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 NXT Resolution Season 1 Episode 1

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PostSubject: NXT Resolution Season 1 Episode 1   NXT Resolution Season 1 Episode 1 Icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2012 9:37 pm

The show intro goes off, then shows the rookies in the ring, with Matt Striker

Matt: Welcome everyone, and now, I will introduce to you, the new NXT.... and a thing about it... new rules.... There will be more actual challenges, more feuds, more epicness....... and another thing, there will be a new system, known as Resolution points, you earn them by winning challenges or matches, and you can use them to get certain things, which you can ask me what for later..... and if you win a challenge or match, you automatically win immunity for the night!!! And another thing, there will always be a challenge for trash talking, and that starts, now

Challenge one, Trash Talking

Big Bad Boy: Hello there everyone, I am the next big thing, I am Resolutions Next

Jacob Macks: Shut up, do you know who I am, I was one of the Best Indy wrestlers ever

Wolverine: So was I Jacob, but i didnt need to be VOTED it

Mr Amazing: Well, I wasnt in any companies, but I know I am beter then all of you combined so

Jack Jackson: Look, I wasnt in any either, and I am better then you kid

Revolt: How about this, a real trash talker steps up.. Jackson, you think you are better then everyone

Jackson: I dont think, I KNOW

Revolt: Nah, that cant be true, the only thing you know is how to spell your name and first grade math

Jackson: Ooo you think your funny, right? well guess what, you arent... compared to me, you are NOTHING

Revolt: Please Jackson, I was voted next big trashtalker...

Jackson: Look, I wouldve been, but I dont fight nobodies, I can automatically be a somebody...... where as you have to fight your way through nobodies in those indy circuits, who thinks they are actually useful, all they do is bring people like you, who happens to be better then the people he was fighting, who also think they can beat people like me, in here

Revolt: Oh please, you think I am a nobody?? Do you think CM Punk, and Cody Rhodes, and Daniel Bryan, and all those who fought through the indy circuits are nobodies

Jackson: Compared to me, yes, compared to you, no

Revolt: Well let me tell you this, you are nothing but talk, I backed it up, I have bled so much, I Passed out... I have put something into wrestling, I put my career on the line in threatening matches, and whether it be a Nothing but punches match, a pillow fight match, or a steel cage match, I will still kick your ass

Matt: Well, since Revolt says he can back all this up, lets have him face Jack in a Nothing but Arm attacks match!!! And I chose to be the winner, REVOLT!!!!

Match 1, Revolt vs Jack Jackson Nothing but Arm match

Matt: Now remember, you cannot use your elbow up to your shoulder, or any other part of your body to attack the opponent!!!

Revolt and Jack go punch for punch, but Jack quickly punches Revolt in the arm, and then in the face, and then again, and again, and again, and then he bounces off the bottom rope and hits a quick small springboard fist drop onto Revolts foot!!! Revolt holds his foot, and Jack starts pounding on the back of Revolt!! Jack then bounces off the ropes and goes for a running fist strike, but Revolt ducks and hits an uppercut!!! Revolt and Jack, going punch for punch again, this time, Jack goes for a strong strike, but Revolt ducks and hits a huge running body blow, then hits a few jabs to the face like a boxer, then ends up striking the knees, and then goes for a knee strike, but remembers the rules and drops down before he can hit him, only to end up being punched in the face over and over and over and over and over again. Revolt hits the floor, and Jack gets up and starts pounding on his face!!! 20 times the fans count!!! And then, Jack gets to the second rope, jumps off the turnbuckle, and hits a fist drop!!! Revolt is howling in pain, the ref check on him, but he shouts "Keep the match going" Jack then, gets to the top ropes!!! Revolt gets up, not seeing him, but is facing the opposite direction, getting the crowd pumped up!! Revolt turns around, and jack jumps, but then ducks, to ensure that his face goes into Revolts knee, KOing him!!! The ref sees it, and DQs Revolt!!!! jack rolls out of the ring, holding his face with one hand, and raising the other one up in victory!!!

Match 2, Mr. Amazing vs Wolverine

Amazing and Wolverine lock up, and Amazing quickly hits wolverine in the ankle, then quickly pokes him in the eye, then rolls out of the ring, while the ref checks up on wolverine, Amazing grabs a chair!!! Amazings chair is pulles from him from behind by.... its Evan Bourne!!! He takes it, then tosses it into the crowd!!! Wolverine waits until Amazing gets back into the ring, then hits a huge firemans carry neckbreaker!!! He pins..1...............2................3

Wolverine and Bourne walk off

Challenge three, Who Wants it More

Matt: Now, this is the main event, now as you know, ECW is where our stage is, just with a cover over it, so now, we will be having a little fight, to see who wants immunity, and a resolution point, tonight, the most.... by having them walk, on... BARBED WIRE

Screen shows barbed wired on ramp

The people come out, and Jack Jackson, seeing as though he already has a point and immunity, walks away

Matt: Ok then people, step on it!!!

Everyone steps on it, and Big Bad Boy tries kicking it, making people fall over and fall onto it, but trips himself, then rolls off, cuytting himself even worse!!!

Amazing sees wolverine by him, and then pushes him, and they both fall down, but wolverine stays where he is, while Amazing falls off!!!

Revolt and Jacob do what they are supposed to do and walk on it, cutting themselves, but trying to get the win... Wolverine gets up, cutting his hands and knees, but walks with them. Amazing comes and dropkicks Wolverine off the wire!!! Revolt is hit, by a codebreaker... Jericho out of No where!!!!!!!!!!! Revolt holds his head, and Jack Jackson comes out and starts laughing. Jericho bounces off the barricade, and then hits a lionsault!!! Revolt rolls off the wire!!! Jacob Macks wins!!! Jericho is waiting for Revolt to stand up, but Punk, CM Punk, the injured, CM Punk, runs out and hits a GTS on Y2J!!!! Jack looks to run at him, but Revolt by then has stood up and has started attacking Jack Jackson!!! They start fighting in the crowd, but security breaks them up!!! Matt walks up with his mic

Matt: And now, to determine the pros, for Jack Jackson, we have, Chris Jericho!!! for Revolt, CM PUNK!!! For Wolverine, Evan Bourne!!!! For Big Bad Boy, THE BIG SHOW!!!! For Mr Amazing........... KOFI KONGSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and finally, for Jacob Macks, we have.......... CHRISTIAN CAGE.. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY
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NXT Resolution Season 1 Episode 1
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