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 January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow

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January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Empty
PostSubject: January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow   January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Icon_minitimeSat Jan 21, 2012 7:03 pm

Micheal Cole:Welcome to Monday Night Raw SuperShow everyone, tonight we have a super main event match we have the nerd,World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan facing off against The Great White, The Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

Jerry:How did that match come to happen?

Cole:On Smackdown, we saw Sheamus fighting Mark Henry in a Number One Contender's Match. During said match, Sheamus hit Henry with not one, not two, but three Brouque Kicks before Henry was knocked out. After the match, Bryan and Sheamus shook hands directly afterword Bryan hit his new Finisher The Golden Dragon (Rough Ryder from the top rope). General Manager of Monday Night Raw Super Show who is not here tonight, placed Wade Barrett in charge for the night and made the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Jerry:Also, WWE Champion CM Punk has a major announcement tonight.

~Wade Barrett enters to "End of Days" Crowd cheering~

Wade:Tonight, myself and Goku shall be challenging Primo and Epico for the WWE Tag Team Championships. And since SmackDown has a main event for tonight, I shall be making a main event as well. Number 1 Contender for the Undisputed WWE Championship one night after the Royal Rumble, Zack Ryder has chosen opponents for each Kurt Angle and CM Punk in a tag team match.

Lawler:Wow two great tag team matches tonight.

Match #1" Skullbuster vs Additude"

-Skull enters-

Lawler:Over the past few months Skull has been feuding with Daimon Rush in 3 on 3 matches with various partners. Last week Skull teamed with Rey Mysterio to defeat Additude and Eddy Guerrero where Skull pinned Additude. Tonight Additude looks to even the score.

Just before Skull entered the ring. Additude attacks Skull with a crowbar, hitting him several times in the leg and the back before being stopped by a ref. Additude walked over to Lillian Garcia who is guest announcing.

Additude"And the winner of the match via forefit. Additude!"


Just as Additude is halfway up the ramp, Brock Lesnar's music hits.


Lesnar beats up Additude before hitting Additude with a Power Bomb onto the steel steps.


Match#2:WWE Tag Team Title match: Primo and Epico vs Goku and Wade Barrett

~Primo and Epico enter~

Lillian Garcia: This next match, set for one fall, is for the WWE Tag Team Championship, introducing first, the Tag Team Champions, Primo and Epico!


Lawler:These guys have been on a serious role, four wins in a row against Air Boom. In my eyes, they could be the longest regining WWE tag Team Champions in history.

Cole:You may be right, but by order of WWE Commissioner Mick Foley, the tag team titles were "retired" and "replaced" with the Unified Tag team titles from 2010 with ironicly Primo was the inaugral Unified WWE Tag Team Champion.

Lawler:They are also refered as the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

Cole: I think this title reign is ending tonight when they face "The Corre".

Primo and Epico start talking strategy with Rosa.

~End of Days hits~


Lillian:And the challengers, Wade Barrett and Goku. The Corre!

Lawler:Now these guy just started teaming together, these guys are just becoming friends, just two weeks ago these guys fought in an AWESOME match, which although Wade lost, he shook hands with Jacob, he turned a new leaf, and they sought the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

As Wade and Jacob enter the ring, Goku removes his jackiet, shades and gloves to show a new black crown tattoo on his back. Jacob grabs a mic.

Jacob:You are looking at the next Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, you are looking at the "Saiyan" you are looking at the King of Awesome Jacob Cass. And you are looking at the British Brawler, the English Assassin, Wade Barrett! We are The Corre of Wrestling, we are THE CORRE!


Cole:Well, he has convinced me that the Corre is the next Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

Lawler:I don't know, Primo and Epico have defeated Air Boom, guys who have defeated The New Nexus, The original Corre.

The Match starts with Wade and Primo punching each other. After about three minutes of domination, Primo tags in Epico who hits Wade witha diving elbow and for several minutes double teams Wade while Jacob only watches. Wade tags in Jacob who automatcily dominates Epico and Primo with various heavy hitting moves until Promi rakes Jacob's eyes and goes for a running lariat but Jacob grabs him and spins into a Winds of Change.

Cole:Adopted from his tag team partner, Jacob may have just sealed the deal with Primo.


Rosa grabs the title belts and attempts to run out with the belts with Epico but Wade hits Epico with a big boot causing him to hit Rosa. The ref calls for the DQ bell.

Lillian Garcia:The winners of the match by disqualification, and sitll Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, Primo and Epico!


Wade grabs the mic from Lillian

Wade:At the Royal Rumble, we will get our rematch. In a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Tag team Match!



Josh Matthews:My guest at this time, the regining WWE Champion, CM Punk


Josh:Tell me, how does it feel to be teaming with your rival Kurt Angle against two unknown opponets tonight?

Punk:Well, let me tell you, it is freaken' awesome to see what Angle is made of, and I know, fellow Next World Order member Zack Ryder has chosen two worthy opponenets.

Josh:Thank you for your time Punk.

Ring Promo

Punk enters the ring in his sweatshirt, with "The Best In The World" on the back. He grabs a mic.

Punk:Ladies and gentlemen, before I begin, may I invite my friend, John Cena down to the ring

~Cena enters to 75% of the crowd cheering~

Lawler: A much better crowd reaction for Cena since he formed this group with Punk.

