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 June 12th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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June 12th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: June 12th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   June 12th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2012 10:51 pm

ECWs theme plays, as the video starts, and then it shows Reall Estate and Tiffany in the ring

Tiffany:Well, you may be saying, did ECW get tossed??? No.... as we are standing here currently, i announce that ECW has stayed, and WCW is kicked!!!

Reall: Yeah, I cant wait for tonights events tiffany.... I mean

ECWs theme song plays, and Owner Jim Logan walks out

Jim: Here Yee, Here Yee

the voice isnt Jims though, its Paul Heyman, and he reveals he is Heyman by Taking off a wig and taking off a jacket, to reveal it is Heyman, and Regal and Big Show walk behind him

Paul: Ok now look..... You two, get out of MY ring... big changes are coming, and that is ME as the new..... and FINAL GM..... no fucking commisioners, no Co-GMs, no matches to determine a GM..... IM the owner now..... SO HAHA.... and if you want your jobs back.... as an extremette and a Manager without going through hell, well, Vince had his own club in the old times... but dont worry, I wont be that cruel, but I demand you join the kiss my...... feet.... club..... like I said, I wouldnt be that cruel.....

Tiffany: I AM NOT..... doing that

Estate: Neither am I....

Regal runs up and takes out Estate with a quick power of the punch, and Show spears Tiffany!!! Show lifts up tiffany and Estate, and tosses them onto the ground!!!! Paul then takes off his left boot, and Show and Regal force Tiffany to kiss his feet, then Estate, and then tosses them out of the ring.... and they walk off....

Paul: Now that that is over, a few changes I am making now..... first off.... the High Flying and the X Division titles, are now the Cruiserweight tag CHAMPIONS.... oh, and the titles... all of them.... ARE VACATED!!!! And the first ever Briefcase Brawl is happening.... 20 briefcases..... some of them mean something... some of them dont... one contains a world title... one contains a world title shot.... one may contain a handicap match.... theres alot of things that they do.... and the schedules with only with the briefcase..... so the matches wont be someone vs someone.. it will be briefcase 4 vs 8 or something along those lines...... and the more isnt the merrier, because some contain some VERY.... VERY bad things.... such as a firing,or a handicap match!!! and everything is at random, for all we know, number 20 or number 1 may contain the firing... or the title shot.... or something normal..... so its all about luck.... and winners...... and we will begin.... with the first thing being.... the first ever triple ladder match, where 3 Briefcases are hanging. Numbers 1,2, and 3!!!

Match 1, Triple Ladder Match, Briefcases Number 1, 2, and 3, Low Ki, Evan Bourne, Kofi, Chavo Guerrero, Yoshi Tatsu, Hunico

Paul: And I will be here at the table for commentary, alongside Matt Striker, and CM Punk

Matt: Hello Paul, and this will be a great matchup, I cant wait, you being in charge was an amazing thing.....

Paul: Of COURSE it was.. I am PAUL HEYMAN... I know ECW....

Punk: Look how about the asskissing stops and the match begins

Ki and Bourne lock up, and Kofi spears Bourne!!! Ki and Yoshi lock up, but Hunico dropkicks Yoshi! Chavo and Ki lock up, and Ki gets the upper hand, but is then hit with a suplex!!! chavo hits another, and another, hitting the three amigos!!

Matt: Nice three suplexes by Chavo Guerrero

Punk: Looks like Ki was trying to get a fight, and failed to win it

Paul: How about the dumbassery stops and we watch the match

Punk: Haha

Chavo bounces off the ropes, and goes for a running clothesline on Kofi, but Yoshi jumps up and hits a roundhouse kick!!! Chavo is down, and Kofi does a low blow kick to Yoshi, and then is taken down by a frontflipping Evan Bourne!!! Evan and Hunico lock up, but Hunico knees Evan in the groin, and then tosses him into the ropes, and then hits a quick powerslam, and quickly hits a springboard moonsault, but Evan dodges, and Hunico lands on his feet, but is kicked by Yoshi, and then he rolls out of the ring.... trying to catch his breath. Chavo stands up, and takes out Yoshi and Evan in a double bulldog, and then takes out Ki with a quick scoop slam, but Kofi goes for a diving brain chop off the top ropes, but Chavo catches him in an atomic drop!!! Chavo gets to his knees and taunts

Matt: He should NOT be taunting, I mean, what does that do to make him win

Punk: well Taunting brings up your momentum, and it can bring you to win the match

