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 Smackdown Results 7-27-12

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The Smackdown intro goes as normal, as the camera pans over to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole, here with Jerry “The King” Lawler. We’re gonna have a great night tonight!
Lawler: That’s right, Michael. Tonight, the Intercontinental Title is being defended! Also, the Smackdown Survivor Series Tournament will begin tonight!
Cole: That’s right, Jerry. The winner of the Battle Royal will earn a World Heavyweight Championship match at Survivor Series.

The camera shifts views to the ring. Lillian Garcia is about to announce the contestants for the next match.

Lillian: The following match is for the Intercontinental Championship!

Christian’s music plays, accompanied by many cheers from the crowd. Christian comes down the ramp and enters the ring.
Mark Henry’s music plays, accompanied by some boos from the crowd. Mark Henry walks down the ramp and enters the ring, taunting the crowd on the way.

Lillian: First introducing the challenger, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 405 pounds… Mark, Henry!

Mark Henry taunts the crowd, causing them to boo at him.

Lillian: Next, introducing the champion, standing 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 212 pounds… Christian!

Christian jumps up and down, limbering up his limbs while the crowd cheers. Lillian steps out of the ring, and the bell rings.
Christian and Mark Henry inch towards each other before getting into a technical lockup. Mark Henry eventually grabs Christian’s shoulders and throws him into the turnbuckle. Mark Henry charges at Christian, but plants his face into the corner when Christian gets out of the corner. Christian runs up behind Mark Henry and schoolboy pins Mark. Mark easily kicks out of the schoolboy right after 1, throwing Christian into the air. Christian and Mark Henry, on opposite sides of the ring, inch towards each other again. Mark walks towards Christian to go for another technical lockup, but Christian quickly slides under his legs and attempts to push him on his back for a pin. Mark, not budging from Christian’s move, picks him up by his shoulders again. Mark then grabs Christian into a powerbomb position. Christian then turns Mark’s powerbomb into a hurricanrana, throwing Mark face-first into a turnbuckle. Christian rubs his hands together, and puts the dazed Mark Henry into position for the Killswitch Engage. Christian attempts to do the Killswitch Engage, but is lifted by Mark Henry. Christian does a backflip over Mark Henry’s shoulder, though, and kicks him in the back on his knee. Christian then runs and bounces off the ropes, performing a low dropkick to the same leg. Mark Henry falls to his knees. Christian runs to the ropes that Henry is facing. Christian bounces off towards Henry and performs a Shining Wizard on Henry, bringing Henry almost to the ground. Christian then runs to the ropes left of Henry. Christian, bouncing off of those ropes, is met with a spear from Henry. Mark Henry weakly drags Christian in front of the turnbuckle. Mark Henry climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives off at Christian. Christian lifts his feet in the air, making Mark Henry hit them. Mark Henry stumbles backwards and bumps into the ref, making him fall out to the floor below. Mark Henry notices this, and gets a grin on his face. Mark Henry goes outside the ring and reaches under the ring. Mark Henry grabs a chair and goes into the ring with it. Mark Henry repeatedly hits Christian with the chair. Mark Henry eventually breaks the chair, and throws it outside of the ring. Little does Mark Henry know that he accidentally hit the ref with the chair.
The ref enters the ring and averts Mark Henry’s attention from Christian for a moment.

Referee: What the hell is wrong with you?! You know you aren’t supposed to use chairs in these types of matches!

Mark Henry shoves the ref down and turns back to Christian. Christian quickly gets Henry into a small package. The ref counts the pin faster than normal.

Lillian: The winner, and still Intercontinental Champion… Christian!

Christian slowly gets back up to his feet in pain, while the ref gets the IC belt from ringside. The ref hands Christian his IC belt, and raises his hand in victory. Christian goes between the ropes, when Mark Henry pushes him outside of the ring, making him land right on his IC belt. Mark Henry then exits the ring, picks up Christian, and gives him a World’s Strongest Slam on the IC belt. Mark Henry is met with many boos as he walks backstage. The camera pans over to Lillian Garcia in the ring.

