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 June 26th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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June 26th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: June 26th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   June 26th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 11:13 pm

The show beginning goes on, and then shows HELL in the ring, after the losses at NOC

Heyman: Well, we lost, but we won afterwords..... You may be asking... WHAT??? well, lets just say, Eugene may have a briefcase, but he cant make it tonight......

-Revolts music hits- and Revolt makes his way to the ring, with his briefcase clipped to his belt in the front

Revolt: What...... he cant make it.... and why is that

Revolt lifts up Heyman by his neck

Revolt: If anyone goes near me, Heymans getting Knocked out... cold.... now... why... cant.. Eugene... come.... to... ECW???

Heyman: Well.... just... umm.. look at the video

Revolt: Hold on

Revolt takes Heyman, and places him out of the ring, and walks over and leans him up against the turnbuckle post, trapping him

Revolt: im Not getting attacked from behind by your protection, play the video

A video plays, of Eugene so happy after his win, and then him shaking hands with Revolt, and walking off into the parking lot, where he gets into a car, but then another car runs him over!!!! A MONSTER TRUCK runs him over!!!!!!

Revolt looks angry, and lifts up Heyman and drops him in a flashing cutter!!!! HELL goes right after Revolt, but Revolt gives another cutter to Miz, then tosses Roodes own bottle into his face, and follows it up with a Flashing cutter!!! Big Show runs to spear him, but Revolt gives him a quick stunner, then looks at the groggy big Show, and gives him a flash cutter!!! Nash runs for a big boot, and Revolt ducks the big boot, and has Nash in a neckbreaker position, but twists him into a rolling Flashing cutter!!! Revolt is on a roll!!!!! Revolt then sees Heyman, and isnt finished, he rolls him in the ring, and then gets on the top ropes, and connects with a huge 450 splash!!! Then sees the KOd Heyman, taunts to the crowd, lifts up Heyman, and gives him a final Flash Cutter!!! Revolt takes his case and runs into the crowd, shouting at Heyman "What you did to Eugene will make your life hell" And he walks off


Cody Rhodes is backstage, warming up, and then Reall Estate walks up behind him

Reall: Hey man, heard of what happened with Masters... im cheering for you man, but why wasnt Maria at your side for the match, she didnt even show up!!!

Cody: Maybe she was busy, I dont know.... I just know that tonight, I face Masters...... and I will CRUSH him... you hear me

Reall: Oh yeah, good luck man


Cody walks out to the ring

Cody: Ok Chris... where are you.... come out to fight.... Come on Masterpiece

The titantron shows Chris Masters

Chris: Hello Cody, as you can see, I am in this completely Grey, unknown room, why, well, you may want to ask my guest... Maria

Camera goes over to a tied up maria

Chris: Maria, anything to say to your "Boyfriend"

Chris takes out something from her mouth, which is tied to the back of her head, and Maria shouts


Chris slaps her, and then puts the material back in her mouth.

Chris: You see that slap Cody??

Cody: I will KILL you let her go, this is between you.. and me...

Chris: Aww too bad

Cody: Why are you doing this???

Chris: Because, to destroy you, all I have to do, is take out your precious..... your little girl Maria

Chris then unties Maria, and Chris is holding her from behind,

Chris: Any words to Maria before she gets Knocked out


Chris puts Maria in a Master Lock!!! Maria is screaming, but eventually she stops shouting, and she slowly gets KOd, and Cody runs to the commentary table

Cody: Heyman.... you give me a match against him NOW....

Heyman: Umm I cant do that


Heyman: He took a leave tonight, he is unknown wherever he is.....

Cody: Give me a match... NOW

Heyman: I cant give you him, but what about someone else to ease your anger???


