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 June 5th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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June 5th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: June 5th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   June 5th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2012 7:36 pm

The show intro goes off air, and then shows Tiffany and Reall Estate in the ring

AJ comes out and sits down in a chair, while the other two talk

Estate: Mick Foley has WON... and we have regained our ECW Ownership..... but Foley told us just to do it, because he wanted to be a wrestler..... and dont worry, he will be wrestling soon, tonight, in fact, but Tiffany has something to say, regarding the Extremettes Division

Tiffany: Well, AJ, you held that title since its creation, and now look at you, still holding onto it, well tonight, im gonna be putting you in title action!!!

AJ: Thats OK with me, against who???

Tiffany: The .... MICKIE JAMES

AJ walks up, shakes Tiffanys hands, then kisses her BF Estate, and then they all walk backstage

Match 1, Elimination Fatal Four Way, Tournament Style, (as soon as someone eliminates someone, he is taken out of the ring, and has to wait until someone else eliminates someone, and then, they fight, Hunico vs Yoshi tatsu vs Low Ki vs Carlito

Hunico and Low Ki start exchanging kicks, until Carlito comes in and quickly rolls up Hunico!!! 1..........Kickout... Yoshi tackles Carlito, and then starts punching him. Carlito then counters a punch, and spits in Yoshis face!!! Yoshi gets off, holding his eyes, and Hunico and Carlito hit a double dropkick!!! Low Ki kicks them both, then sees Carlito on the ropes, and goes to clothesline him out of the ring, but Hunico just lifts up a running Low Ki and tosses him out of the ring!!! Yoshi tatsu comes up and tosses Carlito out of the ring, then lifts up Hunico and tosses him into a turnbuckle!!!! Yoshi runs, and hits a huge running knee to the face of Hunico, then climbs the ropes, and lifts Hunico up, and then gets in a suplex position on the top rope!!! Carlito from outside the ring connects with a dropkick to Yoshi!!!! Yoshi falls to the ground, and then Hunico goes for a senton bomb, but Low Ki bounces off Carlitos back, and onto Hunico, and they fall onto Yoshi!!! Low Ki tosses Yoshi aside and pins hunico 1........2.....Carlito throws a chair into the ring, breaking it up just in time!!! Low ki sees the chair that hit his back, then picks it up, but yoshi, kicks it into his face!!! Low Ki bounces off the ropes from the impact, only to be tripped by Carlito. Carlito gets onto the top ropes, then hits a diving leg drop onto Low Ki, then tosses him into the turnbuckle!!! Yoshi rolls up Carlito onto the chair!!! 1...........2........ KICKOUT by Carlito!!! Hunico gets up, and then rolls out of the ring, avoiding a kick by Yoshi. Hunico sees an opening in the apron, and sees a ladder!!! He grabs it, then tosses it into the ring. Hunico then tosses a table into the ring, followed by another chair!!! Hunico gets to the apron, but is hit off of with by a chair shot by Yoshi!!! Carlito and Low Ki fight over the table, Yoshi dropkicks Carlito into the table into Low ki!!!! Yoshi then waits until Carlito stands up, then tosses a chair into him, then hits a huge roundhouse kick!!!! Hunico rolls into the ring, and in one motion rolls up Carlito 1............2..............3!!!!! Carlito is out!!! Carlito walks backstage, while Hunico rolls out of the ring into the crowd!!!! Low Ki and Yoshi tatsu fight for the final spot in the match. Ki and Tatsu start nailing kicks to each other, but Ki ducks a roundhouse, then bounces off the ropes and hits a huge diving kick to the gut!!!!! Ki then sees the ladder, and leans it up in the corner!!! Tatsu dropkicks the back of ki, and Ki goes into the ladder, face first. Tatsu grabs a chair, then smashes it against the back of Kis head, and his head goes into the ladder!!!! Ki is down, and Tatsu goes for a pin, but Ki rolls out of the ring!!!! Ki is shown bleeding!!!! Tatsu then sets up the table, in the center of the ring, then taunts while Ki is holding his head. Tatsu then grabs the chairs, and sets them up, one in the middle of the ring, on the table, and one south of the table. Tatsu bounces off the ropes, and jumps on the first chair, then bounces of the chair on the table, then bounces on the ropes, then dives out of the ring!!!! Ki sees this though, and quickly grabs the ring bell and smashes it against his head!!!! Tatsu has to be KOd!!!! Ki then lifts up Tatsu and rolls him into the ring, but Tatsu rolls out of it, and then tosses Ki face first into the turnbuckle post!!!! Then grabs a chair, which Hunico tosses to him, and then smashes his arm with the chair, and the arm smashes into the turnbuckle post!!!! Ki holds his arm with his other arm, but this allows Tatsu to smash the arm into the barricade!!! Tatsu then starts choking Ki!!! Tatsu finishes it off by Tossing him, shoulder first, into an announce table!!! hunico walks over to near the announce tables, but is still in the crowd. Tatsu places Ki onto the table, but Ki rolls off, then smashes Tatsu face first into the table!!! Ki grabs the ring bell, then smashes it against tatsus head multiple times!!! Tatsu then dodges one, but runs into the ring!!!! Ki runs at him, ringbell in hand, but is caught with a cutter onto the ringbell!!! Low Ki climbs the ropes, then hits his diving stomp!!! 1..............2................3 Hunico runs into the ring, and tosses Ki through the table!!! then, waits until he gets up, smashes his face against the ring bell, then rolls him up 1..............2...........Roll up by Low Ki 1.....................2.........................3