Lillian: This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Savage, Minnesota, standing 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 210 pounds… Austin, Aries!

Austin Aries’ music plays and he is met with cheers from the crowd as he walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Lillian: Introducing next, from Guyana, South America, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall, weighing 280 pounds… Ezekiel, Jackson!

Ezekiel Jackson’s music plays, as he walks fast down to the ring, ignoring the crowd’s boos to him.
When the bells rings, Austin Aries charges at Ezekiel Jackson, getting knocked down when Ezekiel charges at him with a shoulder block. Ezekiel picks up Austin Aries and gets ready to throw Aries out of the ring. When Ezekiel is about to toss Aries, Aries reverses it, lands on the apron, and makes Ezekiel tumble to the floor by pulling the rope down. Aries quickly jumps up to the top turnbuckle, watching for Ezekiel to stand up. When Ezekiel stands up, Aries does a moonsault off the top rope towards Ezekiel to no avail. Ezekiel sidesteps and allows Aries to hit the floor. Ezekiel then taunts the crowd, receiving an excessive amount of “boos” from them. The ref begins to count Ezekiel and Aries out. Ezekiel easily picks up Aries, but Aries kicks him in the head, causing Ezekiel to drop him to his feet. Aries then starts kicking Ezekiel’s legs, attempting to knock him off his feet. The crowd begins cheering. Suddenly, Ezekiel grabs Aries’s foot and lifts him into the air. Ezekiel rams Aries back-first into the ringside, causing Aries to collapse to the ground. Ezekiel picks up Aries, who is unable to move, and takes him back into the ring. Ezekiel sets him on the ground, and begins spinning Aries in circles by his legs. When the ref comes over to tell Ezekiel to stop spinning Aries, Ezekiel accidentally hits the ref with Aries and the ref falls backwards. Then, an unidentified man jumps out of the crowd to hold the ropes down, making the referee tumble out of the ring. When Ezekiel sees this man, who is about as strong as and taller than himself, Ezekiel charges at him. The man grabs behind Ezekiel’s leg and his chest, and lifts Ezekiel into the air for a one-handed spinebuster. Then, the crowd goes wild as the unidentified man brings Ezekiel outside of the ring, sets up a table, and powerbombs Ezekiel through the table. Ezekiel, now unconscious, is rolled back into the ring by the unidentified crowd member. The unidentified crowd member then drags the also unconscious Austin Aries on top of Ezekiel and rolls under the ring. The ref gets up and starts the count: “1…2…3.” The ref counts, allowing Austin Aries to win the match. The ref raises the unconscious Aries’s hand, even though Aries is still on top of Ezekiel.
Then, Teddy Long comes out.

Teddy: Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there playahs…
Cole: Oh, finally, somebody’s come out here to restore some order.
King: (Laughs)
Teddy: I forgot to mention that we had a new superstar signed earlier today. His name is Anderson.
The previously unidentified crowd member rises from the crowd, making the crowd cheer.
Cole: What?! How can Teddy sign a monster like this to Smackdown?!
King: Hahaha, Cole, your face is priceless (Laughs again).
Teddy: Also, you two will be fighting in a tag team match next week against Ezekiel Jackson and a partner of his choice.

Teddy Long goes backstage. Anderson lifts the unconscious Aries onto his shoulders and goes backstage also.

Cole: Well, a tournament consisting of every superstar signed to Smackdown starts tonight.
King: That’s right, Cole. The winner of the tournament will fight the World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series, whether it’s The Rock or Kurt Angle!
Cole: Now, the first match of this tournament is coming up...

Camera pans over to Lillian Garcia in the ring.

Lillian: The following match is a tag team match in the Smackdown Survivor Series Tournament. The winning team will move up in the tournament, while the losing team will be expelled from the tournament.

Jeff Hardy’s music plays. Jeff and Matt Hardy come out and do their Hardy Boyz entrance. The crowd cheers at them as they go down the ramp and into the ring.

Lillian: Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing at a combined weight of 451 pounds… Matt and Jeff Hardy!