Paul: I wouldnt be taunting, I would be stomping out those idiots

Punk: You wouldnt make it this far in the match

Paul: Please, if it were me, the match would be over

Hunico goes to place a ladder in the ring, but the ladder is dropkicked into hunicos face, and hunico goes down, leaning up against the barricade. Chavo grabs the ladder on the apron, but is tossed out of the ring by Evan, and Evan grabs the ladder, but Kofi slams his face into it, and then grabs the ladder, but Yoshi hits a roundhouse into the ladder into Yoshi, and then takes the ladder, and slams it into Ki, and then sets it up. He climbs to the top, but cant reach briefcase #2, Chavo runs into the ring, and suplexs Kofi, and then Evan, and then Ki, and Hunico goes for a springboard clothesline, but is hit with a dropkick. And then Chavo climbs the ladder, and then Yoshi and Chavo go punch for punch, and Chavo ducks a kick, and goes for a suplex, but Yoshi holds onto the ladder, and is caught into it!!! Chavo tries getting him un caught, but Kofi climbs up on the side of the ladder, and gets to the top, and starts headbutting them!!! Hunico gets in the ring, and then tosses the ladder over, and all 3 men on the ladder fall to the ground outside the ring!!!

Punk: Wow, devastating fall

Paul: I could get up from that

Punk: Whatever you say, get back to the match

Hunico sets up the ladder underneath the breifcase #2, and then climbs and pulls it down.Evan grabs the ladder, and smashes it into Kis face, and then sets it up under #1, and then sees Kofi on the apron, and he dropkicks Kofi, and backflips onto the ladder, turns around, and climbs it, trying to unhook briefcase #1, but Yoshi runs into the ring and quickly scales the ladder, and tosses the briefcase into Evans face, trying to knock him off, but Evan grabs the briefcase with his hands, not his face, and jumps off, pulling it down!!!

Punk: TWO WINNERS ALREADY.... wow, that was quick... I was expecting someone to start bleeding, but that never happened.... sadly

Chavo runs into the ring with a second ladder, and then leans it up in the corner, and tosses Kofi into it, then tosses Yoshi, off the ladder, and into Kofi leaned up onto the ladder!!!! The ladder breaks!!!!

Matt: I wonder what is worst, the ladder, or Kofi!!!

Chavo cant reach briefcase number 3, so he jumps off the ladder, grabbing the briefcase, and is holding onto the briefcase, suspended above the ring!!! Ki pulls the ladder out from beneath Kofi, and then leans it up from the first ladder, and then runs up it, and tackles Chavo!!!! They both fall, the briefcase falling down, onto the ground!!! Paul Heyman laughs, and he walks out from the table, and picks up the briefcase, and walks back to the table

Paul: And the THIRD winner of the match..... PAUL HEYMAN... the TRUE winner....I didnt have to bust a sweat

ECW Extremely

Paul enters the ring, and then gets a mic

Paul: And now fans, I want to ask you... what is the best show

Crowd chants "ECW" over and over

Paul: Thank you.... thank you..... but another show is trying to enter MY light... Smackdown.... where are you... well, last week,we saw the amazing ROCK in action... right.... well, we have ROCK here tonight!!! Lets see him in action.....

-If YOU SMELLLLLLLLL- hits, and Big Show, dressed as Rock, walks out to the ring....

Show: Paully, thank you for the introduction, but look at me, Im the Special Guest Ref for the big title match at NOC.... the One and Only, Trail Blazin Eyebrow Raisin, Strudel Loving, Man to Man Hugging, The Brahma Bitch, Sucks some big (Crowd Chants DICK) But dont give a fuck because THE ROCK SUCKS..... hello Paul

Paul: Amazing intro, this is a section I would like to call, ECW Extremely, where I talk to the stars of the OTHER shows.... wait, whats that... we have someone else... who... wait... Rock I have just heard something, we have Kurt Angle and Sheamus here with us!!! Lets see them come out

-Angles theme plays- as Kevin Nash in a bald cap and Kurt Angles Attire walks out

Nash: Oh its true, I am here on ECW Extremely, and I am so grateful to be here.... and Oh its true, that when I walk out of NOC, I will have the non prestigous World Title around my Waist

Show: Woah Woah Woah Woah Jabroni, What makes you think the most Erectional Man IN ALL of Sports Entertainment wont screw you like I screwed Sheamus last night??? I mean.... umm Sheamus... dad??? No no no, you didnt hear that....

