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 June 25, 2012 Edition of Raw SuperShow.

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June 25, 2012 Edition of Raw SuperShow. Empty
PostSubject: June 25, 2012 Edition of Raw SuperShow.   June 25, 2012 Edition of Raw SuperShow. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2012 3:05 pm

Raw starts off with CM Punk in the ring, dressed in street clothes and a mic in his hand.

Punk:Tonight, is a Night of Champions Open Fight Night!

~Crowd Cheers~

Punk:Tonight, we will have a celebration promo for Jacob Cass, and Ryback vs Matt Hardy, round II!

Punk:Right now, our show opening match, Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston!

~Kofi's music hits~

Lilliam Garcia:This next match, set for one fall, introducing first, from Jamacia, Kofi Kinston!

~Crowd Boo's~

Lawler:I think Kofi is in a bad mood after he lost to Santino last night!

~jeff Hardy's music hits~

Punk:Now this guy has to be in a great mood!

Cole:Why would you say that?

Punk:Well, he has Lord Tensai off his back, he is on a winning streak, and I got word that Teddy Long offered him an Intercontinental Championship Match!

Lillian:And the opponent, from Charlotte North Carolina, Jeff Hardy!

~Crowd is on it's feet~
The match starts with Hardy getting pumpled by several punches from Kofi, followed by an irish whip into the corner|Kofi climbs the second rope and starts punching Hardy in the face|Boom! Boom! Boom!| Hardy ducks a punch and pulls Kofi's feet out from under him causing him to fall and hit his face on the turnbuckle pad.| Hardy taunts Kofi into charging|Hardy runs up the Turnbuckle and goes for Whisper In the Wind and connects.|Hardy goes for the pin.|1...2..kickout!| Hardy goes up the turnbuckle and goes to hit the Swanton Bomb.|Kofi lifts his knees and hits Jeff in the back.|Kofi claps his hands together saying "Boom! Boom! Boom!|

Cole: Here comes, Trouble In Paradise!

Kofi goes to hit the Trouble In Paradise and connects.|Kofi goes for the pin.|1...2..kickout!|Hardy gets punched by Kofi a few times before Kofi starts arguing with the Ref.|Hardy clothslines Kofi out of the ring. causing Kofi to hit his head on the floor.|

Punk:Take the countout win Jeff! Take it!

Hardy looks around to the crowd, throws his shirt into the crowd and hits and outside dive to a now-standing Kofi, and connects.| Punk:Gotta let Jeff be Jeff!|Hardy and Kofi get back into the ring at the count of 5| Hardy charges at the ropes, boucnes off and hits Kofi with a Hurricaneronna.|Kofi goes to hit a TIP to Hardy.|Hardy ducks and it hits the ref.|Kofi hits Hardy with a roundhouse.|Kofi hits Hardy with a Boom Drop and goes for the pin, but relasises the ref is out.| Kofi goes to wake up the Ref only to walk into a steel chair shot from Evan Bourne.|Punk:Bourne is back!|Hardy climbs the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb as the ref wakes up.| Hardy goes for the pin.|1...2....3!

Lillian:The winner the of match via pinfall! Jeff Hardy!|Kofi limbs back to the lockeroom as Hardy celebrates in the crowd.

Lawler:Next up on RAW SuperShow, The Rock explains his actions from last night!

~Commercials for Bufflo Wild Wings, Assassins Creed III and WWE '13~

The show comes back on with an empty ring.
Punk:Welcome back to Monday Night Raw everyone, The Rock is about to grace us with his presence.
~The Rocks music hits~

~Crowd half cheering and half booing~

Lillian Garcia:Ladies and Gentlemen, THE ROCK!

The Rock rips Lillian's mic out of her hand.



Rock:Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rock took the new World Champion, Kurt Angle out, stole the World Heavyweight Championship belt and walked out of the arena, without saying a word! You know why?


Rock:Because the People has given The Rock NOTHING! The Rock had the crowd on his side at WrestleMania when the Rock lost to John Cena, The Rock had the crowd on his side afterword, yet The Rock didn't get a shot at the World title! The Rock, had the support of the Millions!