The crowd cheers as Matt and Jeff get ready for the match. JBL’s music plays as he comes out in a limo. JBL and Jinder Mahal exit the limo and make their way towards the ring. The crowd boos them.

Lillian: Introducing next, at a combined weight of 512 pounds, Jinder Mahal and John, Bradshaw, Layfield!

Lillian exits the ring, and the bell rings. Matt Hardy and JBL go on the apron, so Jeff and Jinder could start the match off. Jeff and Jinder start the match in a lockup. Jinder Irish whips Jeff into the ropes and ducks down, hoping to throw Jeff over his shoulders. When Jeff makes it over to Jinder, Jeff quickly gets Jinder into a small package. Jinder kicks out right after the 2 count and rushes back to his corner, shocked that he almost lost the match for his team. Jinder gets into another lockup with Jeff, having Jeff Irish whip him into the ropes. When Jinder comes back towards Jeff, Jeff gives him a low dropkick to the left knee, knocking Jinder down onto his hands and knees. Jeff then kicks Jinder in his stomach, sending Jinder onto the floor. Jeff then gets on top of Jinder and begins punching him in the face, only to be taken off of Jinder by the referee after a few seconds. Jeff Irish whips Jinder into his corner and then tags in Matt. Jeff goes to suplex Jinder, and Matt grabs Jinder’s leg and lifts it, assisting Jeff in the suplex. Jinder hits the ground and Jeff rolls out of the ring. Matt goes to pin Jinder, but JBL enters the ring and breaks the pin up at the 2 ½ count. Matt and JBL begin exchanging punches for a while, until Jeff runs in and starts punching JBL until JBL is up against the ropes. Jeff then backs up and starts running at JBL, doing a crossbody on JBL that sends both of them over the top rope. Matt, who was looking at Jeff and JBL, turns around to a standing Jinder, who gets Matt into a full nelson lock. Jinder then lifts Matt and performs a Full Nelson Slam on him. Jinder pins Matt near the ropes, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage. The referee counts to about the 2 ¾ count, but then notices Jinder has his feet on the ropes. The referee stops counting. Jinder and the Referee then begin to argue about Jinder’s feet being on the ropes for a while. Eventually, Jinder shoves the referee on the ground. The Referee then looks at Jinder in anger. Suddenly, Matt Hardy turns Jinder around and starts punching him. Jinder and Matt exchange punches, while Jeff and JBL are doing the same on the outside. Matt then Irish whips Jinder into his corner. Matt, seeing Jeff isn’t there, clotheslines Jinder. Matt then grabs Jinder’s head and goes for a bulldog, but Jinder throws him into the corner on the opposite side of the ring. Matt stops himself at the last second before hitting the corner and looks behind him. Jinder runs at Matt, but Matt steps out of the way and has Jinder run face-first into the turnbuckle. Matt then goes behind Jinder and performs a Roll-up, pinning Jinder for the 3 count. Jinder kicks out right as the referee’s hand hits the mat for 3, however. Jinder begins arguing with the referee, saying that he kicked out before the referee counted to 3. While the referee and Jinder argue, JBL gets a chair and breaks it over Jeff Hardy’s head. JBL leaves Jeff lying unconscious outside the ring as he enters the ring to fight with Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy and JBL begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring while Jinder and the Referee continue to argue. Eventually, Jinder punches the Referee, effectively knocking him out. JBL, seeing that Jinder knocked out the Referee, invites Jinder over to help him beat down Matt Hardy. JBL and Jinder then suplex Matt, and begin team attacking him. After a string of team attacks on Matt by JBL and Jinder, JBL gives Matt a Clothesline From Hell. Then, Jinder gives Mat another Full Nelson Slam. Jeff quietly sneaks into the ring from outside with a Chair, hitting JBL down with the chair and breaking the chair over Jinder’s head. While Jeff is looking at a dazed Jinder, who is leaning up against the ropes, JBL is standing up on the opposite side of the ring, prepared to give Jeff a Clothesline From Hell. When Jeff turns around, JBL runs at him to give him a clothesline, but hits Jinder over the ropes when Jeff moves out of the way. JBL, looking at Jinder in surprise, is grabbed by Matt Hardy and given a Twist of Fate. Then, Jeff Hardy climbs to the top rope and gives him a Swanton Bomb. Matt is about to pin JBL, but Jeff tells him to wait. Jeff goes out of the ring and throws an unconscious Jinder into the ring. Matt looks at Jeff in surprise as Jeff puts Jinder on top of JBL. Jeff and Matt sit on top of Jinder, who is lying on top of JBL, as the Referee gets up. The Referee counts to the 3 count, instating Jeff and Matt as the winners.

