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 ECW: Guilty as Charged 2012

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PostSubject: ECW: Guilty as Charged 2012   ECW: Guilty as Charged 2012 Icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2012 9:38 pm

The Intro goes off air, showing good moments from past Guilty as Charged, then goes to the first match

First match, New Hart Dynasty (c) vs Roderick Strong and Jack Evans, ECW Tag Team Championship Match, Ultimate X Match

Evans and Teddy Lock up, and Strong and Kevin lock up. Kevin hits a suplex, and Teddy hits a DDT. Teddy then bounces off of the bottom ropes, and hits a moonsault on Strong. Evans trips Kevin, then kicks Teddy. Strong gets behind Teddy, and places him in a back suplex position. Evans hits a dropkick on Teddy, and Strong hits the suplex!!! Kein from behind Evans lifts him up in a side slam!!! Kevin pushes Evans feet into Strong, and then holds Evan in the air. Teddy gets up and hits a leg drop!!! Teddy then starts kicking Strong, and then hits a jumping DDT!!! Evans from behind hits a reverse DDT on teddy, but is big booted by Kevin. Kevin runs into a clothesline by Strong!! Strong lifts up Evans, and then flips Evans, going for a moonsault, but Teddy runs and hits a huge cutter!!! Evans rolls out of the ring, and strong is caught into a huge neckbreaker by Kevin!!! Kevin lifts up Teddy, and teddy jumps off Kevins shoulders and hits a huge diving DDT on Evans!!! Teddy bounces off the floor after the DDT and is caught in a huge argentine powerbomb by Strong!!! Kevin then chokes out Strong to the floor!!! Teddy stands up, and goes to hit a 450 splash on Evans, but Evans hits a huge fisherman buster off the top ropes!!! Evans climbs back to the top, then goes for the title. He starts crawling along the ropes!!! Kevin then hits a huge spear on Evans!!! Strong then spears Kevin. Teddy stands up, then crawls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He hits Strong with the chair, then climbs on his back!!! Strong stands up, allowing Teddy to jump off his back and grabs the titles. He is holding onto the titles, but Evans climbs the ropes also. He stands on the ropes intersecting point, then flips off and pulls Teddy off, the titles still there!!! Strong and Kevin go punch for punch, until Evans comes in and hits a reverse ddt on Kevin!!! Strong then hits an elbow drop!!! Evans then flips off of Strongs hands and flips into Teddy, but Teddy counters and hits a huge neckbreaker!!! Teddy bounces off the ring with the impact and hits a huge ddt on Strong!!! Kevin gets up, and grabs the chair. Kevin places Strongs arm in the chair, then hits a knee drop onto the chair!!! Evans goes for a standing senton attack on Kevin, but falls onto Strongs arm!!! Strong rolls out of the ring, holding his arm. Teddy follows strong, and then tosses his shoulder into a turnbuckle post!!! Teddy follows up by slamming his arm into a set of steel steps!!! Teddy then tosses his arm into a barricade, then hits a superkick!!! Evans dives out of the ring and spears Teddy! Evans then hits a DDT onto the steps!!! Evans gets back into the ring and fights one on one with Kevin.Kevin hits a huge spear to begin with. Evans tries getting up, but Kevin hits a huge suplex!!! Evans hits a huge knee strike though, and then bounces off the ropes and hits a springboard kick. Kevin goes down, and Evans hits a running 450 splash!!! Evans then climbs to the top ropes and goes to climb the ropes, but Teddy pulls the ropes down and Evans falls onto the ropes in a split, then falls off! Strong gets up and pulls Teddy down, onto a set of steel steps!!! Kevin and Strong lock up in the ring!!! Strongs shoulder comes into play, and Kevin tosses him into a turnbuckle!!! Strong gets up, climbs the ropes, and then tries scaling the ropes. He gets to the middle, but Teddy grabs a kendo stick and jumps and smashes the stick against the hurt shoulder!!! Strong falls off, and lands on his shoulder. Evans stands up and tackles both Harts, then climbs the turnbuckle, then the ropes!!! Teddy gets up and climbs!!! They start fighting near the center of the intersection! Kevin then climbs up with them!! Kevin is having a hard time holding on, but Evans and Teddy are throwing kicks to each other. Kevin then places Evans in a Rock Bottom position. Kevin jumps off, and lands on his knee, making it a backbreaker!!! Teddy grabs the titles and brings them down in a leg drop onto Evans neck with Kevins knee in his back!!!!