William Regal runs out, with a mic

Regal: Trust me, Changes are coming, but let me introduce to you, the New, X division Champion, LOW KI!!!


The camera shows Tiffanys office, and Reall Estate walks in

Estate: Hey tiffany!!! Hows your job going???

Tiffany: Well, Estate, good, I just wanted to do something

AJ walks in, and at that moment, Tiffany kisses Estate!!! Aj is angry

AJ: Tiffany what are YOU doing you..... you.... you.....

Estate pulls her back, but AJ and Tiffany start fighting!!!! Security comes and breaks it up

Tiffany: How dare you.... just for that...... YOU.... AJ.... will defend your title, in a HANDICAP match, whoever strips you, yes strips you last, wins, Ashley Massaro AND Mickie will be fighting you in a handicap Bra And panties match for your little title..... good luck, its up next......

Match 2, Mickie James and Ashley Massaro vs AJ (c) Handicap Bra and panties Match, ECW Extremettes Title

AJ comes out, and then starts fighting Mickie and Ashley, going punch for punch, AJ getting the lower hand!!! Mickie holds AJ down, while Ashley pulls off her shirt!!!! AJ is halfway through losing!!! AJ rolls out of the ring, while they are tearing off her pants, but they stay on. AJ runs into the ring, and quickly spears Ashley, then kicks Mickie, then bounces off the ropes and hits a double elbow drop!!! Then pulls off Ashleys skirt!!! She goes to work on Mickies, but Ashley tries pulling her pants off again, but AJ flips backwards, then pulls off Ashleys shirt, then pushes her into the corner!!! Mickie gets up, and kisses AJ!!! Then while AJ is distracted by the kiss, goes for her kick, but AJ ducks, and pulls her skirt off, then tosses her into the corner, stinkfacing Ashley!!!! AJ then gets on the apron and pulls Mickies shirt off, retaining her title!!! But Tiffany comes out, while AJ is putting her shirt back on, and then slaps AJ, then Ashley and Mickie hold AJ down, while Tiffany tears off her jeans and shirt, AJ must be humiliated!!! AJ pushes them off, then spears Tiffany, then tears off her shirt and skirt, and wears them for herself!!!! Tiffany must be angry, being one half GM!!!

Match 3, Eddie Kingston, Eddie Edwards, Mike Quackenbush, Ultramantis Black, and Capt. Abbott vs Luke Gallows w/Paul Bearer Handicap Match, which Gallows chose

Gallows talks to Bearer, and then Gallows big boots Mike already, hitting him with his new finisher!!! UltraMantis runs at him, but again, a big boot!!! Both Eddies come at him, Gallows ducks one clothesline, while big booting edwards!!! Kingoston bounces off the ropes, straight into a big boot!!! Gallows lays them all side by side, near each other, then then he lays on them all 1............................2................................3

Gallows wins, easily, against 5 MEN

Match 4, Suicide vs Jack Evans, Arm Wrestling match

I cant believe this, but there is an arm wrestling match!!!! in ECW!!!!! They lock up arms, and suicide, after about 30 seconds of struggling, pulls him down to win. Regal comes out and gives him a title

Regal: The new Flier champion... SUICIDE


Wade Barrett is shown in a location,and the camera unzooms, to reveal a school playground!!!!