Nash: Oh its true, I heard it, but dont worry, I did Sheamus and his dad a couple days ago... not so electryfying

Show: Finally someone who understands my point

Paul: So wait, you BOTH have been sleeping with the world champ and his dad!!!! You two are bigger whores then that Jim Logan guy....

Show: Oh the Rock has done him too..... not so great in the sac...

Paul: PLEASE..... this is the reinvented ECW, not the gay novel book store......

Nash: Oh, I, Kurt Angle have been there before and Saw the world champ checking out the magazines......

-SHeamus theme plays- And Bobby Roode dressed as Sheamus comes out, with a McDonalds title around his waist and looking larger then ever

Roode: Now look, Fellas, I slept with both of you, and I slept with my dad and Logan before, but trust me, I will walk out the winner of that title match, and Rock you cant screw me harder then you did before..... so I welcome you to try... no matter what, I WILL WIN

Paul: Wow, looks like Sheamus is ready to win the title match at NOC...... cant wait, and that is all for this weeks ECW Extremely

Masterlock Challenge For #4

Chris Masters is in the ring with a chair, and then Cody Rhodes comes out

Paul: Have to be careful with Rhodes, he has a bag full of tricks, and I think one of them will be used tonight

Matt: Yeah, agreed

Punk: You will agree with paul on Anything to kiss his ass.....

Cody sits in the chair, but then right before he does the masterlock, Cody moves and signals for him to wait a second, and he bounces off the ropes and connects with a disaster kick, and then sits in the chair, holding his arms up!!! A groggy masters locks in a weak masters lock, and Cody stands up from the chair and kicks him in the groin, releasing the hold, and Cody with #4

Match 2, Damien Sandow vs RVD for Briefcase #5

RVD comes out, and lays on the ropes, taunting his opponent

-Damiens music hits, and he walks out to boos-

Damien: I am a former Euro-Core Champion.... How dare you insult my presence with one word, maybe because that is all you ignoranices can say, one word!!! Now I should be rewarded with the briefcase swiftly, I shouldnt have to fight this Aging Ape, Now if I can get the briefcase now, and NOT be forced to destroy this ape, I dont want the Rob Van Dam Ape to be extinct

Matt: Trashtalking, I like it

Punk: I want to see a match

RVD: So what you are saying is.... you are scared???

Damien runs into the ring, and connects with the knee strikes to the arm of RVD, and then has his arms in position for the neckbreaker, but RVD pulls him into a reverse stunner!!! RVD Pins 1.............2..........Kickout by Damien. Damien holds onto RVDs arms, and lowers them to the mat and stomps on them, and then pulls his knee out from under him, and locks in a knee bar!!! Then after a while, places the knee on the apron, and gets on the top rops, and jumps onto the prone leg!!! Damien pulls on the leg, trapping RVD in the ropes, and then Damien goes under the apron and pulls out a chair!!! He brings the chair into the ring, and then starts smashing the chair against RVds skull, but then pulls RVD out of the ropes, and wraps the chair around the leg of RVD, and then jumps on it!!! He locks in a modified ankle hold, but RVD grabs the chair and smashes Damien with it, then bounces off the ropes and connects with a quick kick to Damiens skull!!! Then climbs the ropes for a frog splash, but Damien strikes the leg of RVD, then climbs the ropes with him, and grabs the leg, and hits an atomic drop off the top rope!!!!

Punk: Smart move, damaging the legs of RVD

Paul: First time I ever agreed with you

Matt: I agree with you too

Damien locks in a knee bar as ECW goes for a commercial break


Check out Smackdown, RAW, and of course ECW, and dont forget to check out the ECW-Partnership Website
http://allwrestlingforum.forumotion.com/ now, and sign up for various contests, and win various prizes

Ad is now Over

Punk: And we are back,

Paul: I was supposed to say that god damn it

Punk: Anyway, the knee and foot have been focused on in the commercial break, and now we see the people fighting in the crowd!!!