Lillian enters the ring.

Lillian: This next match is a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and is the second match in the Smackdown Survivor Series Tournament. The winner of this match will proceed in the tournament.

Mr. Kennedy’s music plays as Mr. Kennedy walks out. His microphone comes down from the ceiling and he begins announcing himself.
Mr. Kennedy: Standing at 6 feet, 2 inches tall… weighing in this morning at 243 pounds… from Green Bay, Wisconsin! Mr., Kennedy!

Mr. Kennedy stops for a moment and looks at the crowd, and begins talking again.

Mr. Kennedy: Tonight’s a big night, guys: my first match in the Survivor Series Tournament. Even though Shawn Michaels is a good competitor, I’m determined to defeat him and go for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mr. Kennedy stops talking and goes to the ring. He stands in his corner and limbers up, waiting for Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels’s music plays, and he comes out to the crowd’s applause.

Lillian: Introducing Mr. Kennedy’s opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, standing 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 225 pounds… Shawn, Michaels!

Shawn Michaels gets into the ring and goes into the corner opposite of Mr. Kennedy’s. Lillian exits the ring.
The bell rings and the two get into a technical lockup which ends in Shawn Michaels throwing Mr. Kennedy to the ground. Mr. Kennedy quickly gets up and goes back into his corner. The two get into another technical lockup which ends in the same way. Mr. Kennedy, realizing he can’t get Shawn Michaels down on a technical lockup, starts punching Michaels. Michaels and Kennedy exchange punches back and forth until Michaels throws Kennedy into the ropes. Michaels bends over, hoping to throw Kennedy over his shoulders. When Kennedy comes back near Michaels, he performs a running DDT on Michaels. Kennedy gets up and quickly starts stomping on the downed Michaels. When Kennedy tries to pick Michaels off the ground, Michaels quickly grabs him and gets him into the Crossface submission hold. The crowd goes wild with excitement.

Referee: Will you tap?
Mr. Kennedy: No, no, no!

Kennedy breaks free of the Crossface and Ric Flair chops Michaels multiple times.

Crowd: Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

Michaels and Kennedy start exchanging chops from there on for a while, until Kennedy throws Michaels into the corner. Kennedy runs to clothesline Michaels, but Michaels dodges and punches Kennedy into the corner. Michaels climbs up onto the second rope and begins punching Kennedy in the face as the crowd counts his punches.

Crowd: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7!

At seven punches, Kennedy grabs Michaels and puts him on his shoulders, getting ready for the Green Bay Plunge. As Kennedy begins running, Michaels gets down from his shoulders and DDTs him. Shawn Michaels quickly goes for the cover on Kennedy as the crowd cheers wildly.

Referee: One! Two! Thr---

Mr. Kennedy kicks out of the cover right before the Referee counts to three. Shawn Michaels can’t believe that Kennedy kicked out.

Michaels: No way, Ref! That was totally a three count!
Referee: Sorry Shawn, but he kicked out.
Michaels: Dang it.

Shawn Michaels picks Kennedy up, and Kennedy begins punching him. The two begin to exchange punches again. Eventually, Kennedy throws Michaels over the top rope, but he hangs on to the edge. When Kennedy realizes Michaels hang on, he runs at Michaels, but Michaels pulls the rope down. Mr. Kennedy goes tumbling to the floor. Mr. Kennedy gets up in front of the announce table, only to see Shawn Michaels launching a moonsault at him. Mr. Kennedy quickly gets out of the way as Michaels goes through the table. Mr. Kennedy rolls into the ring as the Referee is counting.