The winners, and still tag team champions, The New Hart Dynasty!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mick Foley is talking on the phone

Foley: Wait, are you coming or not, I might need you in that match tonight.... ok? You cant, aww, well, thanks for trying, but I understand your busy

Match 2, Big Show vs Big Daddy V, Superweight Championship Match, Ladder

Show and Daddy lock up, but Vader quickly comes out to the ring and they go to attack Vader! Vader grabs a ladder and tosses it into Show, then chokeslams Vader onto Show. Vader sets the ladder up and climbs it, then drops down in a double VaderSault!!! Vader leaves with the crowd booing him

Match Hype

A video shows COdy Rhodes coming to ECW, and having his match against Y2J, but then, shows Goldust coming out and attacking him... then shows clips of past goldust and Cody Rhodes clips, and then, the Grudge Match starts

Match 3, Cody Rhodes vs Goldust, Special Guest Referee Grudge match,

Rhodes and Goldust enter the ring, and then, the lights go out.... Dusty Rhodes walks out to the ring!!! Dusty calls for the match to start. Goldust and Rhodes lock up, and Rhodes gets the advantage, and he tosses Goldust into a corner, then does goldusts taunt!!! Cody then dropkicks goldust in the corner, and then rhodes hits punch after punch on Goldusts head!!! Dusty stops the punching, even though its a No DQ match.. Rhodes and Dusty are yelling, ending with Rhodes slapping Dusty!!! Goldust stands up, and hits a reverse DDT! Rhodes rolls out of the ring. Dusty and Goldust are talking in the ring. Rhodes brings a chair in the ring! Goldust picks it up, and waits for Rhodes to get in the ring. Rhodes trips Goldust, then has his leg hanging free from the apron. Rhodes takes this to his advantage. He pulls the leg down, and forces it against the apron!!! Dusty yells at Rhodes, and Rhodes enters the ring and starts screaming at his father. Goldust with the chair smashes Rhodes in the back on the head! Goldust pins, Dusty hits his hand faster then he should 1..2.....KICKOUT by Rhodes!!! Rhodes gets up and yells at Dusty even more, then counters a reverse DDT by goldust, and tosses Goldust onto the chair, then picks up the chair, but Dusty grabs the chair and brings it out of the ring!!! Goldust rolls out of the ring and grabs the steel steps while Cody is yelling at Dusty! Goldust puts the steps down behind Cody. Goldust then goes for a spear onto cody onto the steps, but Cody hits a Silver Spoon DDT onto the steps!!! Dusty and Rhodes are yelling, and goldust starts getting up, Cody bounces off the ropes and hits a beautiful disaster kick to Goldust!!! Goldust turns right around, groggy, straight into a bionic elbow by the backstabbing Dusty Rhodes. Cody laughs and catches the falling Goldust in a cross rhodes onto the steps!! He pins. 1......................................2........................3

Goldust is taken out on a stretcher while Dusty and Cody are celebrating

Match 4, Jigsaw (c) vs THE Brian Kendrick, HELL IN A CELL, Cruiserweight Championship

Brian and Jigsaw lock up, and they roll out of the ring!! Jigsaw starts punching Brian. Jigsaw then toses Brian into the cell! Brian then smashes Jigsaws face into the cell, then tosses his back into the apron!! Brian goes to toss Jigsaw into the cell, but Jigsaw flips off the cell, and then kicks Brian in the face! Brian then gets tossed straight into the cell!! Jigsaw then goes for a huge running spear from one side of the ringside to the other, but Brian grabs his head at the last second and bounces off the cell to hit a Sliced Bread #2!!!!!! Brian then lifts up Jigsaw, and slams him straight through the cell!!! Jigsaw then climbs onto the cell!!! Jigsaw and Brian are fighting at the top!!!Jigsaw then, does the unthinkable, he runs at Brian, then quickly hits a flipping piledriver, through the cell!!! Brian lands back first onto the cell, but Jigsaw is holding on, upside down on the cell, and then, hits a Cajun Tornado off the cell, then pins


Match 5, Undertaker vs Chris Jericho, Submission Match for Number one Contendership

Jericho and Taker have a stare down, until Taker quickly big boots Jericho!!! Jericho and Taker lock up on the ground, but jericho quickly rolls taker over, and then punches him in the face!!! Jericho then rols out of the ring and grabs a sledgehammer, then runs into the ring, only to be caught in a chokeslame!!! Taker then locks in a chokehold on Jericho, until Chris rollls out of the ring again, this time, bringing in a steel pipe!!! Chris takes it into the ring, and then grabs 2 chairs and a piece of wood wrapped in barbed wire!!! Chris tosses them into the ring, then runs at taker with the wood, and connects with a strike across the face!!! taker is bleeding, but he isnt giving up! He grabs the sledgehammer, only to be caught in a huge arm drag, onto a chair, and then has his arm wrapped around a pipe in a submission hold. Taker grabs the pipe, then smashes it against chris' face, then smashes it against his back over 10 times!!! Taker, on the 12th time, hits, then goes for a leg drop, but jericho, again, rolls out of the ring, this time, onto the apron. Taker goes for a big boot, but Jericho ducks, and Takers foot is caught in an ankle lock aided by the ropes. Jericho then jumps and its a leg hotshot!!! Jericho runs into the ring, and sets up one chair sitting up, and then one in the corner. Chris then smashes the pipe against Takers shoulder, then lifts up Taker, tosses him into the corner with the chair, then bounces off the chair, jumps from the chair to the ropes, then from the ropes into Takers shoulders!!! Chris then stands on taker shoulders, but Taker lifts up Chris and last rides him onto the chair which was set up!! Then lifts him up and tombstones him onto the barbed wire!!! Chris rolls out of the ring, tripping taker, then running into the ring and locking in the Walls of jericho!!! Taker then grabs the barbed wire, making himself bleed, and tossing it behind him, into jericho, and then jericho goes for a lionsault, but then is caught into the Hells Gate... HE TAPS OUT