Paul: Yes, check this out

Video plays of RVD tossing Damien over the ropes, outside the ring

Video then shows Damien wrenching the knee of RVD, and then dragging him into the crowd

RVD bounces off a wall and smashes Damien with a kick, but Damien punches the leg of RVD, and then tosses him into a set of steps!!! RVD then tries standing up, but his leg forces him down, and Damien stands on the leg of RVD!!! RVD kicks him off though, and Damien starts smashing RVD in the leg with axe handles, but RVD manages to get to his feet, and hit a monkey flip!!! Damien flies onto the beginning of steps!!! Damien starts walking up the steps, and RVD follows!!! Damien tosses RVD into a WWE Shop, selling RVD shirts!!! Damien starts choking RVD with one, and then slams RVD through the table holding the shirts!!! Damien then grabs a table leg, and breaks it over RVDs leg, and then starts Foot DDTing the leg, and then starts punching the leg!!! Damien then drags RVD, by the leg, over to the steps, and Damien is about to roll RVD off, but RVD catches Damiens arms, and then arm drags him down the steps


RVD then walks up, and gets to the top of the steps, and hits a diving Frog Splash!!! But this ISNT fals count anywhere, he MUST place him inside the ring to pin him!!!! RVD gets up slowly, and pulls Damien by his hair to the ring, and starts walking up the steps, but Damien hits a low blow!!! Damien gets up, and hits his knees to the shoulder, and then tosses RVD into the ring, and climbs to the top ropes, and hits an axe handle!!! Damien pins. 1............2..........kickout by RVD!!! Damien grabs RVDs arms, and is in the neckbreaker position, but RVD hits a reverse snapmare on Damien, but Damien hits a dropkick while he is in the air!!! Damien then rolls out of the ring, and gets briefcase #5, and then runs into the ring, and smashes it across RVDs skull!!! He then puts the briefcase in the corner, wedged in a turnbuckle, and then Damien rolls out of the ring, and Damien grabs a chair, and runs back into the ring. Damien places the chair around RVDs neck, and then he tosses him into the briefcase, and then catches him in the neckbreaker, chair still around his neck!!!! He pins 1............................2...........................3 Damien Wins the case

Paul: See this is somehow who deserves the case, a bright young star who has fallen down steps and STILL wins

Punk: Yes, someone unlike you, a dumb old fool who if fallen down steps would die

Matt: You really shouldnt insult the GM Punk

Paul: Yes Punk, you really shouldnt

Backstage Interview

Todd: Hello this is Todd Grisham and I am here with.... Maria???

Maria: Yes Todd, I am here to tell you that Mr. Heyman was hired me back as the interviewer!!!

Todd: So you are replacing me???

Maria: Yes, but ummm, you can do some interviews, or go join commentary or something, but for now... I am here with WWE, WWF, WCW, and ECW star, Chris Jericho

Chris: Thank you Maria, All I have to say is this.... ECW.... IS...... (Crowd chants JERICHO).... Jericho..... and I will be appearing, re debuting, in the main event, tonight, hopefully winning a briefcase, oh wait, I dont have to hope.... I should be.... the Voice of ECW

Paul: End it.... END IT NOW.... I DEMAND THAT YOU END THIS NOW... I AM THE VOICE OF ECW AND ALWAYS WILL BE..... ECW...... IS...... (Crowd Chants Heyman)

Paul looks shocked, but then returns to commentary

Match 3, Lita vs AJ, winner faces winner of match next week to determine new champion

Lita quickly hurricanranas AJ. AJ stands up, but Lita pushes her down, then slaps her!!! AJ spears Lita, and then starts punching her!!!! Lita rolls up and starts punching AJ!!! Lita then gets ready for a split legged litasault, but AJ pulls down Litas Tights, and then pins, using the tights to her advantage 1................2............3

Paul: Smart move by AJ, and she will face the winner of next weeks match for the title

Match 4, Dolph Ziggler vs Mr Perfect For #6, Flaming Table Match

Ziggler laughs at the old Mr Perfect, and then gets on the ground, and then does a headstand!!! He then starts doing a handstand and moving. Mr Perfect then hits a dropkick!!! He connects with a huge DDT afterwords!!! Ziggler rolls out of the ring, and Perfect is taunting it up inside of it!!! Ziggler runs in with a chair, but Perfect dropkicks the chair into Zigglers face!!! Ziggler is holding his head, allowing Perfect to hit a quick suplex!!! Perfect follows up with a knee drop! Ziggler tries rolling out of the ring, but Perfect locks in an indian deathlock! Ziggler taps, but this match cant be won by tapping out. Perfect holds in the Indian Deathlock

Heyman: Probably trying to break the legs so Ziggler cant move so that he can easily just put him through the table

Matt: Smart move

Punk: What would be smarter is working on the skull of Ziggler, knocking him out, then it would be easier then him not walking because you wont have to hear his nagging bullsh-

Heyman: But Punk, Ziggler is a great star, and no pain, no game, if he is awake during his part through the table, then it would be a great joy in Mr Perfect.... dishing out punishment