Cena grabs a mic

Cena:Yo man what is up?

Punk throws the WWE Spinner belt to Cena.

Cena:What is going on?

Punk:Well that belt is legally yours right?

Cena looking confused nodded

Cena:Wait is this what you were talking about a new belt?

Punk:Oh ya!

Punk grinned and pointed up to the Adduitude Era WWE title belt being lowered

Punk:Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. You are looking at the New Undisputed WWE Championship belt!

Cena nods

Cena: I approve. On one condition

Punk:Whats that Johnny boy?

Cena:Defend that title like your life is on the line!

Punk nods and continues to celebrate with the crowd as Cena departs with the WWE Spinner Belt.

Cena:This will be going to a very safe place until it is needed again!

World Champs Match: CM Punk and Kurt Angle vs ??? and ???

Cole:Welcome back to Raw SuperShow ladies and gentlemen, if you are just joining us, CM Punk, gave John Cena his spinner belt back, claming he didn't need it anymore. Momments later, he revealed the old Additude Era WWE Championship Belt claming it is the new Undisputed WWE Championship, Cena gave the "Ok" but only if Punk defended the title with his life this sunday.

~Angle enters to "Gold Medal"~

Crowd:You Suck, You Suck, You Suck!

~Ryder appears on stage~

Ryder:And now your chosen opponents . First, from Sisbie Texas, weighting 400 pounds, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!


Ryder:And now, his tag team partner! From Parts Unknown, weighting 376 pounds, the Big Red Monster. Kane!

Before Kane comes out, Ryder runs behind stage.

Ryder:Good Luck!

Just before the match starts Teddy Long comes out.

Teddy:Hold up players, we only have enough time for one match, so therefore, this match will be an 8 man elimination tag team match!

~Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio join Kane and Mark Henry ~

~Daniel Bryan and Big Show join Punk and Angle~

The match starts early with Del Rio and Bryan trading blows before Del Rio hit the double knee to Bryan's right arm.

Cole:Yes, put that ansamniac away!

Before Del Rio could lock in the Crossarm breaker, Bryan hooked around and locked in a surfboard dragon sleeper.

Cole:Come on Del Rio, get out of it!

Crowd:Tap Tap Tap!

Within two minutes of struggling, Del Rio passes out.

Lillian:Alberto Del Rio has been eliminated!

Bryan gets up only to turn around into Kane

Lawler:Get out of there Bryan!

Bryan hits Kane with 3 perfectly executed roundhouses to the legs and chest before Kane grabs Bryan by the throat and hits Bryan with a chokeslam.

Lawler:The World Champ looks out.


Lillian:Daniel Bryan has been eliminated as a result of Pinfall!

Before Kane would attack anyone else, Henry tagged himself in.

Big Show charges into Henry attacking him violently before Kane hit Show with an uppercut and turned into a massive lariat from Henry. As Henry looked to hit the Worlds Strongest Slam, Angle distracted Henry with a kick to the back before running out of the ring. When Henry turned around Big Show knocked Henry out with a W.M.D


Lillian:Mark Henry has been eliminated!

As Show turned to see either Kane or Rhodes coming into the ring, Show attacked both by clothslining both off the apron before heading into attacking Kane who the ref said was legal. After a minute, Kane kicked Show in the knee before running into the ring and attacking Kurt and Punk. Show still recoviering, Rhodes goes to hit Show with his belt but Show knocked Rhodes out with a W.M.D.


Cole:Show has got to get back in the ring, both Punk and Angle are getting disected!.

Show grabs a steel chair and as he is about to hit Kane, Kane kicks Show and takes the chair, and goes to hit Show. But Show connects a final W.M.D to the chair to Kane's head.

Lillian:The Big Show has been disqualified.

As Show leaves, Rhodes is seen laughing. Punk gets onto the top rope and hits Kane with a diving elbow drop



As Punk gets up, he gets pumbled by Rhodes a lot before Rhodes hits an alabama slam to the steel chair still in the ring.


Rhodes continutes to pumble Punk until Angle tags himself in. Angle waits for Punk to get onto the apron and watch the match. Angle then dominated Rhodes with 6 German suplexes in a row followed by a moonsault from the top of rope. Angle looked over to Punk and just bragged that he is beating up Rhodes so easily. Angle hit Rhodes with an Angle Slam followed by locking in the Ankle Lock.

Within 1 minute, Rhodes tapped out.

Lillian Garcia:The winners of the match, CM Punk and Kurt Angle!

As Punk is celebrating with the Attidude era belt, he turned around to Angle hitting Punk with the TNA World Heavyweight belt followed by Angle throwing the TNA World Title belt around his shoulder and hooking the new Undisputed WWE title belt around his waist.

Cole:Is this what we are gonna see at the Rumble?

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January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Empty
PostSubject: Re: January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow   January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 12:30 am

Great show, but isn't Teddy Long GM of SmackDown, not Raw?
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January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Empty
PostSubject: Re: January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow   January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2012 9:18 am

Slashranger4444 wrote:
Great show, but isn't Teddy Long GM of SmackDown, not Raw?

I made him GM of Raw SuperShow
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January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Empty
PostSubject: Re: January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow   January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Icon_minitime

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January 16,2012 Edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow
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