Referee: One! Two! Three! Four!
Crowd: Let’s go Shawn! Let’s go Shawn! Let’s go Shawn!
Referee: Five! Six! Seven!

Shawn Michaels slowly gets to his feet.

Referee: Eight! Nine! Te---

Shawn Michaels rolls into the ring.

Mr. Kennedy: No! No!

Shawn Michaels slowly stands up as Mr. Kennedy begins stomping him again. Shawn Michaels slowly gets to his knees and gives Mr. Kennedy a chop block, knocking him down. Michaels gets on top of Kennedy and begins punching him. Shawn Michaels gets up as Mr. Kennedy struggles back to his feet. Michaels begins stomping the ground to signal he’ll be doing Sweet Chin Music. Kennedy rises to his feet and turns around. When Michaels goes to kick Kennedy, Kennedy ducks and goes behind Michaels. When Michaels turns around to Kennedy, Kennedy lifts him up on his shoulders, preparing to do the Green Bay Plunge. Mr. Kennedy performs the Green Bay Plunge on Michaels. Kennedy has a look of surprise on his face as he jumps quickly up to the turnbuckle. Kennedy performs the Kenton Bomb, but Michaels rolls out of the way. Kennedy hits the ring with a thud, slowly getting to his feet as he grabs his back. Shawn Michaels is getting ready to hit Sweet Chin Music on Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy turns around and gets hit by Sweet Chin Music. Michaels, too dazed to cover Kennedy, tumbles to the ground with him. The Referee, realizing that Michaels and Kennedy are both knocked out, begins counting them out as unconscious.

Referee: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

Both of the men begin getting to their feet.

Referee: Nine!

Both men are fully on their feet, dazed. They begin to exchange punches again, but much slower than before. Michaels eventually punches Kennedy enough so he leans against a rope. Michaels then clotheslines Kennedy over the rope, falling over it himself as well. The two lay outside the ring, dazed. The Referee begins to count.

Referee: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine!
Shawn: *Whispers to Kennedy* your time to shine, kid…

Shawn Michaels picks Kennedy up and rolls him back into the ring. The crowd looks confused.

Referee: Ten! Okay, ring the bell!

The bell rings to signify the match’s ending, Lillian Garcia enters the ring.

Lillian: The winner of this match, by way of countout… Mr. Kennedy!

Mr. Kennedy’s music plays as he lays unconscious in the ring. Shawn Michaels gets into the ring with a microphone.

Shawn: I’ve been in this business professionally since the October of 1984…

The crowd cheers wildly at Shawn Michaels.

Shawn: I’ve won world titles, I’ve won minor titles, I’ve teamed with people, and I’ve even run the show on more than a few occasions. Though I love wrestling and being in the ring and having all you guys cheer me on, but I think it’s about time I hang up my wrestling boots and let newer stars, like Kennedy, rise to the top. I’ll still be around as the Commissioner of the WWE, but I won’t be wrestling anymore.

Shawn Michaels sets the microphone in the ring and walks backstage.

Crowd: We love Shawn! We love Shawn! We love Shawn! We love Shawn! We love Shawn!
The camera pans over to Lillian Garcia, who’s in the ring.

Lillian: This next match is a triple threat match, set for one fall! Please welcome, Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo, Rodriguez!

Alberto Del Rio drives out into the arena in a brand new car as the crowd boos him. Alberto exits the car and makes his way down to the ring.

Ricardo: Señoras y señores, Haciendo su entrada a este anillo Él es un latino con el corazón de un león Él es el mejor en el negocio de hoy y que es orgullo de México Él es, Albertooooo Del Rrrrrrrrio! (Ladies and gentlemen, Making his entrance to this Ring, He is a Latino with the hearth of a Lion, He is the best in the business today and he is Mexico's Pride, He is, Albertooooo Del Rrrrrrrrio!)