Wade: Now look, I have used my brain TWICE to retain my title.... and what can Ezekiel do about it.. NOTHING... and he wouldnt dare attack me at this playground, even if school is out.....

Ezekiel from behind turns him around and hits a book of Ezekiel!!! Wade is pinned 1......................2.......................3!!!! Wade is still down, and Ezekiel has his title in the air, but is tossed into a slide!!! Wade climbs a ladder, and then slides down the slide, kicking Ezekiel, and Ezekiel is groggy, and Wade stands on the slide and hits a jumping axe handle!!!! Wade lifts him up and tosses him into a tree!!! Wade then tosses him into a bar set!!!! Its like a labyrinth jungle gym!!!! Wade then tackles him, but goes for another one, but that one is countered!!! Wade has entered the thing of bars, and Ezekiel walks away, but Wade ducks under a bar, and then tosses Ezekiel into a bench!!! Wade then slams him into the bench, then pins 1....................2......................3 MASON RYAN... ITS MASON RYAN!!! He runs in, and then picks up Wade, and tosses him into a wall, then tosses him through a window!!! Mason runs into the building, and then the camera shows Mason attacking Wade with a desk!!!! Mason then stands on one desk, and then tosses Wade through another.... HE TOSSES HIM THROUGH THE DESK... THROUGH THE DESK!!!!!!! mason goes to pin, but Tyler Reks, from now where, hits a Reks You up to Mason, and he goes straight onto the floor!!!! Tyler pins Wade 1..................................2......................................3 Tyler Reks has done it, oh wait, here comes Punk hazard!!!! He runs in, attacking Reks, and then moonsaults off a desk, onto reks.. 1..............2......................3 PUNK HAZARD HAS DONE IT!!!! Whats this, a taxi arrives, and out comes damien, but he tells the driver to stay there.... and then damien hits a corss arm neckbreaker through the teachers table!!!! He pins 1.................2...................3 Ezekiel comes out and charges at Damien, but he gets in the taxi, and it drives, and Ezekiel runs into it!!!!!

Match 5, Curt Hawkins vs Umaga w/ Armando and Tyler Reks

Curt and Umaga lock up, Curt kicking Umaga, getting the advantage, and then bringing him down in a suplex! Curt then spears Umaga, then hits a few clotheslines, then tosses him into the corner, and then starts choking him!!! Reks, beaten up from what had happened before the match, at the school, runs into the ring with a samoan strap, and starts whipping Hawkins chest, making it a red color!!! Umaga then places him into the turnbuckle, and after Reks whips Hawkins, until he is down sitting, Umaga hits a hip attack!!! Then waits until Curt gets up. Reks climbs the ropes, and Umaga lifts up Curt in a samoan drop position, then Armando grabs the whips and starts attacking Curt, who is on umagas shoulders, with it, and finally, Reks hits a neckbreaker, while Umaga samoan drops Curt!!! Umaga pins 1.........................2.........................3

Match 6, Cactus Jack vs Sabu vs Tommy Dreamer vs Mike Awesome vs Terry Funk vs Sandman, ECW Extreme Rules Match, Elimination style