Crowd:And Millions!

Rock:Yet the Rock did the unthinkable, and hit the Rock Bottom to both Sheamus and Kurt Angle and walked out. From now on, the Rock will only pose for the Rock, the Rock will only do things for the Rock. The Rock will become World Heavyweight Champion again! With or without the support of you maggots!
~Crowd starts "Rocky Sucks" chant~

Rock:Oh go [bleep] yourselfs!

Punk:Harsh words from The Great One

~Angle and Sheamus enter at once~

Rock:Oh look, the butt buddies!

Angle and Sheamus each take a mic from Lillian.

Rock:Oh look, are the butt buddies gonna cry because The Rock kicked their asses to the curb last night?

Angle:Shut the hell up!

Sheamus: Fella, you screwed me over last night, you counted the pin, despite me kicking out at 2!

Rock:The Rock couldn't see your other shoulder over your whiteness!

Angle:Why did you hit me with a Rock Bottom, huh?

Rock:The Rock deserves to be World Champion again, not some American poser who sold out and went to TNA!

Angle:Says the old man who went to Hollywood!

Sheamus:We got some news for ya fella!

Rock:The Gay Marriage Law got passed? congrats!

Angle goes to say something|Rock hits Angle in the face with te World title belt.| Sheamus goes for the Brouqe Kick|Rock ducks and hits Sheamus with a Rock Bottom.| Rock runs from the ring.

Punk:What an epic match this Friday on Smackdown!

Cole:Next up. Big Show vs Chris Jericho!

~SummerSlam Promo~

~Show returns~

Both Jericho and Big Show are in the ring, and it shows Big Show chokeslaming Jericho.
Punk:Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize, our technical producer Kenny, he put the longer SummerSlam promo and if you were luck enough to not be caught in it, you would have seen that before this match started HELL, a stable from ECW Revival attacked Chris Jericho before the match!

Show goes for the pin.|1...2.kickout.|Jericho gets up and hits Show with an insiguri!|Jericho gets Show into a corner and punches him 3 times before being caught and thrown halfway across the ring.| Paul Heyman runs down the aisle and tosses in a steel chair for Big Show.| Heyman shouts:FINISH HIM!| Jericho grabs the chair and hits Show square in the face casuing a DQ win.|HELL charges into the ring and starts pumbling Jericho.| Revolt runs down the aisle and pulls Heyman down off the apron and superkicks him.|Revolt charges into the ring and tries pulling poeple off Y2J only to get hit with a WMD from Big Show.

Punk:Can anyone stop HELL with Big Show with them?

Lawler:Next up, Jacob Cass Celebration!

~Commericals consist of movie promos for "Avengers" "Men In Black" and "Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows"~

Punk is in the ring with a mic.
Punk:Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, hometown hero, and new WWE Champion! Jacob Cass!

~Cass enters to a roar of cheers~

Cass:Thank you buddy, now ladies and gentlemen, ever since my historic WWE title win last night, already I have had hundreds of thousands of tweets asking me "How does it feel to be the WWE CHAMPION?" My reply.

~Cass holds the belt above his head~

Cass:It feels pretty damn great!

~Crowd Chanting "Jacob Cass"~

Cass:You people have been behind me since day one in my career here in WWE, i have been on a 30 match win streak which has spanned, John Cena, Sin Cara, my good friend Wade Barrett, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Cody Rhodes, Edge, Randy Orton. and Zack Ryder. And how retarded you are!

Lawler:What the hell did he just say?

Cass:You people fell for my whole "Oh I am the little underdog going up against ring veterans." Yet, has anyone noticed, I beat them all with the slightest chance of losing! The only match I actually had a chance of losing was against John Cena, and I made him PASS OUT to a crossface!

~Crowd:You suck, you suck, you suck!~

Cass:I am the BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD, I SAY IT, I MEAN IT, I AM IT! And it's not lying if I prove it each and every single week!