Match 1, Cody Rhodes, vs Low Ki

Cody tackles Low Ki, and starts punching him in the face over and over, not letting go, and then he finally gets up, and tosses him into the turnbuckle!! Ki is already hurt, but Cody starts stomping him out in the corner, and then Cody starts choking out Ki!!! Cody tosses Ki out of the ring, Ki crashing into the floor, and Cody flies out of the ring, tackling Ki!!! Cody then lifts up Ki and tosses him into the barricade!!! He then tosses Ki face first into the announce table!!! Cody takes a chair from the people siting at the back of the barricade, and Cody smashes it against Kis head, denting the table!!! Cody then takes Ki, and goes to toss him into the steps, but Ki counters and whips COdy into the steps!!!! Cody crashes into the steps, but quickly gets up and then sees that Ki has angered him even more!!! Cody charges at Ki, Ki running, but Cody finally tackling Ki to the ground, and then Cody lifts up Ki and whips him into the turnbuckle post, and then Cody takes Kis legs, and he puts him in an inverted figure four lock, getting in the ring, and Kis legs are squeezed against the steel post!!! Cody finally lets him go, and then tosses Ki face first into the post, and then he hits a silver spoon DDT on Ki!!!!

A video pops up on the titantron of Chris Masters forcing Maria to kiss him!!!! and then masters giving Maria a poweslam onto the concrete floor!!!

Cody is angry, and starts smashing Ki even more, the fists full of anger, and then Cody picks up Ki and then tosses him into the crowd, and Cody chokes him againse the barricade!!! Cody then tosses Ki into ringside, and then bounces off the barricade, doing a moonsault to Ki!!!!!!!! Cody then looks under the ring, and finds a barbed wire 2x4!!!!!!! Cody picks up the 2x4, and with no mercy, smashes it against Kis skull!!!!! Ki is busted wide open, and then Cody takes the bleeding ki, and tosses him face first into the steel steps!!!!! Cody then starts stomping on kis face!!!!! Cody tosses him into the ring, but doesnt cover, he starts choking him against the ropes!!!!!! Cody covers 1..........2........ Chris masters shows up on the titantron again

Chris: Cody... Cody... just wait until you see this....

Cody shouts "Turn this off, TURN IT OFF" but they cant!!

Cody starts yelling at everyone, but its too late, and Chris chokes Maria, and then he slams her onto the ground!!!!!!

Cody is angry

Cody then is rolled up by Ki 1...........2...........3!!!!

Heyman: Dont worry this was NOT for the briefcase


-SORRY..... About YOUR DAMN LUCK- hits, and James Storms walks to the ring

James: Now look, what I dont understand.... is why, why... no HOW... could another man, intentionally run over another man, for the sake of a team.... I mean, they did it because they were scared of Eugene, but really.... Why would they do such a thing

-Bobby Roodes music- hits as Bobby Roode, alone, walks out to the ring

Roode: Look James, I dont know why heyman resorted to taking out Eugene that way, but I can take you out... one... on.... one..... no intereference from HELL, no run ins from Revolt, me, and you...

-Revolts music- hits as Revolt walks to the ring, and Revolt gets in the ring, and stares down Bobby Roode

Revolt: Roode, you are nothing, what you and HELL did to Eugene, I wont ever forget, so forget about James, right now, I want you... you... and me..... got that

Bobby laughs, and then takes a beer bottle and smashes it over Revolts head!!! He then spears James!!! Revolt rolls to his feet, then knees Bobby in the Gut, and runs against the ropes, and connects with a Bulldog!!!! Revolt gets to the top ropes, and Bobby gets up, angrily, straight into a last call!!! The groggy Bobby turns around, straight into a diving double underhook DDT!!!! Big Show and Kevin nash run to the ring, and Revolt gives Show a flashing cutter!!! Storms is big booted though, and Revolt goes to take out Nash but

-Eugenes music plays- Paul Heyman, with a hospital bed with a cover over it, walks out!! Heyman takes off the cover, to reveal its EUGENE!!! Heyman distracts Revolt, by making him to stop, or Eugene was gonna get it, and Revolt was distracted, and Nash hit him with a Jackknife!!! But Revolt bounces off his shoulders and lands out of the ring!!! Revolt lands on his feet!!! He runs at Heyman and Eugene, but Revolt stops, because Heyman has Eugene right against the end of the stage, and is threatening to push him off!!!! Revolt stops in his tracks, CM Punk from behind Heyman stops him though, and he lifts him up and hits a GTS, saving his former rookies tag partner from further punishment, but in the ring, Big Show almost does a sitting body drop to James Storm with a chair on his neck, but Manager Reall Estate, from the crowd, runs into the ring, foolishly stopping the assault, and they all stare down at Estate, but this gives Storm time to take the chair off his neck, and he smashes the chair into Big Shows back, Last Calls Nash, then Gives Bobby Roode and 8 second ride, and then takes out a standing up Show with a Last Call!!!!!