Sting’s music plays, as he walks down the ramp. The crowd boos him as he enters the ring.

Lillian: And his opponent, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall, from Venice Beach, California, weighing 250 pounds… Sting!

Kurt Angle’s music plays and Kurt Angle goes to ring with the crowd cheering him.

Lillian: And their opponent, standing 6 feet tall, weighing 20 pounds, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania… Kurt, Angle!

Lillian exits the ring, and the bell rings. The three men meet in the center of the ring and look at each other. ADR and Sting turn towards Angle, then back towards each, then back at Angle. They begin to team attack against Angle, getting him on the ground and stomping on him. Sting holds Angle’s left arm in place while ADR repeatedly stomps on it. The two begin to repeatedly attack Angle’s left arm. When ADR stops stomping on it, Angle grabs it in pain. ADR quickly goes for an armbar submission hold, only to be yanked
quickly off of Angle by Sting.

Sting: What are you doing?
ADR: Uh, trying to win the match...?

Sting and ADR begin exchanging punches. Sting Irish whips ADR into the corner and runs at him. Sting clotheslines ADR, making him stand in front of the corner, dazed. Sting then quickly runs to the ropes on the other side of the ring, bouncing off of them back to ADR. Sting attempts to hit ADR with a big boot, but meets his groin with the rope when ADR ducks. ADR then quickly turns around and gives Sting an enziguri. Sting tumbles outside of the ring from the enziguri. ADR then looks over at Kurt Angle, who has gotten up. Kurt Angle runs at ADR, clotheslining him into the corner. Then, Kurt Angle begins to punch ADR repeatedly in the corner, until the Referee forces him to back off. Kurt Angle runs at ADR, who is sitting in the corner, and kicks him in the face with a running boot. Sting gets up and re-enters the ring, only to be punched multiple times by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle then grabs ADR and hits the Angle Slam on him. Suddenly, the nWo’s theme plays, accompanied by many boos. Wade Barrett, Lord Tensai, and The Miz come out from the curtains and make their way down to the ring. Kurt Angle is about to pin ADR, but sees the nWo members coming down. He exits the ring to confront them. Silently, Sting slips into the ring and pins ADR for the 3 count. Kurt Angle then turns around to see that Sting picked up the victory, and is attacked by the nWo. Lord Tensai carrying a crowbar, and begins to hit Kurt Angle with it. Sting then exits the ring and confronts the nWo members.

Sting: Why are you guys attacking Kurt Angle?
The Miz: Because we felt like it.
Sting: You guys need to be a bit more under control.
Wade Barrett: Don’t tell us what to do.

Wade Barrett then punches Sting in the gut, lifts him, and gives him Wasteland onto Kurt Angle. Hellraiser by Motorhead is played, accompanied by Anderson and Austin Aries coming out. The nWo see Anderson and Aries coming out, and go to attack them. Lord Tensai goes at Anderson with his crowbar, but Anderson kicks the crowbar out of his hand and gives Tensai an Ander-slam. Austin Aries starts attacking The Miz. When Wade Barrett goes to lift Anderson, he can’t. Anderson gives him a knee to the gut and powerbombs him onto Tensai. Austin Aries gives The Miz a Brainbuster, accompanied by Anderson lifting him back up and giving him a Powerbomb onto his two downed teammates. Anderson comes over to Kurt Angle and lifts him off the ground.

Anderson: Are you okay? Tensai hit you with that crowbar pretty hard.
Kurt Angle: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

Alberto Del Rio then sneaks up behind Kurt Angle. Anderson moves Kurt Angle out of the way and gives ADR a big boot. Anderson then picks up ADR, and ADR maneuvers Anderson into a cross armbar submission hold. Anderson, unaffected, lifts ADR. ADR, stunned that Anderson is unaffected, is thrown into the barricades. Anderson lifts ADR and powerbombs him into the top of the barricades, potentially injuring his spine. Anderson, Austin Aries, and Kurt Angle walk away from the carnage. The show ends.
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Smackdown Results 7-27-12
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