Ziggler manages to use the ropes to stand up, and he locks in a modified figure four leg lock on Perfect!!! Ziggler pushes himself off Perfect, and then tosses Perfect out of the ring!!! Ziggler gets to the top tope, and sees a down Perfect, and he hits a jumping elbow drop!!!! Ziggler lands on Perfect, and he pins, but remembers, pins dont count in this match!!!! Ziggler gets up, and sets a table up, but Perfect hits a modified back suplex through the table!!! Ziggler is hurt, and he is hurt badly. Ziggler then tries standing up, but Perfect connects with a hip toss onto a not set up table!!! Perfect takes a different table, and sets it up against the barricade, he looks for a lighter, but by the time he gets one, Ziggler is standing up, and he connects with a Namedropper to perfect, and then he suplexes him though the table!!! Perfect is sitting down, leaning against the barricade, and Ziggler starts stomping away on Perfect, and then starts choking him with his hands!!! The crowd is booing Ziggler, and Ziggler soaks it all up, Ziggler then runs and takes out the barricade and Perfect with a running knee, and Ziggler starts walking in the crowd, getting yelled at, and then he finally runs back into ringside, and Perfect trips Zigler, and then locks in a sleeper hold! Ziggler the turnbuckle, trying to use that to give him more force to snapmare Perfect, but Perfect applies more pressure!!! Ziggler then runs into a table, but using the force to snapmare Perfect through the table, hurting both men!!! Ziggler stands up, and then sees an already set up table, he takes a lighter from a fan, and then lights the table on fire, and then hands it back to the fan, Ziggler lifts up Perfect, getting ready to toss him through it, but Perfect at the last second moves behind Ziggler, and pushes him to it, Ziggler slides beneath the flaming table, and Perfect runs at him, but stops when the table gets in his way, and this Allows Ziggler to give him a quick zig zag!!! Ziggler then does his famous headlock with the headstand, but Perfect lifts up Ziggler, and using his cocky headstand to hit a suplex through the flaming table!!! Zigglers arrogance brings him down!!!

Punk: Using his own cockyness against him....

Paul: Smart move, if I do say so myself

Matt: Yes smart move, and we will be back, right after this


Next week dont miss The Crownign of the Number One Contender for the Extremettes title, and the winner will be facing Contender AJ

Also, we see Zigglers reaction to going through that table.... Plus, we see more Briefcases go to more people, and we also see a briefcase vs briefcase match!!!

Match 5, Teddy Hart vs Kevin Nash w/ Paul Heyman, Falls Count Anywhere match For #7

Teddy and Kevin have a stare down, before Heyman shouts "LETS GOOOOO ANY MINUTE NOW" And then they lock up, Kevin getting the size advantage and the advantage of the lock up, and he moves into a german suplex position, then tosses Teddy into the turnbuckle, and then Paul starts choking Teddy!!! The ref just stands back, as this is No DQ! teddy then pushes paul Down, and then Kevin connects with a big boot as soon as Teddy turns around!! He pins 1.............2........kickout at the last second, and Heyman argues with the ref, saying it was three, and in this time, Teddy rolls up Kevin!!!! there is no ref, and Teddy just keeps Kevin there, the ref finally turns around, after about 3 seconds, and he counts 1.................2........kickout by Kevin! Kevin then pushes Teddy down, then connects with punch after punch after punch, and then Teddy manages to dodge a punch, and roll under Kevins arms, and then connect with a bulldog!!! Teddy is building momentum, he quickly starts stomping on Kevins arm, and then he climbs the ropes and hhits a shooting star elbow drop!!! he pins 1............2......kickout by Nash. Nash then connects with a quick big boot to Teddy!!! Teddy rolls out of the ring, and Heyman pushes him into the apron!!! Teddy and Heyman are yelling at each other, and Teddy finally picks up a chair and tosses it into the ring. Heyman starts pulling on Teddys legs, and Teddy finally hits a Hart Destroyer on Heyman!!! Kevin uses this distraction to take the chair and bust it over Teddys head, then wrap it on one of his feet, and then he places Teddy in the corner, in the tree of woe, and then he takes his leg and he wraps it around the turnbuckle post, and then Kevin gets on the apron, and A very hurt Heyman manages to stand up and hand him the metal briefcase, and he smashes it against the leg, then he jumps off the apron, and moves the steps to the side, and then he runs up the steps and smashes the chair on the foot, and Teddy falls back,holding his foot!!! Kevin gets in the ring with the steps and the briefcase. Kevin takes Teddys leg, and he smashes it against the steel steps!!!! Teddy is in pain!!!! Kevin then takes the broken chair, and places one ontop of Teddys leg, which is resting on the steps, and then other on his elbow, he climbs the turnbuckle, with the chair still on his elbow..... Kevin Nahs is CLIMBING THE TURNBUCKLE!!!! Kevin is on the top rope, and he jumps down with an elbow drop, using the chair, and the chairs come into contact, and they smash Teddys leg against the steel!!!! Teddy pulls the ropes, managing to pull himself out of the ring!!! Teddy is holding his foot, and KKevin takes no time to rest, as he quickly runs out of the ring and goes after Teddy. Teddy stands up on his good leg, and hits a single legged dropkick on Kevin!!!! Teddy then leans against the barricade, catching his breath. Kevin stands up, and runs for a big boot on the prone Teddy, but Teddy tosses Kevin over the barricade in a back body drop!!!! Teddy gets on the barricade and hits an Open Hart Surgery!!!! Teddy pins 1...............2..........Paul Heyman tosses a chair into Teddys head, and then Heyman rolls up Teddy, so that Nash is ontop of Teddy 1............................2........................3