A list of Ads play, for Assasins Creed 3, ECW Official Sponsor Mountain Dew, and ECW 2012 The video game


Dolph Ziggler is in the ring, sitting down

Ziggler: Now last week, I gave Randy Orton a decision, that if he is a man, would accept, our Death Match, trust me, was truly amazing, maybe match of the year, the only match that would be better, is the one, where I make Randy Orton, say that he quits..... so Summerslam, the biggest party of the summer, will not be a party for all, sure it might be for some, like me, but for others, like Orton, it wont be.... his bones will be crushed, his pride will be torn, his..

-Randy Ortons Music-hits as Randy orton walks to the ring with a mic

Orton: Dolph Dolph Dolph, I had one week, well, guess what, I dont need a week, it didnt take me a minute to decide, I will gladly make you.... in front of everyone watching in attendance, and everyone watching at home, say the words "I Quit" So if you will please get out of the ring, so I can talk

Ziggler: How about we talk right now, face to face, I mean, unless your scared, you see thats the reason I thought you wouldnt accept, because your scared

Orton: The only thing I am scared of..... is you having to leave Summerslam with no bones unbroken

Ziggler: Trust me, thats how you are walking out

Orton: Well, lets just see right now how your walking out

Orton drops his mic and RKOs Ziggler, then gets to the corner, and gets ready for a punt kick, but Ziggler dodges it, and gets behind him and locks in a sleeper hold!!! Randy gives Ziggler a snapmare, and Ziggler stands up and turns around, Randy going for an RKO, but Ziggler holding onto the ropes to stop him from getting RKOd, and Ziggler rolls out of the ring, Orton taunting as his music turns on

Match 2, Shelton Benjamin vs Roderick Strong #15, no ropes Barbed Wire Match

The staff come down and remove the ropes and place barbed wire in their place, and the match begins!!! Shelton and Strong have a stare down, but Strong quickly grabs Shelton and suplexs him!!! Shelton tries rolling out of the ring, but remembers the wire, and he rolls into the middle of the ring, allowing strong to connect with an STO backbreaker after lifting Shelton up. Strong then lifts up Shelton one more time, but Shelton brings him down in a DDT! Strong then stands up, but Shelton tosses Strong into the ropes!!! Strong is bleeding, but still runs at Shelton and clotheslines him! Strong then tosses Shelton straight into the barbed wire!!!

Fire appears on the stage, and Luke Gallows returns, with Paul Bearer by his side, and the Reborn Gallows has returned!!! Gallows pulls Shelton out of the ring, and starts smashing his face against the steel steps!!! Gallows then big boots Shelton, then easily tosses him over the barbed wire back into the ring.... This looks like an easy victory for Strong!

A strange techno noise is heard, and then lightning appears all over the ramp, but its not lightning, its electricity, whats going on? A big Man, 7"1' walks to the ring, and just tosses Gallows aside, and walks through the barbed wire!!! He is wearing a mask, all grey, with a red hole with his left eye, and grey tights, and grey boots, but thats it, nothing else, and he just broke through the barbed wire!!! He enters the ring, and spears Strong!!! This Man then lifts up Strong with one hand, and then grabs part of the broken barbed wire, and places it around Strongs neck!!!! the Man then lifts Up Strong, with the barbed wire around his neck, and tosses him out of the ring, onto the steps, opposite of the way the wire thats connected to Strongs neck, breaking the barbed wire (whats left of it) off the turnbuckle post!!!! Strong bleeding even more!! Shelton gets up, and goes to shake the masked mans hand, and they shake, but then the masked man kicks Shelton, and brings him into a stalling powerbomb!!!!!! The masked man grabs a mic

Man: I AM MAN 2.0... I am the BETTER man.... you all are part of this stupid race, while I was evolved

Gallows then enters the ring, and stares down at Man

Luke: We are both better then these idiots, me being reborn, you being evolved.... what do you say

