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 July 2,2012 edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow

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July 2,2012 edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Empty
PostSubject: July 2,2012 edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow   July 2,2012 edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 1:17 pm

~Raw's pyros and stuff go off.~

Punk:Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw SuperShow!, we are emminating live from Charlotte North Carolina!

Cole: I thought you were leaving the announce table?

Punk:I am not cleared to compete until Money in the Bank, where I take on that jackass traitor Jacob Cass in our hometown of Chicago Illinois.

Cole:Ladies and Gentlemen, if you missed last week's edition of Raw SuperShow, you would have witnessed new WWE Champion, Jacob Cass verbally attack the audience, proclaiming himself to be the "Best Wrestler In The World" a title owned and trademarked by CM Punk after defeating Chris Jericho at WrestleMania.

~Christian Cage's Music hits~

~Crowd erupts~

Lillian Garcia:Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the Intercontinental Champion, Christian Cage!

Punk:This guy deserves all the cheering he gets, this guy helped found Monday Night Raw during the Additude Era as E & C. Now he is the reigning IC Champion, he is on and undefeated streak, what could be better?

Cole:This guy was The World Champion before he suffered a stomoach injury and was forced to vacate. Two weeks later he returned and defeated Cody Rhodes to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Christian grabs a mic from Lillian and just listens to the crowd pour on cheers.

C:Listen, laides and gentlemen, ever since I have become your new Intercontinental Champion, I have become a little bored, I think maybe a real challenger should step up and . . .

~Jeff Hardy's Music hits~
~Crowd erupts.

Jeff gets into the ring, shakes hands with Christian Cage and does it pose on the turnbuckle.

Jeff:You want a real challenger man?

C:Yes, my last few, haven't done so well.

Jeff:You mean Mark Henry, and Austin Aries?

C:Ya, I beat their asses so bad Mark Henry changed his music to "I just got my ass kicked!"

Jeff:Well you want a real challenger, you got one right in front of you, Teddy Long offered me a shot at your title, I accepted.

C:When are you gonna cash it it, cause I am up for a title match, any time anywhere, against -Christian gets in Jeff's face- against anyone!

~You Think You Know Me?~

Punk:It's our GM Edge!

Edge:I would love to see you guys go at it in the ring, but I am sorry to say, you two will NOT compete tonight for the Intercontinental Championship!

~Crowd boos~

Edge:Instead. it will be Jeff Hardy and Christian Cage vs a fellow Smackodwn team!

Jeff:Tell us who it is Edge, come on, give the crowd an Amp lesson!

Edge:It's The Prime Time Players!

Jeff:Alright, give those kids a whipping lesson!

Punk:Jeff seems to be enjoying this match, maybe he was afraid to fight Christian Cage.

Cole:No, Jeff wants to teach those punks a lesson.

Edge:Now, clear the ring, we got a match.

~Match #1. Brodus Clay vs Curt Hawkins~

~Clay enters, doing his normal routine~

Punk:Well well, Curt Hawkins actually showed up for his beating.

*ding ding*
Clay automaticly attacks clay with a headbut|Clay then hits a Lifting double underhook facebuster.|
Punk:Clay is not in a happy mood.

Clay then hits the What the Funk!| Clay goes for the pin.|1...2...3!|

Lillian Garcia:The Winner of the match, Brodus Clay!


~TV returns~.
Match 2

Lillian Garcia:Ladies and gentlemen, this next match, set for one fall, is a tag team match!

~John Cena's music hits~

Lillian:Introducing first, from Boston, weighting 240 pounds, John Cena!

Crowd cheers

~Randy Orton's music hits~
Lillian:And introducing his partner, weighting 241 pounds, from St Louis, Randy Orton!

Crowd erupts.

Lillian:And their opponents, Stan Stansky and Filmore Hayes!

~Crowd boos~.

~Ding Ding Ding!~

Cena starts the match out clothslining Hayes twice|Cena hits a backdrop.

Punk:Cena is in a pissy mood tonight!

Cole:How can you blame him? Cena has been screwed out of the WWE Tag team titles twice so far by 2.0.

Cena hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.| Cena throws Hayes at Orton.|Orton hits an RKO to the ropes.|Cena follows with an AA.|Cena goes for the pin.|1...2...3!|

Lillian:Hayes had been eliminated!

Punk:Now come on Stan prove your worth!

Cena tags in Orton.| Orton and Stan stare down for 3 seconds.|Orton hits Stan with an RKO.|1...2...3!

Lillian:The winners of the match, John Cena and Randy Orton!

~Hardy/Christian vs PTP~

~Hardy and Cage enter~

Crowd Erupts.

~Prime Time players enter.~

~Crowd boos~.

|The match starts with Christian and Darren locking up.|Cage turns and hits a Pele kick to Darren.| Cage hits Darren several times in the head.|Cage charges at Darren.| Cage attempts a crossbody to Darren in the corner.| Darren lifts his knees hitting Cage.|

Punk:That's gotta hurt!

Darren tags in Titus.|Titus throws Cage into a corner.|Titus runs at Cage.|Cage moves out of the way and hits Titus with twin boots.| Cage spears Titus.| Cage and Titus crawl and tag in their partners.|Hardy leaps off the top rope and hits a crossbody.|Hardy picks Darren up.|Hardy hits a Twist of Faith.|Hardy climbs the top rope|Titus charges at Jeff.|Cage spears him and climbs a seperate turnbuckle.|Cage hits a frog splash to Titus and hits a Swanton Bomb to Darren.|Hardy goes for the cover.|1..2..3!

Lillian:The winners of the match, Jeff Hardy, and the Intercontinental Champion, Christian Cage!

~Jacob Cass Promo.~

~Jacob's entrance music hits~

~Crowd boos.~

Punk:Ladies and gentlemen, the asshole of the hour!

