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 May 15th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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May 15th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: May 15th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   May 15th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 5:39 pm

The show intro plays, and the ECW Tag Team Champs are in the ring with the rest of the New Hart Dynasty

Kevin Hart: I am here, with my cousin, and we are, the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

Teddy: And, we are being forced to defend our tag titles, but in what match type? We dont know..... but we will win them

Mr. Dreamer comes to the ring

Dreamer: Since there is so many people who want to have your tag team titles, this will be a special match, a tag team gauntlet match..... with 4 people starting off, and another team coming in when one is out

Match one, Gauntlet Tag match

The tag champs and All Hail Start it out. Khali and Kevin start it out for their teams. Khali runs at Kevin, but Kevin quickly locks in an arm hold, he then changes it into a DDT, taking Khali down. Khali is on his knees getting up, but Kevin tags in Teddy, and Teddy hits a springboard dropkick to a kneeling Khali!!! Teddy lifts up Khali, then bounces off the ropes and hits a running hurricanrana, then tags in Kevin. Kevin lifts up Teddy onto his shoulders, then lifts up Khali in a gutwrench, and Teddy hits a DDT off his shoulders onto the ground! Kevin then goes to pin, but Tensai comes in, and locks in a claw hold on Kevin. Kevin goes down to the ground, but is ontop of Khali, Natayla points this out to the ref, and he counts


Umaga comes out from behind and samoan drops Kevin, and Tyler Reks slides into the ring and big boots Teddy, or tries to, but Teddy ducks and flips Reks over the ropes. Umaga goes to hit a samoan spike on Teddy, but Teddy ducks, and Umaga runs into the ropes, hotshotting himself, and Teddy hits a quick kick to the face of Umaga, but Reks catches him and pulls him out of the ring!!! Reks clotheslines Teddy, but Teddy flips onto his feet, and then superkicks Reks, then tosses him into the crowd! Umaga and Kevin lock up, but Kevin kicks Umaga in the gut, then puts him in a powerbomb position, but Armando Estrada gets on the ropes and distracts the ref, allowing Khali and Tensai to come in the ring and choke out Kevin, and then, Umaga climbs the ropes and hits a samoan splash on Kevin Hart!!!! Armando is pulled off by Bret Hart, but too late. Teddy gets in the ring and Hurricanranas All Hail out of the ring, then hits a huge running senton attack on Umaga, then hits a spike ddt! He bounces off the ropes, but gets pulled out of the ring by Reks! Umaga stands up and stares at Reks taking out Teddy with various powerbombs, but Kevin from behind hits a german suplex, then follows up with punches to the head, but finishes it off with a straightjacket Sharpshooter!!! Umaga taps out!!!

The Motor City Machine Guns come out, but Kevin quickly hits a roll up......


Tatsu and Ki come out, and Yoshi runs into the ring and starts hitting Kevin with kicks. Kevin is on the ground, and Tatsu hits a diving elbow drop! Tatsu waits until Kevin gets up, but Kevin flips Tatsu over his shoulder, then tags in Teddy. Teddy flips into the ring, then hits a few ddts onto Tatsu. Tatsu tags in Low Ki. Ki bounces off the ropes and locks in an arm hold, then flips Teddy over, but Teddy lands on his feet, then hits a dropkick on Ki. Ki stands up quickly, but is caught in a Spike DDT. Teddy hits a springboard swan dive, but Ki lifts up his knees and hits a back breaker! Ki jumps up, then climbs the ropes. He goes for a diving Foot stomp, but is caught in an atomic drop, then is hit with a Stu Hart Special!!!! Teddy climbs the ropes and connects with a Hart Attack!!! he pins



Evans and Strong enter the ring to a cheering crowd, and the two face teams shake hands, then face off...

Evan and Teddy lock up, but Teddy connects with a gut buster, then a dropkick, then an arm drag, then stomps on him some, then flips off the ropes, but Evan connects with a cutter!!! Teddy and Evan tag in their respective partners. Strong and Kevin lock up. Kevin wins with a suplex, then connects with a quick clothesline, then a dropkick. Strong counters a chest punch with a huge DDT! Strong lifts up Kevin on his shoulders, and then hits a huge electric chair drop!!! Kevin goes down, tagging in Teddy! Teddy stands on the top rope and connects with a huge diving DDT! Strong gets up, and Teddy connects with a huge Hart Rate! Strong gets up quickly somehow, and goes for a spear, but it is countered into a straightjacket Piledriver!!!! Strong rolls from the impact and tags in Evan. Jack Evans quickly runs into the ring and teddy and him lock up, then throw themself off each other, then lock up again. Jack hits a suplex, then hits a neckbreaker. Teddy gets up, straight into a dropkick into the turnbuckle!! Teddy bounces back, but backflips dodging a clothesline! Teddy then places jack onto the top rope. Jack turns around, and pushes Teddy off the ropes, then goes for a shooting star splash, but its caught into a huge standing Shooting Star DDT!!! Teddy tags in Kevin, who locks in his Straightjacket Sharpshooter.... Evan Taps!!!!!! All the people in the final session shake hands, and Evan and Strong hand New Hart Dynasty the tag titles