Gallows offers a handshake, and 2.0 shakes his hand, and then kicks him in the gut, and hits a stalling powerbomb, taking about 50 seconds in the air, and then dropping him down. Bearer gets in the ring and starts yelling at 2.0, and 2.0 lifts up Bearer in a spinebuster!!!! He waits, and just walks around the ring, Bearer in the air, and then finally bounces off the ropes, crashing Bearer down to the mat Man 2.0 walks out of the ring, and Strong is taken out on a stretcher, but before that, Shelton pins him 1.......2.........3


ECWs partner Mountain Dew is shown, and then shows the new ECW documentary, made by Paul Heyman and JDUDE, and then shows Smackdown Preview and Raw Preview, and then returns to the next segment


Revolt is shown training, and then Katie Lea walks in the door

Revolt: Hey Katie

Katie: Whatcha doing

Revolt: Training, I have a match against one of those stupid bastards who put Eugene in the hospital

Katie: Oh really, which one

Revolt: I dont know, but I dont care

Katie: If you need someone in the corner, I know who would be glad to be there

Revolt: Well if you want to... but be careful, they will do anything to win...

Katie: I have you to protect me dont I....

Revolt: Of Course


Revolt and Katie Lea walk out, Revolt getting many Revolt chants, and the entire arena goes wild, and Revolt looks at katie Lea, and then slides in the ring, the crowd getting even more wild,Revolt takes a mic

Revolt: Let me tell you all one thing, HELL has done something that will make their life, a living hell.... but first, I need to ask you something