Main Event, Chris Jericho vs ?????? Ladder Match for #8

Jericho: Well, here I am.... Chris Jericho, the Rock n Rolla Ayotolla Now who is my opponent, give me anyone, put me in any match come on, I am determined to win that briefcase up there..... come on Heyman, who is it.... out of anyone you could give me, who DO you give me???

Heyman: I am proud to give your opponent........

Jericho: Well, we are all done waiting who it is

Heyman: I think he would like to introduce himself

Jericho laughs, but hears someone breathing behind him......Jericho is chokeslammed by the Big Show!!!

Main Event, Chris Jericho vs Big Show Ladder Match for #8

Jericho is down, and Show grabs a ladder and tosses it easily into the ring. Show grabs another ladder and tosses that inside the ring, and then a third!!! Show enters the ring finally, and tosses Jericho onto one of the ladders, and then picks up another, and tosses it onto Jericho!!!! Chris is hurt bad! While Chris is being sandwhiched by two ladders, Big Show runs against the ropes, and then hits a body splash onto the ladders and chris!!!! Chris then gets up with anger, and then starts hitting Show, and then hits a Flashback!!!! Chris waits until Show gets up, and then takes a ladder and dropkicks it into his face!!! Jericho leans a ladder up against the turnbuckle, and then tosses Show into it!!! Jericho runs at Show, but Show counters, catching him in a chokeslam position!!! Jericho is lifted up high, and Big Show crashes him down onto a ladder!!! Jericho rolls out of the ring, but Regal runs from the crowd and starts attacking Jericho!!!! Regal goes for a knee trembler, but Jericho ducks, then hits a codebreaker!!!! Jericho is amped up, and then leans a ladder against the apron, and runs on it, bouncing off of it into the ring!!! Show gets Jericho in mid air with a spear

Matt: Amazing move by Show.... just flat out amazing

Jericho is hurt now for sure, and this time, show starts stomping away on chris, and then finally sets up a ladder!!! He starts climbing, rung by rung by rung, and Jericho kips up!!! Show is worried, and tries hopping off, but Jericho dropkicks show, and then puts his arms through a rung on the ladder, so the Big Show is stuck!!!! Jericho sets up another ladder, and starts climbing with a third ladder in hand!!! Jericho places the ladder in between the two others, and then grabs Show for a suplex, but cant lift him up!!! Show starts pounding away on Jericho with headbutts!!! Show then gets Jericho in a chokeslam position, and chokeslams him onto the third ladder!!! Show starts choking Jericho, and Jericho cant do anything, he is suspended in the air with nothing but a hand around his neck and and a ladder on his mid back, but thats it!!! Jericho is kicking his feet, but nothing is happening, and finally, Show lets go to release his other arm. Jericho uses this to his advantage, and he gets onto the opposite ladder of show, but they are side to side!!! Jericho kicking Shows back, and then kicks him with a spinning enzuirigi, managing to hold onto the ladder. Shows head is turned in pain, allowing Jericho to jump off with a one handed bulldog to show off the ladder!!! Jericho climbs the ladder, Show holding his head, but Kevin Nash comes out from the back and runs into the ring and tries stopping Jericho!!! Nash starts hitting Jericho, and then he climbs the ladder!!! He stands above jericho, and then has him in a powerbomb position (before lifting him up) He lifts him up in a jackknife, but Jericho counters with a codebreaker off the ladder!!!! Show gets up at the same time as Chris, and they go punch for punch, until Show dodges a kick, and goes for a showstopper, but Chris jumps up and flips it into a reverse DDT!!! Chris bounces off the ropes and hits a lionsault!!! Chris sees the set up ladder, and tosses Nash out of the ring, then tosses Show into the ladders!!! He follows this up with a dropkick!!! Show dodges another bulldog, and then easily lifts up Jericho and tosses him into the ladder in the corner, and spears him into the ladder!!! Show connects with a sidewalk slam into the same ladder!!! Jericho is hurt, and big show takes the ladder and then smashes Jerichos head with it, and then he leans it up against one of the two set up ladders, and then he chokeslams Jericho into it, then walks on Jericho, up the ladder!!! Show starts losing his balance, but remains on. Jericho, still hurt, manages to hit the ladder, causing show to stop in his tracks and hold on