Match 6,AJ (c) vs Torrie Wilson and Ashley Massaro, Strap Match for the ECW Extremmettes Title

AJ runs to a corner, but is pulled back by the strap. AJ then kicks both Ashley and Torrie, then touches one corner, but is DDTd by Torrie, and Torrie touches the corners, all but one, a new champion already, but wait, Ashley with a huge running neckbreaker!! Ashley touches the corner, but is caught in a hurricanrana by AJ!!! AJ touches the corner, then climbs up it, hits a double axe handle on the other two people, then slips off the strap!!! AJ touches all the corners, then celebrates, as she technically won!!!Ashley and Torrie are angry, and they run at AJ. They go to atack her, but Torrie then trips AJ, then strips her wrestling attire off, AJ is humiliated, as she tries covering herself up with her hands and the title as she walks backstage

Match 7, Wade Barrett (c) vs Bobby Lashley, Euro-Core Steel Cage match

Lashley spears barrett quickly, then tosses him into the cage, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, until Barrett falls to the ground. Lashley picks him up and then gives him a spinebuster into the cage. Lashley is angryat what happened not being given a fair shot at the title. Lashley then lifts up Barrett in a dominator position, but Barrett slips out!!! Lashley goes for a spear, but Barrett hits and End of Days!!! Barrett starts stomping on Lashley!! Barrett then waits until he gets up, only to kick him in the skull!!!! Barrettclimbs to the top of the cage, but Lashley shakes the cage, and Barrett falls onto the ground, crashing to ringside!!! Bobby leaves through the door, remembering the rules of the title, it is defended on 24/7 notice... Bobby tosses him into the cage, then continues too. Barrett ducks a spear, but Lashley uses this as an advantage, and just hits the back of Barretts skull!!! He continues to do this, until he thinks it was enough, then, he pulls some steel steps near barrett, then spinebusters him onto the steps!!! Lashley then stands on the steps, then spinebusters Barrett through the cage!!! Barrett rolls out and falls onto the cage! Barrett runs away, and grabs a chair, and smashes it against Bobby, then places Bobbys hand in the chair, then gets stands on the announce table and jumps onto the arm, and then, locks in an armbar!!! Bobby taps, but barrett holds it in, until Ezekiel jackson runs out, and then spears Barrett, then lifts him up and tosses him onto the barricade. Medics check on Barrett, and then get him out on a stretcher, barrett laughing, jackson goes to pin, but barrett flips over, and no one can pin him!!!!

Co Main Event, Mick Foley w/Tiffany vs Tommy Dreamer w/JDUDE, ECW Classic Extreme Rules Match, Ownership of ECW

Dreamer comes out, and so does JDUDE, The Great Khali, and Umaga!!!

Dreamer: Im not letting you win Foley, even if that means being in a tag match, you see, your partner is Mr Socko, but if you can find anyone better to team up with in a 3 on 3 tornado tag match, go ahead.

Mick Foley comes out, with Tiffany, and then Foley has no one to team with, the match is starting!!!

Foley is caught in slam after slam by Khali and Dreamer, until Foley starts fighting back, punch after punch after punch, then hitting a quick bulldog on Umaga, but Khali smacks Foley across the face!!