Crowd: Revolt, Revolt, Revolt

Kazarian walks out

Kazarian: After you attacked HELL, I have been chosen to face you... now

Match 3, Kazarian vs Revolt w/Katie Lea

Kazarian and Revolt lock up, Revolt easily winning, and then pushing Kazarian down, and then laughs, and taunts to the crowd, and then turns around right into a Wave of the Future!!!! Kazarian pins 1............2......kickout by Revolt!!! Revolt then rolls to his feet, and then knees Kazarian in the gut, then bounces off the ropes, connects with a bulldog, and climbs to the top rope, and then hits a diving double underhook DDT!!! Revolt easily getting fired up, and Kazarian almost runs into a flash cutter, but Kazarian rolls out of the ring! Kazarian starts yelling at Katie, and those two start yelling at each other, until Katie hits a quick enzurigi, and then rolls Kazarian in the ring. Revolt waits for Kazarian to get up, and goes for another flash cutter, but Kazarian counters it, and hits a reverse DDT. he pins 1.........2........kickout. Revolt grabs the ropes, and goes for a springboard move, but Kazarian dropkicks Revolt, and Revolt flies over the ropes into the ringside area!!!! Katie is assisting Revolt, and Kazarian gets out of the ring, and spears Katie for what she done earlyer!!!! Katie is getting punched by kazarian, and Revolt sees this, and then immediately stands up and tackles Kazarian, throwing punch after punch after punch after punch after punch, and then lifts up Kazarian and tosses him into the barricade, and then starts stomping on him!!! Revolt takes a few steps back from the sitting, leaning Kazarian, and then runs and hits a big boot!!! Revolt then lifts up Kazarian, and tosses him into the ring post!!! Kazarian counters a dropkick though, and Tosses Revolt to the steps!!! Revolt bounces off the steps and hits a moonsault reverse DDT!!!! Revolt then bounces off the barricade to hit a moonsault, and then he goes to check on Katie, allowing Kazarian to get up, take a chair, and smash it across Revolts back!!! Katie is scared to do anything, as Kazarian is still holding onto the chair!!! Kazarian drops the chair, and lifts up Revolt, and gives him a Fade to Black onto the Chair!!! Kazarian then gets on the apron, and gets on the top ropes, and hits an elbow drop on a kneeling Revolt!!!! Kazarian then lifts up Revolt, and tosses him into the apron, face fist, and then he starts pounding his face into it over and over again, until Revolt counters one, the crowd behind his back, and he grabs Kazarians arm, and he whips him into the barricade!!! Revolt isnt done yet, he runs and connects with a clothesline straight into the crowd!!! Revolt bounces off the impact, and then runs and grabs a chair, and goes back to Kazarian, but Kazarian counters a chair shot with an uppercut to the chair!!! Revolt is holding his Jaw, allowing Kazarian to hit a quick neckbreaker to Revolt, and then Kazarian lifts up Revolt, and tosses him into a few chairs!!!! Kazarian then drags Revolt over to the steps, and then Kazarian lifts Revolt up, and slams him into the steps!!! Kazarian then waits until Revolt gets up, and runs and gives him a DDT, but after this, Kazarian goes for a Fade to Black onto the steps, but Revolt counters with a rolling hurricanrana!!!! Revolt starts walking up the steps, and then bounces off the railing and hits a flash kick!!!! Kazarian falls down the steps, hitting the steps multiple times, and then Revolt runs down the steps, and halfway down, jumps and hits a splash onto Kazarian!!!! Revolt gets up, and lifts Kazarian up, going for a tigerbomb lift, but Kazarian hits him with a low blow headbutt!!!! Kazarian starts walking up the steps!!! Revolt comes after up, but Kazarian just pushes Revolt down the steps!!! Kazarian continues to walk up the steps, as if quitting, but Revolt gets up!!! Revolt runs after him, and then pulls Kazarian down, Kazarian falling to the ground, and Revolt picks up Kazarian and drags him into a T-Shirt stand!!! Kazarian is smashed into it, and Revolt clears the shirts off of it, so the bare wood is showing, and Kazarian lifts up Revolt, and goes to slam him down, but Revolt rolls off Kazarians shoulders, and then starts kicking him, ending up in giving him a quick DDT, then bouncing off the stand into a moonsault!!! Revolt then lifts Kazarian up by the neck, and then has his jaw in his arms, and then runs and hits a running Flash Cutter through the stand!!!! Revolt then grabs Kazarian and pulls him near the steps, and he tosses him against the railing, and then big boots him!!!! Kazarian falls down the steps, and Revolt climbs up a food vending stand next to the steps, at the top is revolt on a stand, and at the bottom, is Kazarian. Revolt jumps!!! He flips, but Kazarian at the last second grabs a chair and smashes it across Revolts back!!!Kazarian limps to the ring, and Revol somehow stands up, and Big Show runs at him from nowhere, but Revolt just gives him a cutter!!!! Bobby Roode just walks back, instead of fighting, allowing Miz to have him in a skull crushing finale position!!! Roode takes a bottle and goes to smash it against his head, but Revolt ducks, and the bottle smashes across Mizs, and then Revolt gives Roode a cutter, then Miz!!!Nash connects with a big boot, taking out Revolt!!! Nash rolls Revolt into the ring, and Kazarian pins 1................2...............kickout by Revolt!!! Kazarian is yelling at the ref, and this allows Revolt to get to the second ropes, facing the crowd, and then bounces off them and hits a flashing kick!!!!!! Kazarian is still groggy, and revolt connects with a Flashing Cutter!!! He pins 1............2...........the ref is attacked by Nash!!!! Nash is on the apron now, but Revolt just cutters him, then places Kazarian on the ground, laying on his stomach, and he takes his leg, and he wrenches it back against his head!!!! He DDTs his foot right next to Kazarians head!!!! HIS FOOT HAS TO BE BROKEN!!!!! Revolt continues to wrench the leg, and Kazarian taps!!! A new ref comes back and counts the submission!!! Big Show runs into the ring and then starts pounding on the down Revolt, but then

Chris Jericho runs to the ring, and gives Show a codebreaker!!!!!


Joey Styles: And now, I will be presenting the ECW Schedule, the remaining briefcases, 16, has been given to Chris Masters for.... unknown reason.... and the others, will be rewarded at MITB!!! but for now, Damien Sandow will be fighting up against Umaga for both briefcases!!!

Match 4, Umaga vs Damien Sandow, #5 and #9

Damien and Umaga stare down, but Damien grabs a mic

Damien: I dont know why I am being held against my will to be fighting a complete imbecile like this wild rabid freak, I should be fighting someone who doesnt make my nose have a wreched scent

