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 July 16, 2012 Episode of Money Night Raw SuperShow

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PostSubject: July 16, 2012 Episode of Money Night Raw SuperShow   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:19 pm

~Raw Pyro goes off.~

Cole:Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw SuperShow. Tonight, we celebrate the defeat of CM Punk at the hands of Jacob Cass.

King:What the hell are you talking about, Punk won!

Cole:By disqualification!

Lawler:Besides, Punk gets a rematch tonight, here live on Monday Night Raw! And it's No DQ!

Cole:Tonights show starts with the new WWE Mr. Money In The Bank, Sheamus, taking on Damien Sandow!

~Sheamus enters~

Lillian:Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the new Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus!

Lillian:And the opponent, Damien Sandow!

~Ding Ding~

Sheamus starts the match hitting a double axe handle, three times.|Sheamus follows with a knee to the face of Damien.|Sheamus props Damien in the ropes.|Sheamus delievers 10 forearm clubs to Damien.| Sheamus picks Damien up.|Sheamus hits a White Noise .|Sheamus goes for the pin.|1...2...3!

Lillian:The winner of the match, Sheamus!

King:Up next, 2.0 vs a team chosen by Edge for the vacant WWE tag team Championships!

~Commericals for Bufflo Wild Wings, Red Dead Redemption Ultimate Edition and [Prototype 2]~

Lillian:This next match set for one fall is for the WWE Tag Team Championships, introducing first, the former champions, 2.0!


Lillian:And the opponnents!

"Loaded" by Zack Tempest hits

Crowd erupts.~

Cole:Wait a minute.

Jeff and Matt Hardy and Lita appear on the stage.

Lillian:Team Xtreme!

~Ding ding.~

Matt does headlock to Scoot.||Matt hits Scott with a clothesline.|Matt hits Scott with a Side Effect.|Matt goes for the pin.|1..2.Shane breaks up the pin.|Jeff charges into the ring and the Hardys hit a Twin Twist of Faith|Jeff gets tagged in.|The Hardys hit The Rapture.|Jeff goes for the pin.|1....2....3!

Lillian:The winners of the match, and the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Jeff Hardy, and the United States Champion, Matt Hardy!


~Show returns~

Cameron/Naiome:Ladies and Gentlemen, the only living. Breathing.Funkasourous. In captivity. Mr. Brodus Clay!

~Brodus enters.~

Lillian:introducing the opponent, Drew McIntyre!

~Ding Ding~

Clay hits Drew with a forearm punch to the face.| Drew counters and does a sliding kick to Clay's right leg.|Drew climbs the second rope.|Drew goes for a flying axe handle.|Clay hits a headbutt.| Clay hits the What the Funk.|Clay goes for the pin.|1...2...3!

Cole:Thanks for coming Drew!

Lillian:Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, Brodus Clay!

Cole:Up next, Jacob Cass promo!


~Commercial returns~

Cass is already in the ring, and is covered in bandages on his left arm, his right leg and chest.

Cass:LAdies and gentlemen, I proved, that I am the very best damn wrestler on the whole planet, by defeating the Best In The World last night to retain MY WWE Championship! Tonight, I have to fight that little wuss again!

~CM Punk's music hits~

Punk limps to the ring.

Punk:I may be hurt, but so are you, and last night, you didnt beat me! You hit me in the face with that title belt and ran away like a child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Cass:I kicked you ass all night, and tonight, it will be no different!

Punk:Weather it's me, or it's Sheamus, we will crown a new WWE Champion tonight!

Cass:Even if you beat me, what makes you think you will be able to hold that title long enough to make it to our rematch at SummerSlam?

Punk:I don't intend to, I intend to beat you, and make sure you don't regain that title.

~Monster by Skillet hits~

A man in a red and black jacket stands on the stage.

Cole Macgrath:I am coming for your title Cass, and you will not be able to stop me!

MC:Who the hell is that?!

Punk hits Cass with a roundhouse kick.|Cass runs away while Punk holds up the WWE title.


~Commercial returns.~

Edge is searching for someone, and looks at Daniel Bryan

Edge:Hey Daniel.

Bryan:Yo, what's up Edge?

Edge:Not that I don't have faith in Punk, but for the next pay per view, you are the next number one contender.

Bryan:What if Punk wins?

Edge:Then it's CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan, round VI.

~In the ring~

Lillian:This next match is the final match before our main event.

~Ryback enters.~

Lillian:Ladies and Gentlemen, RYBACK!

~Crowd cheers~

Lillian:And they opponent, Tyler Reks!

~Ding Ding~

Tyler punches Ryback 3 times on the back.|Ryback turns around and hits a clothsline.| Ryback hits a German suplex.|Ryback hits a running lariat.|

Ryback:Finish, this!|Ryback hits Shell Shocked.|Ryback goes for the pin.|1...2...3!

Ryback:FEED! ME! MORE!

Jimmy Jacobs attacks from behind.|Jimmy hits a spear to Ryback.|jimmy grabs a mic.|

Jimmy:At the pay per view. ~Jimmy slaps Ryback.~ I'm next!


~Commercial returns~

~ Punk enters to a chorus of cheers.~


~Cass enters to a chorus of boos.~

~Ding Ding~

King:I don't think this is a good idea.


King:Starting a NO DQ WWE Championship Match, with only 15 minutes left on the show?

Cole:These two hate each other, they will end it sooner.

Punk tackles Cass to the mat.|Punk elbows Cass in the side of the head.|Punk runs out of the ring and grabs a chair.|Punk hits Cass over the head with the chair.|Punk hits Cass in the chest and back with teh chair 23 times, only to be stopped by the Ref.| Punk snaps a DDT to the steel chair.| Punk goes for the pin.|1...2....kickout.| Punk imitates Daniel Bryan's "Yes!" and roundhouse kicks Cass.| Punk props Cass up into a fireman's carry|

Punk:Best In the World!

Punk hits the GTS.|Punk goes for the pin.|1...2

The Show ends in utter blackness.
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July 16, 2012 Episode of Money Night Raw SuperShow
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