All men shake hands, and then, Dreamer and Cactus start nailing each other with punches, and Sandman gets involved. Funk and Sabu are locked up on the side, and Mike Awesome jumps straight into the punch war, and starts hitting everyone. Sabu tosses Funk into Sandman, and then Cactus grabs Funk and hits a huge DDT!!! Tommy lifts up Cactus and tosses him out of the ring! Sandman and Awesome go punch for punch, and then Sabu, from the top ropes, jumps and hits Tommy, Sandman, and Awesome!!! Funk then starts smashing Sandmans face in with punches, but its interuppted by Sabu, who quickly hits a kick to Funks head, then a leg drop to sandman!! Cactus comes into the ring with a kendo stick, and if Sandman was up, he would be smiling, but Foley was hit by it by Tommy, and then, Tommy hit Sandman hit after hit with the kendo stick, solving some unfinished business, but Funk comes and locks in a sleeper hold, using the kendo stick as an advantage!!! Mike though, hits with a shoulder block to both of them, and then lifts up Sabu and spinebusters him!!!! Sandman gets up, and spears Mike, then hits him with punch after punch, until he sees the kendo stick, but Cactus Jack hits Sandman, bringing him to the floor, then gets the kendo stick and smashes it into Funk, but Funk rolls out of the way, then gives Cactus Jack a stunner!!! he gets hit with a huge dreamer driver though, or almost does, but its countered, into a spinning toe hold, and Cactus Jack rams into Funk at full speed, then locks in a double mandible claw, on Funk and Dreamer, but Mike Awesome comes in, and goes to awesome bomb Cactus, but Sabu hits a huge diving crossbody onto Mike, and Sandman hits a Bitchin Leg Drop to Sabu, but is rolled straight into a Dreamer Driver!!!! Dreamer hits it, but is hit with a spear by Foley, but Foley is caught in a leg hold by Terry Funk, but Funk gets pushed straight into an Awesome bomb attempt, but Funk counters it into a Texas Piledriver!!!! He pins 1..................2.................3 MIKE AWESOME IS OUT. Funk is happy, and rolls uot of the ring. Foley and Sandman are going punch for punch, and so is Dreamer and Sabu, but Sabu rolls out, grabs a chair, then runs back in, and then tosses the chair into Dreamers face, then tosses him into the turnbuckle, then hits an air sabu, then an Arabian Press, then finishes Dreamer off with a huge Arabian Piledriver onto the chair!!! Sandman smashes Foley with a Flapjack, then grabs the chair, and hits a DDT onto it to Sabu, then does the same to Foley. Funk runs into the ring and hits him with multiple knife edge chops then finishes them off a snap DDT, then bounces off the ropes, and goes for an elbow drop, but Sabu gets up, and bounces off the chair, onto the ropes, and bounces back and hits Funk with a DDT onto the chair!!! Dreamer comes and charges at Sabu with the kendo stick, but Sandman rolls out of the ring, then grabs a Singapore Cane, and runs back in, hitting them both with it!!!! Dreamer rolls out of the ring, and grabs a barbed wire 2x4, and a table, and a small ladder, and places them into the ring, and then uses the barbed wire wood and smashes Sandmans head open, making him bleed. Foley from behind hits a huge Bull Dog to Dreamer, onto the barbed wire wood, making him bleed!!! Sabu hits an arabian facebuster though, making Foley Bleed!!! Sabu is hit with a spear by Funk though, then starts getting punched, hit after hit after hit, until Funk climbs the ropes, and hits a moonsault, or goes for one, but Sabu rolls out of the way, then hits a triple jump 450 splash, bouncing off Foleys body and a chair and the ropes!!! Funk is pinned. 1....................2..............KICKOUT!!! Somehow, he kicked out!! Foley rolls up Sabu! 1.................................................2................................Sabu rolls up Jack (foley) 1................................2..................Dreamer runs in and rolls up Sabu, onto a chair!!! 1...................................2....................................Sabu rolls out, then grabs the chair, and hits an arabian facebuster/arabian skullcrusher!!!!!!!! he drives a chair down to his face, and his face into a chair, he pins, and the blood is just rolling down Dreamers face 1..........................2...............................3 DREAMER IS OUT!!!! Sabu is hit with a cactus clothesline out of the ring!!!! Jack and Sabu toss each other into the steps, again, and again, and again, and they are both hurt, but jack foes to toss him into the steps in an atomic drop, but its countered into a tornado DDT!!!!! Then, Sabu bounces off the steps, the apron, and the barricade, to hit a moonsault!!!! Funk and Sandman in the ring are fighting, Funk has a chair, Sandman as a cane, and Funk manages to trip Sandman, then place his head onto the chair, then hits a moonsault onto his head!!!!! Funk then just stomps on his head!!! Sandman has to be KOd, and he is pinned by Funk 1.........................2...................KICKOUT by Sandman, and then, Sandman, using all his strength, stands up, leaning against the turnbuckle, back out, allowing Funk to grab the cane and start smashing Sandmans back with it, over, and over, and over, and over again, Sandman finally rolls out of the ring, but is caught in a Super Frankenstiener off the arpon through the barricade by sabu!!!Funk rolls out, but Sabu grabs a chair from the apron and starts smashing him in the face with it, until he finally bounces off the apron and hits a DDT onto Funk, and he goes ont Foley!!! Sandman gets a kendo stick from a fan, and then hits a white russian leg sweep on Sabu onto the steel steps!!! Sandman also went into the steel steps, and is also hurt from it, but doesnt care, he gets up, straight into a sleeper hold by Funk!!! Funk slowly rolls both of them into the ring, while keeping the hold locked in, but once in the ring, Sandman grabs the cane, and hits a white russian leg sweep on funk!!! Foley then hits a back body drop onto Funk and Sandman!!! Foley is caught in arabian facebuster!!!! Sandman, with the cane, starts whacking everyone, but is caught in a leg hold by funk!!!! Sandman uses the ropes to pull himself up, then dropkick Funk!!! Funk falls straight into a mandible claw, and Foley has him down, but Sabu tosses a chair at foleys face, knocking him down!!! Foley starts getting up, but Sabu locks in a camel clutch, using a chair to aid him..... FOLEY TAPS Funk then locks in a sleeper hold on Sabu!!!! Sabu looks KOd, but Sandman hits a double white russian leg sweep!!!!!!!!! Sandman pins Funk. 1.......................2.............KICKOUT by funk, after using a standing Sabu to pull his shoulder up!!!! Sabu falls down on the pull, and is put in an armbar by Sandman!!!! Funk has a chair, and he places it on Sabus arm!!! Funk then jumps on it, but Sabu pulls Sandman into the chair, and then, he bounces off the ropes and bounces off the chair, and then flips onto Funk!!! Sandman stands up, but Sabu kicks him in the gut!!! Sabu bounces off the ropes, but Funk pulls him down in a leg hold..... SABU TAPS OUT!!!! Funk then goes over to the bent over Sandman, places a chair underneath him, and pulls him down in a texas piledriver!!! He pins. 1.....................2......................3