Umaga just plows Damien over with a shoulder block! Umaga then lifts up Damien and tosses him into the ropes, and he bounces off them straight into a samoan drop!!! Umaga bounces off the ropes and goes for a body splash, but Damien rolls out of the way!!!! Damien stands up, and bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Umaga!! Damien starts stomping on Umaga, and then waits until he gets up, and goes for his straightjacket neckbreaker, but Umaga lifts him up in a reverse samoan drop!!!!!! He pins 1...............2..............kickout!!!!! Damien rolls out of the ring, and Umaga slides out, and Damien catches him in an axe handle!!!! Damien takes this to his advantage, and has him in a double underhook, and does the knee thrusts to the shoulder!!!! He then puts him in a russian legsweep!!!! Damien drops him, and then picks up a chair, and starts smashing the chair across Umagas face!!!! Umaga is bleeding, but sees his blood, and then stands up immediately, and then clotheslines Damien, and then hits a reverse sto!!! Umaga picks up the chair and smashes it across Damiens back multiple times!!!! Umaga tosses Damien into the announce table, and places him on it!!!!! Umaga gets on the top rope, and goes for a wild samoan splash, but Damien rolls of the table, and Umaga then stares at him, looking for a diving Headbutt, but Damien tosses the chair into the ropes!!!!! Umaga trips and falls into the steps!!!!!!!!! Damien then connects with a straightjacket neckbreaker onto the steps, and then he rolls him into the ring and pins 1..................2...................KICKOUT!!!!!! Umaga stands up and powerbombs Damien into the turnbuckle, and then follows up with his samoan wrecking ball, and then he places him in the tree of woe position, and hits his signature Headbutt!!!! Damien stands up, and Damien bounces off the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but is caught in a Samoan Spike!!!!!!!!!!!! Umaga pins 1.......................2.........................3!!!!!!!!

Match 5, Tajiri vs Tyler Reks, MITB Preview Ladder Match

Tajiri and Reks stare at each other, both men will be fighting in the ECW MITB for the briefcases!

Tajiri strikes Reks with a clothesline, and Reks stands up and clotheslines Tajiri! Reks waits until Tajiri stands up, and goes for a big boot, but Tajiri ducks, and then locks in an octopus stretch!!!!

Matt: You cant win this match by submission, but this will wear down your opponent

Reks then lifts up Tajiri and drops him in a Burning Hammer!!!! Reks rolls out of the ring to grab a ladder, but by this time Tajiri is getting up, and Reks goes to place the ladder in the ring, but Tajiri dropkicks the ladder into Reks, and then bounces off the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault to outside the ring!!!!! Tajiri sets up the ladder.Tajiri then tosses Reks into the ladder, and then starts kicking Reks back, sending Reks into the ladder!!! After about 6, Tajiri goes for a running dropkick, but Reks ducks and Tajiri goes straight into the ladder!!!! Reks then lifts up Tajiri, and flapjacks him into the ladder!!!! Reks lifts up Tajiri, and goes to Killjoy him, but Tajiri, on the liftup, does a poison mist!!!!! Tajiri then pushes Reks into the ladder, and goes behind the ladder, and grabs his arms and legs, and hits a tarantula with the ladder!!!!!!!!!! Reks then manages to get his feet on the ground, and he stretches his arms out, and Tajiri is put in a modified back lock!!!!!!!!Reks finally lets go, and picks up the ladder and smashes it across Tajiris chest!!! Reks leans it up against the apron, and then goes to smash Tajiri into it with a snake eyes, but Tajiri counters it with a hurricanrana to Reks into the ladder!!! Tajiri grabs another ladder, and places it onto the Reks, so Reks is sandwhiched between ladders, and Tajiri takes another ladder, and sets it up!!! Tajiri climbs the ladder, and then jumps onto the sandwhiched ladders and reks, and Reks has to be hurt!!!! Tajiri cut himself also though!!! Reks tosses one of the ladders off him though, and he places one in the ring!!!! Tajiri stands up, but after Reks sets up the ladder and starts climbing it. Reks is at the top, reaching for the briefcase, which means nothing, but the momentum of winning this and facing the same opponent in a different ladder match would be a great advantage. Tajiri then runs to the ring, and dropkicks the ladder, and the ladder shakes, but still is standing, and Reks reaches out for the briefcase, but Tajiri runs up the ladder and hits a shining wizard to Reks!!!! Reks falls off, but Tajiri is on the ground to, not grabbing the ladder after the wizard. Reks rolls out of the ring, and grabs another ladder. He is closing it, so it is still facing up and down, and Tajiri hits a sprinboard moonsault to outside of the ring, crashing into the ladder and reks!!!!! Tajiri stands up first, and Reks is rising, and Tajiri takes the ladder and tosses it into Reks!!!! Tajiri sees another already set up ladder, and Tajiri places a ladder next to it, and Tajiri opens up the ladder thats down and places Reks in it, and then climbs the other ladder!!!! Reks is in between the sides of one ladder, and Tajiri is climbing up to the top of the other ladder!! Tajiri is at the top, and goes for a moonsault, but Reks rolls out of the ladders, and Tajiri crashes into the ladders!!!! Reks then starts punching Tajiri, and he tosses Tajiri into the barricade, and then picks up a ladder and smashes it across Tajiris back, and Tajiri crashes through the barricade!!! Reks then places a ladder in the ring, and sets it up, and starts climbing it, and Tajiri stands up and runs to the ring, and he bounces off the ropes and gets on his hands and hits a handspring back elbow to the ladder, knocking it down, Reks falling to the ropes, and his back goes straight into them, and Reks bounces off, flying to the outside. Tajiri sees this as an advantage, and sets the ladder up, but Reks runs to the ring with another ladder, and hits Tajiri with it!!! Reks places the ladder in the corner, and whips Tajiri to the ladder!!!! Tajiri, off the impact, flies back and hits Reks with a back elbow!!! Tajiri then sees the set up ladder, and climbs it. Reks climbs the other side, and they are both on the ladder, and they go punch for punch. Reks punches, Tajiri punches, Reks punches, Tajiri punches, and they go back and forth!!! Tajiri goes for a buzzsaw kick, but Reks ducks, and then pushes Tajiri into the ladder in the corner!!!! Tajiri bounces off, face first going into it, but is still standing, and then climbs the ladder again, but Reks just punches Tajiri, and Tajiri is almost down, but then, Tajiri hits a poison mist right to Reks, and Reks is holding his eyes, allowing Tajiri to Bizzsaw kick Reks, and Tajiri grabs the case and gets down


