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 The ECW Show

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The ECW Show Empty
PostSubject: The ECW Show   The ECW Show Icon_minitimeSat Jan 21, 2012 5:48 pm

It is announced ECW(Extreme Championship Wrestling) will be returning to TV the week after WrestleMania 28. It will consist of it's own roster, championships(ECW World Championship. Hardcore Championship and European Championship). Returning ECW Originals will be

#Tommy Dreamer

#Mick Foley

#Rob Van Dam

The head On-screen authority will be Mick Foley who shall be billed as the ECW Commissioner. Fellow on-screen authority figures will be Tommy Dreamer and Tiffany who will be billed as the Co-General Managers. The inaugral champions will be

*ECW Champion: Mark Henry

*Hardcore Champion:Christian

*European Champion:William Regal

Head storyline writer:JDUDE
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The ECW Show
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