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 Main Event WWE Championship Match

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Main Event WWE Championship Match Empty
PostSubject: Main Event WWE Championship Match   Main Event WWE Championship Match Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2012 3:12 pm

Lillian:This next match, set for one fall is for the WWE Championship!
~crowd erupts~
Lillian:Introducing first, your special guest referee! The Rated R Superstar! Edge!
~Edge enters~
Crowd:Thank you Edge!

Edge grabs the mic from Lillian.

Edge:Introducing, CM Punk's personal ring announcer, Howard Finkel!

Howard:Introducing, from Chicago Illinois, weighing 230 pounds, The Second City Saint, The Best in the World, CM PUNK!

-Punks Music Hits-

~Punk enters with a Chicago hoodie,~

Crowd:CM-Punk! C-M-Punk!

~Jacobs music hits~

Lillian:And introducing, from Chicago Illinois, weighting 224 pounds, he is the Current, WWE Champion! Jacob Cass!


King:Ladies and gentlemen, we are airing live from Money In The Bank, from the Allstate Arena in Chicago Illinois, this is our final match of the evening! Featuring the hometown heros, Jacob Cass and the returning CM Punk!

Cole:This entire crowd is behind CM Punk, as they were last year for his match with John Cena, can CM Punk make a repeat and win te WWE title here two years in a row, or with the Undefeated Jacob Cass retain the title?

~Ding Ding~

The match starts with CM Punk and Cass locking up.|Punk swings around and hits a swinging neckbreaker.|Cass gets up and irish whips Punk into the corner.|Cass goes for a spear.|Punk dodges causing Cass's shoulder to hit the steel post.| Punk tosses Cass out of the ring, causing him to collide with the arena floor.| Punk hits Cass with a ROH Dive.|

Crowd:Holy &%@#

Edge:1..2...3 . .

Punk and Cass scramble into the ring and start hitting each other.|Punk kicks Cass in the leg|
Cass punches Punk in the head.|
They repeat 8 times.|Punk hits a roundhouse kick to Cass.|Punk goes for the pin.|1..2..kickout!

Cole:Not five minutes into the match and almost a three count!

Punk argues with Edge for a minute.|Punk turns around to a spear.|Cass goes for the pin.|1..2..kickout!|


Cass starts elbowing and punching Punk in the face and chest repeatedly.|Edge starts counting.|1...2...3..4..5!|Edge pulls Cass off.|

Edge:You get disqualified, don't come crying to me!

Cass kicks Punk in the chest.|Cass does the DX crotch chop.|

Crowd:CM Punk! CM Punk!

Cass hits a Cass Stunner.|Cass goes for the pin.|1...2.. Punk gets his leg on the rope.|Cass gets angry.| Edge starts talking with Lillian/|While Edge's back is turned, Cass kicks Punk with a low blow.|Cass goes for a pin as Edge turns.|1...2...kickout!|


Cass starts arguing with Edge.|Cass slaps his hand three times.|


Cass turns around to a roundhouse from Punk.|Punk goes for the pin.|1..2..thr.. kickout!|Punk:Dammit!| Punk sets Cass up on the ropes.|Punk hits a running high knee.|

Cole:The Punk Knee!

Punk hits the running bulldog.|Punk goes for the pin.|1...2....kickout!|Punk does his GTS taunt.|

Crowd:G-T-S, G-T-S!

Punk pros Cass up on his shoulder.|Punk:THE BEST IN THE WORLD!| Punk goes to hit the GTS.|Cass catches Punk's knee.| Cass locks in an Ankle Lock.|

Cole.:Punk's leg, Punk's leg, his left leg kept him out of action for two and a half months, could this be the thing Cass has been looking for?

After two minutes, Punk grabs the bottom rope.|Edge counts to 4 and Cass lets go.| Punk gets up to get a super kick from Cass.|Cass goes for the pin.|1...2...kickout!| Cass picks Punk up and irish whips him into the opposite direction.|Punk charges back into a Winds of Change.|Cass goes for the pin.|1...2....kickout!|Punk gets up.|Cass goes for a clothsline.|Punk counters it into a GTS.|Punk goes for the pin.|1...2....kickout!Punk hits Cass with another Punk Knee and a running bulldog.|Punk climbs the rope.|

Crowd:Randy Savage!

Punk goes for a Savage Elbow |Cass lifts his knees and hits Punk.|Cass goes for te pin.|1...2....kickout.|


Cass picks Punk up and prepairs to hit the Cass Stunner| Punk counters into a jumping cutter.|Punk goes for the pin.|1...2.....rope break!|Cass gets up to another Roundhouse.|Punk climbs the top rope again.|

Lawler:Can Punk hit the Savage Elbow this time?

Punk jumps and connects the Savage Elbow.|Punk goes for the pin.|1...2....kickout!|

Punk:Come on!

Lawler:This match has been going on for half an hour, it has been epic, but how much do these guys have left?

Punk jumps to the apron.|Cass gets up.|Punk goes for a flying clothsline.|Cass counters into a Diamond Cutter|Cass goes for the pin.|Punk counters into a cradle roll-up.|1.....2....kickout!|Cass gets up first .|Punk goes for a lariat.| Cass counters into a fireman's carry.|cass spins around striking Edge in the back of the head.|Cass hits a Samoan Drop.|


Cole:This match should have been over by now!

Charles Robinson runs in.


Cass punches Charles into the corner.|Cass turns around into a roundhouse.|Punk falls to the ground|Cass and Punk pin each other.


Lawler:Oh whoa, whoa wins?

Cole:Edge counted Punk's pin, he's the official ref, he should win!

Lillian:By order of Edge, this match shall go into sudden death!

~ding ding~

Cass hits Punk with the WWE title belt.|

Edge calls for the DQ.

Lillian:The winner of the match, CM Punk, however, as a result of disqualifiaction, and STILL your WWE Champion, Jacob Cass!
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Main Event WWE Championship Match
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