Match 2, Triple Threat Relay Match Superweight Championship, Big Daddy V(c) vs Big show vs Vader

Tazz: Now remember, there is one person in one corner while the other two fight.... whenever the person on the ropes tags or is tagged in, he fights, and it goes until one person pins another

Big show and Big Daddy V start out, with vader on the apron

Show and Big Daddy V lock up, and they walk into the corner already! Vader could tag, but he isnt, he is letting them fight for a while!! Show tosses Daddy V into the corner, then lifts him up onto the second ropes!!! Show gets up there with him! Show and Big Daddy V exchange blows, until Vader trips them, and they fall to the ground! Vader tags in Big Shows foot, bringing himself into the ring! Vader gets in the ring, but Big Show stands up. Big show and Vader start yelling at each other, until Show chokeslams Vader!! Big Daddy V stands up, and drops a ghetto elbow drop onto Vader! Show pulls Daddy V off of Vader, then tosses him into the corner, then gets on the apron and tags himself in! Big show and Vader lock each other in a chokehold, but Big Show gets the advantage, chokeslamming vader to the ground!!! Big show bounces off the ropes, and goes for a body splash, but Vader rolls out of the way and then stars punching Big Show. He finally tosses big show up against the turnbuckle opposite of Big Daddy V, then starts punching Big show in the face with a Vader Hammer!!! Big Show then is chokeslammed so that he is in the perfect position for a diving attack. Vader climbs the ropes, and connects with a VaderSault!!! Big Daddy V runs into the ring, only to be caught in a releasing powerbomb by Vader! Vader pins Show


JDUDE runs out to the ring

JDUDE: Vader, as the Co-GM, I am stripping you of this title, because you have done NOTHING to earn it............... but I will replace it with a Number one contenders match next week, against, HIM

JDUDE points to a down Big Show

JDUDE: And now, I have other matters to attend

JDUDE leaves

Vader stares at Big Show, then bounces off the ropes and goes for a body splash, but Show connects with a WMD!!! The crowd cheers!!!


Wade Barrett is shown with a ref besides him and his title on his shoulder. Shelton Benjamin come up and offers a handshake

Benjamin: Hey man, I know it takes guts to walk around with that title, man, good luck defending it

Wade: I dont need your luck, and I know you are after this title, so shut up

Wade accepts his handshake, and then Benjamin tries walking away, but Barrett is holding him back

Benjamin: I dont want your title, leave me alone

Wade brings him into an End of Days, and then pins, even though he doesnt have to


Wade is attacked from behind by Bobby Lashley, the former champ, but Barrett tosses him into a wall, then grabs a chair and starts hitting Lashley with it. Barrett lifts up Lashley and hits him with an End of Days, he walks away, but Lashley isnt done yet, he charges after Barrett, and Barrett turns around into a spear!!! Lashley pins

1.....................................2..................kickout by Barrett!!! Barrett stands up and then tosses Lashley into a locker room door, then, spears him through the door!!! Barrett isnt done yet, and he lifts up Lashley and then tosses him into a locker!!! Barrett then grabs a lamp and smashes it over Lashleys head!!! Lashley is KOd!!!! RVD comes out with a big kick to Barretts head, Barrett stands up though. Barrett grabs RVDs head and drops him in a DDT! RVD stands up, but Barrett Big Boots him. Barrett sees a table with papers on it. Barrett grabs RVD and then wastelands him onto the table, not through it though. Barrett tosses RVD into another locker, and this time, he grabs a TV remote and smashes it over RVDs head, then takes a staff members phone and hits RVD with that, then tosses him into a cooler, KOing him

Ezekiel Jackson comes out and then starts punching Barrett, and then lifts him up in a scoop slam and slams him into the ground, and then lifting him up and doing it over and over and over again, ending up doing it 10 times!! Ezekiel lifts up Barrett, and then tosses him into the air with a huge flapjack, making him go through the table!!! Ezekiel then lifts him up again, but this time, Barrett lands on his feet!!! Ezekiel runs for a clothesline, but Barrett hits a big boot! Ezekiel then stands up, but Barrett tosses him into a TV Screen!!! Ezekiel is KOd, and Barrett is laughing as him and the ref walk off