ECWs partner, Mountain Dew shows up again, but then goes to see That for Next ECW, two big things will happen, a tag match, 2.0 and Big Show vs Luke Gallows and Revolt, and that a special guest legend will appear on ECW


Joey Styles: Now look, guys, you two are gonna be in the SD MITB, but for now, I want you two to injure the three SD people in the match, got it??????

Hunico: Yeah man I got it

Spyce: So you want ME to injure them, I injure no swag home boys fo' Breakfast

Main Event, Hunico, Big Spyce, and ???? vs RVD, Jeff Hardy, and Austin Aries

All men come out to the ring, but then, the lights go out

-Break the Walls DOWWWWNNNNN- hits as Chris Jericho, not in the MITB match, walks to the ring, so all men want to take each other out, except Jericho. Jericho doesnt even get on the apron, he grabs a chair and he sets it up at ringside, and he watches the match!!!! RVD runs and takes out a distracted Hunico with a dropkick!!! RVD then hits Hunico with a leg drop, and Spyce runs into the ring to save his partner, but Hardy runs into the ring and hits Spyce with a DDT!! Aries runs into the ring, and Hardy and Aries go for a double clothesline over the ropes on Spyce, but Aries hits Hardy with a brain buster, and then tosses the hurt Hardy into Spyce, taking them both over the ropes. Hunico then hits a backbreaker on Aries, and tosses him over the ropes, and then RVD hits a reverse DDT on hunico, and pins 1...kickout by Hunico. Hunico stands up and bounces off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but RVD monkey flips him, and then gets on the ropes, going for a Frog Splash, but Aries force tags himself in, and pushed RVD off the ropes onto the ground while doing it. Some people would say hes evil, but hes just smart!!!! Aries runs into the ring, and goes to hit Hunico with a brainbuster, but Hunico counters, and while he was lifted up, he rolled behind Aries and rolled him up 1.........................2.................kickout, Hunico tags in Spyce, and Spyce plows over Aries, and then lifts him up and powerslams him!!! Chris strolls to the ring, hits Spyce with a Codebreaker!!! Then gives Aries a codebreaker, then Hardy, then RVD, then Hunico, and then he lays Aries and Spyce next to each other, arms on each others chest in a double pin 1...................................................2.................................3

the show goes off air, with Paul heyman shown on a titantron PISSED
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June 26th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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