Main Event

Drew McIntyre, with his title, walks out, and then sits down at a table, and then walks out Cody Rhodes!!! Rhodes sits at the same table for the contract signing, signed by Mr. Change William Regal!!! Regal and Mr. Perfect.....MR PERFECT!!!! walk out, and sit down at the table, and Regal stands up

Regal: This contract, will be for the title match between Cody Rhodes and Champion Drew..... do all agree???

Both superstars nod heads, signaling yes

Regal: Ok, then, Cody, sign here

Cody signs

Regal: Sign here Drew....

Drew: No, why do I.... a TRUE champion, have to defend my title against him, he has done nothing to earn it, no match, no NOTHING

Cody: I could earn it if I wanted to....

Regal: Look you two, get along, Drew, sign the contract

*WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* hits, and then Ric Flairs theme hits.... its RIC FLAIR

Ric: Why should this man, the current champion, be forced to sign something like your contract??? Hmmmm?? Oh wait, he shouldnt

Cody: Maybe this "Champ" could stop being afraid of me and fight the damn match

Drew: I can make up my own decision, and I choose

Ric: Hold on Cody, he is being SMART, not afraid, he could fight you, but you have done nothing to earn it...... NOTHING.... what, you said on twitter, I want that title... that was it, that was all, I mean come on, you could of said SOMETHING, but something meaningful... where as my man Drew, he is the next evolution, he is the champ, and he will remain it, because

Cody: Shut up old man, you think I care.. if you, or Drew here, thinks I dont deserve that title shot, well he doesnt deserve it, he won the match with a MITB,

Drew: You know what guys...

Ric: Please Cody, he earned it, in a gruesome battle, which he came out the winner!!!

Drew: I have made up my Mind, I....

Cody: Please, "earned" well look, even if he did earn it, I still should have that title match


Ric: No.... you dont.....

DrewL You dont make up my mind old man, I DO

Cody: Look at that, Old man.... look.... at..... that.....

Drew signs the contract, then tackles cody!!! Ric runs to the ring. Cody counters a figure four lock, and then kicks Drew, then tries to climb out of the ring, but Mr. Perfect stops him!!!! Regal is laughing, and Perfect connects with a perfectplex to all three men!!!! Regal and Perfect are standing near the table, and Regal tears the contract in half, then burns the table, burning the contract as well!!! Cody connects with a Cross Rhodes to Perfect, then a springboard kick to Regal, and then hits a silver spoon DDT onto Drew onto a chair!!! Ric tries escaping, but Cody catches his leg, then mocks him, shouting.. WOOOOOOOO then locks in his modified figure four leg lock!!!! Cody then lets him go, and he is begging to be let go!! Ric then goes to poke codys eyed, but cody sees this coming and hits a disaster kick!!!! Cody then sees the flaming table, and then gives Flair a suplex through it!!!!! Cody sees the burnt contract though, and gets onto his knees, a mixture of anger and surprise!!!! He doesnt get his title shot!!!
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June 5th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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