Match 3, AJ (c) vs Lita, ECW Extremettes Championship, Ladder Match

AJ and Lita come out, and AJ quickly hits a dropkick, then another, then another, until Lita bounces off the ropes and hits a quick spin kick. Lita climbs the ropes, and AJ stands up, and Lita hits a missile dropkick! Lita rolls out of the ring, and then places a ladder in the ring. AJ quickly grabs the ladder and then sets it up, and then waits until Lita rolls back into the ring, and then climbs it. Lita climbs it also!!!! They are on the top of the ladder, and exchange blow after blow, until.... wait..... whats this.... TORRIE WILSON COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lita and AJ are still exchanging punches, until Torrie enters the ring, then climbs the ladder, on AJs side, and then tosses AJ off, then Lita off Torrie goes to grab the title, but AJ dropkicks the ladder, and Torrie climbs down, avoiding falling off. Lita and torrie start fighting, until AJ gets on the top ropes, then jumps onto their shoulders, then jumps up and grabs the title!!! Torrie and Lita are angry, and Lita quickly flips AJ onto her back, then hits a LitaSault!!! AJ crawls into a corner, but Torrie hits a stinkface!! The crowd goes wild for torrie!!! They both help AJ up and celebrate with her, a change of events


Todd: Here I am, with ECW Champion Dolph Ziggler, Dolph I....

Dolph: It doesnt matter about your questions, did you see what I did to Foley and Michaels?? What makes Kevin Nash think he can beat ME the LEGAND KILLER!!!! I dont know what kind of screws were busted in his head to think HE can beat me, he wont ever be as good as those two, let alone ME

Todd: Ok, and now, you have your official match contract signing tonight, are you afraid of the possibilities he might sneak attack you?

Dolph: If anyone is attacking anyone, its me attacking him

Dolph Ziggler walks off, and Wade Barrett comes up, with a ref behind him

Todd: Hold up, Wade

Wade: Shut up, I might get attacked any moment now

Eugene... Yes, EUGENE, runs up, waving his hands around, and then goes to strike Barrett, but Barrett dodges easily, then just lifts him up and hits a wasteland

Wade: You see that? That could have been an actual fighter

Justin Gabriel comes out, and goes for a quick spin kick, but it gets countered, and Barrett flips him backwards. Barrett then grabs a camera, and smashes it over his face!!!! Gabriel is KOd Ezekiel Jackson is back!!!! Jackson clotheslines Barrett, then pins him


Todd: Wow, how do you feel about winning the Euro-Core Championship?

Ezekiel: Well,

Wade from behind smashes a mic stand against Ezekiels back, then hits a reverse ddt onto it, then gets a chair and then places Ezekiels head behind it, then hits a knee drop onto his head!!! He pins him


Wade goes to walk off, but Ezekiel from behind with the chair!!! he hits him in the head, then hits his back multiple times, then smashes it against his legs, knocking him down, then pins

1...........................2.................................Barrett flips Ezekiel around, then hops on him and starts punching him, trying to KO him, but after 7 punches, Jackson counters a punch, then hits a headbutt, then flips Barrett, and then hits a spear!!! he pins

1...............................2......................KICKOUT by Barrett. Barrett grabs a wire, and then wraps it around Jacksons head, then starts choking him!!!! Ezekiel cant move, hes stuck, and Barrett waits for a while, then walks away with the ref and his title

Match 4, Cruiserweight Title match, Jigsaw (c) vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston vs Hunico vs Mistico vs Suicide vs Chave Guerrero vs Punk Hazard vs THE Brian Kendrick, Ultimate Xscape match

Evan and Kofi start off quickly by kicking each other, then Kofi quickly hits an SOS


Evan is pushed out of the ring, and Kofi dropkicks him out!!! Chavo takes this advantage to attack Kofi when he is on the ground, and then starts punching him. Hunico joins in in punching Kofi, and then, Suicide starts punching all three of them, until Punk Hazard spears Suicide!!!!Mistico and Jigsaw stare each other down, until Jigsaw quickly dropkicks him, and Mistico stands up, only to be pulled down by Brian Kendrick. Jigsaw stands back, as suicide and Mistico team up on everyone else!! Brian Kendrick is caught in a reverse DDT by Punk Hazard and Chavo, but whats this, he bounces off the ropes and hits a double Sliced Bread #2, he does a double pin


Chavo and Hazard leave the ring. Kofi stands up and kicks Mistico with a low blow!!! Kofi pins



Kofi goes for a Trouble in Paradise, but is caught in a hurricanrana!!! then is shoved out of the ring. Brian Kendrick laughs at Kofi, but is distracted and is it with la mistica!!! he taps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hunico then tosses Mistico into the cage, then rips his mask off!!! Jigsaw and suicide then double team, kicking Hunico multiple times, until Jigsaw hits a huge brainbuster on Suicide