~Edge's music hits~

Edge:Jacob, one night into becoming WWE Champion and you already are being a complete asshole?

Cass:What, I am te BEST IN THE WORLD!

Edge:Really, because I know one guy you haven't beaten!


Punk charages into the ring and hits Cass with the timekeepers bell|Punk picks up the mic.


Edge:At SummerSlam, it will be CM Punk vs Jacob Cass in an ECW Extreme Rules Match!

Lawler:What an annoucnement, and next, we have an announcement from Dolph Ziggler!

~Commercial for ECW Originals:Volume 1~

Commercial returns to Ziggler in the ring on a steel chair, wearing grey street clothes with a mic.

Ziggler:Ladies and Gentlemen, if you saw Night of Champions last night, you saw me and Randy Orton fight it out in WWE's first ever Death Match. I came up short after an RKO through a FLAMING TABLE with tacks on top!

Crowd Cheers

Ziggler:Now listen, Randy, I know you are watching from home in St.Louis thanks to te injuries you and I sustained last night. Now I know you let me keep my "Legand Killer" name, I am grateful, let me repay that kindness with a rematch at SummerSlam in an "I Quit Match!" You have until next week to reply!


~Screen fades to backstage~

Matt Striker appears with a mic.

Striker:Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Matt Hardy!

Crowd is silent.

Striker: Matt, I know you lost last night in a good match against Ryback, what makes you think you can beat him tonight?

Matt: Because "I WILL NOT DIE!"

~Crowd Erupts ~

Hardy leaves.

Striker:Thank you for your time Matt.

~A video promoting a man in a red and black jacket walking in an alley in New York is shown. The ending words "I am coming to decide the fate of WWE."~

the show returns with Ryback in the ring.

~Hardy enters to a chorus of cheers~

Hardy shouts to te audience:I WILL NOT DIE!

The match starts with Hardy grappling Ryback around the neck.|Ryback lifts and slams Hardy to the mat.|Hardy gets up to Ryback hitting a Lariat.| Ryback goes for the pin.|1...2.. Hardy kicks out.| Ryback hits Hardy with another lariat, picks Hardy up and hits Shell Shocked| Ryback goes for the pin.|1...2...3!|
Punk:I think their match last night looked a little better for Hardy.

~Brock Lesnar charges into the ring and hits Ryback with an F5 and locks in a Kimarua lock.~

Punk:Someone has got to stop this!

Hardy who was walking up the ramp, charges into te ring, breaks Lesnar's hold and hit's Lesnar with a Twist of Faith.
Hardy and Ryback shake hands.

Punk:Ladies and gentlemen, our Main Event up next, Jacob Cass vs an opponent of his choice!

~Another set of commercials for GEICO, Arby's and Over the Limit DVD ~

The Show returns to Cass in the ring ready to fight with the crowd booing their lungs out.

Cass screams to the audience: SHUT UP!

Cass grabs the mic from Lillian
Cass:My opponent for tonight

~Alex Riley enters~

Punk:Oh my this is gonna be a massacre!

Riley is about to get into the ring when Cass spears him to the arena floor.|Cass does an outside dive and hits Riley square in the face.| Cass beats Riley with a steel chair before throwing Riley back into the ring.| The match offically stars with Cass hitting Riley with a spear.| Cass then targets the left arm with an Armbar.|

Punk:Someone has got to stop this!

Cass picks Riley up and locks in a Kamura Lock.

Punk:This is the move Lesnar used on Cena, Triple H and not half an hour ago Ryback, it took Triple H out for a month and Cena out for three weeks!

Cass screams:Tap!|Riley reaches out with his other hand for the ropes in pain.| Cass tightens his grip.| Riley after three minutes of enduring the pain taps.| Cass forces the ref to hold his hand up in victory.

Liallian:And the winner of the match, via submission, the WWE Champion, Jacob Cass!

Cass looks over to Punk and screams:That's you at Money in the Bank!!

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June 25, 2012 Edition of Raw SuperShow.
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