Punk: An Amazing match by these two


Jericho manages to stand up, and he climbs the opposite side of the ladder, and then laughs at the struggling show, and he starts poking his shoulders, having fun, and then he starts hitting Shows head, but Show remains on, holding on for his life!!! Jericho sees the briefcase above, and goes to grab it, but Show lets go and connects with a WMD to the briefcase, and it goes into Jericho!!! The briefcase remains where it is, but Jericho falls off the ladder, hurt, and Show loses balance big time, and falls off!!!! They both struggle to get up, and they cant, those falls took everything out of them!!!!

Paul: Come on Show DESTROY HIM

Punk: I wouldnt normally do this, but come on Chris!!!

Matt: Both men are in this amazing match till the end, and that fall truly taken out both men!!!

Jericho stands up using the ropes, and then he looks at Show, and he locks in a legbar, trying to stop show from being able to stand. Show manages to stand up, Chris hanging upside down on the gigantic leg of Show, and Show starts climbing the ladders, one hand on one, one on the other!!! Show climbs the top, but Chris starts shaking the ladders from underneath them!! Chris falls off the leg, and then starts climbing up the opposite side of the ladders, and Show winds up for a WMD, but Chris ducks!!! Chris starts hitting Show, but Show hits a frying pan punch on Chris, knocking him down a rung!!!!! Show reaches for the briefcase, but Chris hops up and connects with a Codebreaker off the ladder!!!! Chris falls right onto the leaned up ladder, and Show lands on the mat, and they are struggling to get back up!!!! Show stands up first, and big boots Jericho, who almost stood up on the ladder, but the boot took him down!!! Show starts climbing, but Jericho this time quickly moves behind him and hits a small powerbomb, just going behind him and pushing him off the ladder!!!! Jericho climbs, but Show stands up angry, and lifts up the ladder, with Jericho on it!!! Show moves the ladder, but Jericho hops onto the ladder beside it!!! Show tosses the ladder out of the ring, and then lifts up the ladder Jericho is currently standing on, after pushing the leaned up ladder to the side, and Jericho has no where to run!!!! Show tosses the ladder out of the ring, and Jericho lands on the barricade!!!!! Show sets up the only ladder in the ring, and starts climbing, and Show is almost there, but a determined, hurt, Jericho runs to the ring and pushes Show off the ladder, landing on his side!!! Jericho runs at a sitting Show, but Show tosses him over his shoulder, and Jericho flies onto the apron, almost falling off, but holding on!!!! Show stands up, straight into a Springboard Shoulder block!!!! Jericho tosses Show out of the ring, but he lands on the apron. Jericho runs and hits a springboard dropkick to show!!! Show falls down, and Jericho tosses Show into the barricade, and then into a few ladders, and then finally into the announce table!!! Jericho goes for a lionsault, trying to hit a leaned up show, but Show big boots jericho!!!! Show takes off the top of the table, and then Smashes it against Jerichos skull multiple times, breaking the table part, and then Show starts punching Jerichos skull, finishin it off by stepping on it!!!!! Show chokes Jericho, and lifts him up in a chokeslam, and then slams him into the table, but somehow not through!!!!!!!! Jericho is on the table, and Show takes the steps, and with ease places them near the announce table, and he walks on them, and then taunts with his elbow, looking to do an elbow drop through the table, but Jericho rolls away, and he smashes Shows toes with a punch, and then he climbs up on the steps!!! he looks to push him off, but Heyman stands up and pulls Jerichos leg!!!! Jericho gets off the table and starts fighting with Heyman, ending up with Jericho tosses Heyman into the crowd!!!! Show is right behind Jericho though, and pulls him by his hair back onto the steps, this time, chokeslamming him onto the steps, and then lifting him up, and climbing the steps. Jericho gets a kick in though, and goes for a clothesline, but is caught in a WMD!!!! While Jericho is falling, Show chokeslams him through the announce table!!!!!! Show starts stomping on the hurt Jericho, and then Jericho catches a stomp, and pushes Show away!!!! Jericho tries getting up, but Show spears him!!!!! Show lifts up Jericho and goes to slam him into the turnbuckle post, but Jericho counters, and tosses Show face first into the turnbuckle post!!!! Jericho takes a ladder and smashes it against Show, who is leaned up, and metal hits show, and show hits the metal of the post!!!!! Jericho leans it against the apron, and runs up it, landing on the ladder in the ring, and he climbs up, and he sees the Briefcase!!!!.... he almost is there...