Mistico cant see holding his face, and falls out of the cage!!! Hunico and Jigsaw face off for the title, and hunico quickly with a dropkick, then hits Jigsaw multiple times. Then bounces off the ropes and hits a huge superkick!!! Jigsaw stands up, into a DDT!!! Jigsaw gets up, this time countering a DDT into a back body drop!!!! Jigsaw takes this as an advantage and gets on the top ropes and hits a canjun tornado!!! Jigsaw then tosses Hunico into the cage, but he grabs onto it and starts climbing!!! Hunico then hits a moonsault attack!!! Hunico then tosses Jigsaw into the cage as hard as he can, OMG HE BREAKS THE CAGE!!! Jigsaw rolls KOd onto the ground, winning the match!!!!


Wade Barrett is walking, ready for his next match, the red behind him.. He starts to walk out to the entrance area. Ezekiel Jackson from behind with a huge punch, they fall into the arena!!!! Ezekiel lifts up Barrett and tosses him off the stage, onto the ground!!! Ezekiel then lifts him up and tosses him face first into the stage, then keeps on punching him, until finally scoop slamming him into the crowd!! Barrett rolls out of the way and starts to run, but Ezekiel wont allow him to get away, Ezekiel with a huge spinebuster onto a few chairs!!! Ezekiel then lifts him up and tosses him into the steps!!! Wade stands up, kicks Ezekiel, then starts running up the steps. Ezekiel follows, but is caught in a wasteland into a food stand!! Ezekiel stands up, into a smack in the face with a fans sign!! Ezekiel and Barrett go blow for blow, until they go into a parking lot!! Ezekiel tosses Barrett through a car window!! Barrett hits ezekiel with a car door!! Barrett walks out, and then tosses Ezekiel through the windshield, then jumps into him!!! barrett then lifts up the trunk of the car! Ezekiel grabs a crowbar and smashes it against Barretts head!!! Ezekiel then makes a mistake and slams him into the trunk, and then closes it!!! He realizes he didnt pin him, and tries to open the door, but he cant!!! its locked!!!!!!!!! Ezekiel then tries smashing it open, but only dents it!!!

Match 5, Cody Rhodes vs Chris Jericho, Falls count anywhere match

Rhodes and Jericho lock up, but Jericho uses experience to toss him into the air. Jericho then connects with an arm drag!!! Rhodes bounces off the ropes, but is caught in a backhand chop!!!Jericho rolls out of the ring and gets a chair. Rhodes jumps over the ropes, and punches the chair into jerichos face!!! Rhodes is waiting until he stands up, OMG Goldust is here. Goldust runs down and then hits a curtain call on Rhodes!!! Jericho covers Rhodes


Match 6, Mr. Kennedy vs Carlito, First Blood Match, turnbuckles covered in barbed wire

Kennedy starts off with a huge mic check already!! Carlito is down, and Kennedy gets out of the ring. He is walking backstage!!!!!!!! Carlito rolls out of the ring and gets him, and tosses him into the ring, then hits a backstabber!!! Carilto rolls out of the ring, then comes back in, only to be caught in an irish whip to the corner!! Carlito bounces off the ropes!! Kennedy runs after Carlito, but falls face first into the barbed wire!! Carlito wins!!!!

Mr kennedy isnt done, he lifts up Carlito, and hits a mic check into the turnbuckle, then hits a green bay plunge, then a senton!!!!!! Kennedy then lifts up carlito, then takes off the turnbuckle padding, revealing the metal and the barbed wire, and then hits another mic check into it

MAIN EVENT, Contract signing for Guilty as Charged PPV match

Dolph ziggler comes out, followed by TIffany, Reall Estate, Mr. Dreamer, JDUDE, Ashley Massaro, and then finally, Kevin Nash

Nash and Ziggler sit at a table, Ziggler holding his title in the air

Ziggler: Lets get this over with,

Ziggler signs it, followed by Nash

Ziggler: Now before I put Nash through this table, what type of match will it be?

Nash connects with a big boot!!! Nash waits until Ziggler gets up, but Ziggler hits a leg drop bulldog!!!! The others leave the ring, but Nash stands up and connects with a big left hook, then hits a knee drop on Ziggler. Ziggler gets up, and locks in a sleeper hold!!! Nash tosses Ziggler over his shoulder in a snapmare, but ziggler counters with a bulldog through the table!!! Reall Estate holds up a mic

Estate: The match type for the PPV which is this sunday, will be a Bowl of Blood match, remember the imfamous Cup of Blood match between Tommy Dreamer and Mick Foley, well, this will be a BOWL of blood match!!!

ECW Goes off air
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May 15th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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