Rock runs out to the ring, chair in hand, and starts beating down on Khali and Dreamer!!! Umaga is starting to get up, but is caught in a spinebuster by Rock!!! Rock helps foley up, then they start double teaming on Dreamer!!! Dreamer then counters two punches, then runs out of the ring! Khali spears Rock, but that allows Foley to start punching him. He hits punch after punch, then hits a DDT!!! Umaga runs for a samoan spike to Rock, but its countered, Rock grabs Umagas head and twists him around into the signature DDT of the rock!!! Dreamer runs in the ring with a trash can! Dreamer smashes the can over Rocks head, then places it over Foleys head! Dreamer lifts up Rock and tosses him into Foleys head with a trash can around it!!! Dreamer covers rock 1......................2............KICKOUT by rock at the last second!! Foley gets the trash can off his head, only to be chokeslammed onto the trash can!!! Rock gets out of the ring, then grabs a guitar!! Rock runs in the ring, and smashes the guitar off of Umagas head, then counters a chokeslam with a guitar shot to the back!!! Dreamer runs for a spear, only to be caught in a spinebuster onto the guitar!! Foley grabs the chair rock brought to the ring, and then places it on Umagas elbow. Foley bounces off the ropes and hits a huge elbow drop onto the chair onto the elbow!!! Rock then looks at Umaga, and he stomps on the elbow, only to be Dreamer Drivered onto the trash can thats smashed!!! Dreamer gets out of the ring, and takes a fans MICK FOLEY sign, spits on it, then runs into the ring and smashes it along Foleys head!!! Dreamer lifts up Umaga and Khali, and they start stomping Foley. Rock stands up, them not noticing. Rock turns Umaga around, into a rock bottom!!! Rock kicks Khali, then hits a DDT!!! Dreamer and rock have a stare down, but Foley from behind hits a quick suplex!!! Foley and Rock run and elbow Umaga, then They both grab tables!!! Foley and rock set them up, but Dreamer comes up and hits a groin kick to rock, then tosses Foley out of the ring!! Dreamer lights the tables on fire!!! Umaga and Khali get up, and they taunt in the ring. Rock and Foley are talking out of the ring, until Rock grabs a kendo stick, and Foley grabs a sink!!! They run to the ring, and Foley smashes the sink against Umagas face, then across his back!!! Rock smashes the kendo stick across Khalis body, but then, he continues to smash it against his back, until it breaks!!! Foley then takes the sink, and dropkicks the sink into the gut of Dreamer!!! Dreamer turns around, in pain, but is hit across the back with a broken kendo stick!!! Dreamer runs into the turnbuckle, and Rock just keeps up with the punches, until eventually, he places Dreamer in the tree of woe, and then, Foley runs and hits an elbow drop to Dreamer!!! Umaga hits a spear on Rock, and Khali chokes out Foley, until Foley pulls out his sock, and he hits his signature mandible claw!!! Dreamer then tosses Foley into the turnbuckle, and then all 3 of them start punching Foley. Rock grabs a chair, and he runs to the ring, only to be chokeslammed by Khali!!! Foley uses this distraction, kicks Dreamer, then tosses Umaga out of the ring, and Umaga falls onto a few chairs!!! Dreamer and Foley go punch for punch, while Khali and Rock are fighting on the ground. Rock gets up, and then tosses Khali into a turnbuckle, does his taunt, and then hits a peoples punch!!! Khali goes down, and Rock grabs the sink, and then places it under Khalis neck, then hits a leg drop onto the neck of Khali!!!! Foley is caught in a spinebuster by Dreamer, and Dreamer brings Foley down onto the broken guitar!!! Rock and Dreamer have a stare off, but Foley rolls out of the ring, then brings a grocery cart into the ring, and its filled with Barbed Wire pieces of wood!!! Foley then smashes the cart into Khali, and then, Foley smashes it into Umaga!!! Foley then grabs a piece of wood, and then chokes out Dreamer with the barbed wire, making his face bleed, while choking him!!!! Rock then tosses Umaga into the wood, and then pulls him out, only to toss a barbed wire Umaga into Khali!!! Rock then starts punching both Umaga and Khali, until hitting a double spinebuster!!! Foley and Dreamer are fighting, and Foley tosses Dreamer through one of the flaming tables!!! Khali and Umaga start punching Rock, and then, they hit a chokeslam!!! Foley runs in, and hits a mandible claw on Khali while kicking Umaga, and Rock takes Khali and hits a rock bottom, then spinebusters Umaga, and hits a peoples elbow!!! Foley charges at Dreamer, but Dreamer gauges Foley, and Foley holds his eyes. This allows rock to hit a rock bottom through the table onto dreamer!!! Dreamer is on the ground... and Rock and Foley go for the Double Peoples Elbow. Umaga charges at Foley, only to be hit with a DDT, and Khali runs at Rock, only to be Rock Bottomed, but the Peoples elbows still connects, and Foley pins Dreamer


Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Kevin Nash, ECW Championships, BOWL OF BLOOD MATCH

Ziggler and Nash lock up, Nash takes out Ziggler, then starts pounding on his head. Blow after blow, trying to make him bleed, but he doesnt

50 minutes later

Both men are beaten up, and Ziggler is bleeding into a bowl, but the official isnt lookning, but Ziggler has filled the bowl with his blood. Nash goes to get the ref, but Ziggler takes the bowl and pours it into a different bowl, then places Nashs head in it, and the official gets up, and calls Ziggler the winner!!!

The money in the bank winner runs out, and hits a Future Shock DDT, then cashes in his briefcase, and pins

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ECW: Guilty as Charged 2012
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