Jericho is distracted, and this allows Bobby Roode from behind to smash a beer bottle across Jerichos back!!!! Bobby hits a spinning Spinebuster, and Miz runs down and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Jericho!!! Miz, Roode, Regal, and Nash all get together and lift up Big Show, and get him up the ladder, winning him the briefcase!!!!

Heyman: Excuse me, I have to do something.....

Paul runs to Jericho, and spits in his face!!!! Show lifts up Jericho, and tosses him into the barricade, and Roode busts bottle after bottle over Jerichos head!!!! Regal hits a knee trembler, taking down the barricade!!!! Miz and Nash hit Big Boot after Big Boot, one would toss them into the other, and they would take turns!!! Roode then takes Jericho, gets Nash to push Jericho, and Show to push Roode, and Roode hits a spear!!!! Miz takes a ladder, and leans it up against the ring apron, and then lay out Jericho on it, Roode opening a beer bottle and pouring it out on Jericho, so he is awake. Nash and Miz take one side and hold Jericho, and Roode and Regal take one side on hold him, so he is stuck on the ladder, and Show runs and hits a huge splash onto Jericho, breaking the ladder!!!!!! Show gets on the apron, and Miz takes a chair and places it on Jerichos neck, and they hold Jericho down, and Show is getting ready to smash Jericho by hopping off onto the chair....

-Sheamus theme hits- And Sheamus runs to the ring!!!

Sheamus brogue kicks Regal, taking him out, while Nash big boots him, and the rest start stomping away on Sheamus!!!

-Angles theme song hits- And Kurt Angle runs to the ring!!!

Angle hits an angle slam to Miz, and he helps his NOC opponent up!!!! They look to take on ECW and save Jericho!!! Nash takes them both out with a clothesline to both men, and they start stomping away

-IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL hits- The Special Guest Referee, Rock, comes out, a rival of all of these men, mainly Jericho for the old times and Angle and Sheamus currently, but he comes out to help them, he hits a rock bottom on Nash, then Roode, then Show!!!! He helps up both men

Punk: Guess thats Karma for Heyman

Rock looks at Sheamus and Angle, and then hits a double Rock Bottom on them!!!! Rock walks away, staring eye to eye at Jericho, and Jericho walks over to Heyman

Jericho: Well well well, look who lost in the end...... it was good old Paul Heyman... and you know how you can take anyones briefcase whenever you want, even without being in the match, like you did.... well.......

Jericho takes the briefcase from Paul!!!!

Jericho: This is mine now


Jericho hits Paul with a codebreaker, then lays the mic near his face, and he locks in a walls of Jericho!!!

Jericho: Can I do it


Jericho takes the briefcase, then looks at the down Show, then laughs as he sees the briefcase laying near the big Show, and he takes it, and he walks away, the same way he did when he won the undisputed titles, and he has a big smile on his face with the two briefcases, 8 and 3!!!

Jericho: WAIT... theres one more!!!

Jericho takes Kevin nashs 7!!!!

Punk: Adding insult to injury, I like it!!!

Matt: That may not have been smart, remember, at least one briefcase holds a firing, and one of those 3 could...

Punk: The first smart thing you said all this time, well, as we look at this, make sure to check out next weeks, along with the special edition of NXT in 2 weeks, they are preparing for a special show, which is why it wasnt on for this week, or next week.... as a trainer I got more time to help out Revolt..... anyway, next week is gonna be big, dont miss it!!!

The Show goes off air
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June 12th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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