big Show
#10 Evan Bourne |Eliminated by Tommy Dreamer
#11 Addidude|Eliminated by Rey Mysterio
#12 Rey Mysterio|Eliminated Addidude|Eliminated by John Morrison
#13 JBL|Eliminated by:Self
#14 Primo|Eliminated by JBL
#15 Epico|Eliminated by Tommy Dreamer
#16 Matt Hardy|Elimianted by:Self
#17 Brodus Clay|Eliminated by Kane
#18 John Morrison|Eliminated by: Zack Blaze
#19 Zack Blaze|Eliminated Zack Ryder and John Morrison|Eliminated by: John Cena
#20 Zack Ryder|Eliminated: Curt Hawkins and Dolph Ziggler|Elimianted by Zack Blaze
#21 Jeff Hardy|Eliminated by Mark Henry
#22David Otunga|Elimianted by N/A
#23 Kofi Kingston|Eliminated by Mark Henry
#24 Santino Marella| Elimianted by: Triple H
#25 Mick Foley| Eliminated by Kane
#26 Mark Henry|Eliminated 4 people|Eliminated by Big Show
#27John Cena|Eliminated: Zack Blaze, Triple H. and Jack Swagger|Eliminated by Self while trying to eliminate Kane
#28 Sin Cara|Eliminated by: Kane
#29 Dolph Ziggler|Eliminated by: Zack Ryder
#30 Big Show|Eliminated:3 people|Eliminated by Randy Orton and Chris Jericho
#31 Chris Jericho|Eliminated: Big Show|Elimianted by Randy Orton
#32 Edge|Eliminated by:Self
#33 Triple H|Elimianted 2 people|Elimianted by:John Cena
#34 Randy Orton|Eliminated: Big Show and Chris Jericho
#35 Jacob Cass| Eliminated by:Triple H
#36 Jack Swagger|Elimiated by John Cena
#37 AJ Styles|Eliminated by N/A| Eliminated:CM Punk, Randy Orton and Bobby Roode
#38 Kane|Elimiated: Brodus Clay, Mick Foley and Sin Cara| Elimated by Self while trying to eliminate John Cena
#39 CM Punk|Eliminated by: AJ Styles|Elimianted N/A
#40 Bobby Roode|Eliminated by AJ Styles
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Royal Rumble 2012
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