Cass:Hello losers!


Cass:I praised all you of, I fed off your cheers, and now, I don't need them, I only need this! -Holds up the WWE title-

Punk:I can't take this anymore.

Lawler:Punk, where the hell you going?

- Punk grabs a mic and a crowbar. and gets into the ring-

Cass:Hey look, the little wuss!

Punk:Shut the hell up!


Punk:I am the Best Wrestler in the World! I have defeated the best this promotion has ever seen, John Cena, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, just to name a few!

Cass:And yet, who is the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world? And who, is the little wuss stuck on the announce table, while I beating the best?

Punk:Maybe this wuss is gonna kick your white skinny ass at Money in the Bank, like how I beat my friend John Cena's white ass last year, in the same exact venue, at the same exact PPV?

Cass:You may have trademarked "The Best in the World", but I AM The Best IN The World, I am not some little poser who the second he felt sore hid behind an announce table for two months!

Punk:Hmm, lets see, who is the poser Chicagoan, am I the asshole who turned on the crowd?


Punk:Crap I did, but did I turn on your the second I won the world title?


Punk:Crap! ok, uh, recently have I called you morons?


Punk:Have I bitched and moaned about how "I have to compete against my will"?


Punk shrugs

Cass:Ok shut the hell up, the crowd, can't win you titles, the crowd can't further your career!

~WOO WOO WOO! You Know it!.~Ryder's music hits~

Ryder:You serious bro? If it weren't for the WWE Universe, I would still be in NXT, WWE Superstars . .. Or even worse, I'd be fired bro!

Cass:Didn't I kick your ass at Night of Champions?


Cass:The second this crowd gets bored of seeing Mr Woo Woo Woo-Fist Pumps-, they will boo you, they will shun you, they will turn on you!

Ryder:Name one person, that has happened to.

Cass:The Rock, Jim Logan, Batista, John Cena, Kane, Edge.


Cass:The crowd is just a puppet head for WWE to use to push talent! And you Mr. Jersy Shore Sell Out! When I kicked your ass for my title, what happened to you? Oh ya, I put you in the hospital for a week, you fight me again, you will get only much worse!

~You Think You Know Me! ~Edge's Music hits~

Edge:Well, we now have a tag team match, Zack Ryder vs Jacob Cass and Kane!

Ryder:Wait bro, whos my tag team partner?

Edge:Right here!

~Revolt enters~

Cole:The playing field is leveled with the Future of ECW Revival!

Punk:Oh before I go-

Punk hits Cass 6 times with the crowbar|Refs, Zack Ryder, Revolt and Edge hold Punk back.

Cole:Da hell was that Punk, you dont wanna be suspended to you?

Punk:For what, sending a message to my MITB rival?

*Ding ding*

Ryder starts the match with Kane|Kane starts off slamming Ryder to the mat.|They lock up once more.|Kane slams Ryder to the mat again.

Crowd:We want Ryder WOO WOO WOO!

Ryder throws Kane into Cass.|Ryder yells something to Revolt.|Revolt does a suicide dive to Kane taking him out.|Ryder goes for a Rough Ryder while Cass is yelling at Revolt.| Ryder connects.

Punk:What an upset!

|1...2...kickout!|Ryder starts "Woo Woo Woo"ing|

Punk:I think Ryder is going for another one!

Ryder goes for another Rough Ryder.|Cass ducks, Ryder's boot catches the rope, causing Revolt to fall off the top rope hitting his head on the floor.| Ryder turns into a Cass Stunner.|Cass goes for the pin.|1...2...3!|

Lillian:The winners .. the WWE Champion, Jacob Cass! And the Big red Monster, Kane!

Punk:This is bullcrap!

Punk rushes into the ring, hitting Kane and Cass with the crowbar|Cass runs away with the WWE title.|

Punk:Come on you asshole, you and me right now!

-Punk looks over at Kane- Punk grins.

Cole:No Punk no!

|Punk continously hits Kane with a crowbar until Ryder, Revolt and secruity pry Punk off Kane.

Edge:Punk, youre suspended from all WWE programing until next week, get out of the building.

Punk:What the [bleep]?!

|Punk hits the barley consious Kane with a Roundhouse.|Security escorts Punk to the ramp.|Punk does a pose for the audience.|Cass hits Punk in the back of the head with the WWE title belt.|



~TV Returns~

Lawler:Ladies and gentlemen, if you are just tuning in, we just witness Jacob Cass, our brand new WWE Champion hit Punk in the back of the head with the title belt, we are hearing now Punk's jaw hit the steel ramp, we don't know if Punk is hurt or not.

Cole:Right now, we have the debut of Zero!

~Zero enters to a roar from the crowd.~

Lillian:Ladies and gentlemen, from Alaska, Zero!

Cole:ladies and gentlemen, this man Zero is a world-traveled in ring veteran, he has traveled the world six times and he is only 24!

~The Miz enters.~

The Miz:How am i, The Miz, the most must-see WWE Superstar ever? Demoted to fighting a bunch of kids from the Indy Circut? When did I turn into Ryback?

Zero starts the match hitting a flying uppercut.|Zero hits a hurricanrana, causing Miz to hit the turnbuckle pad.|Miz turns and attempts to punch Zero.|Zero jumps over Miz.|Zero performs a backflip off the top rope.|Zero lands behind Miz.|Zero kicks Miz in the gut.|Zero hooks Miz's arm and hits a brainbuster.|Zero goes for the pin.|1...2...3!

Cole:What a debut for this kid, Zero!


Matt Striker is standing in the interview set.

Matt:Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome, my guest at this time, the WWE Champion, Jacob Cass.

Crowd:F*ck you Cass!


Matt:What was with your attack on CM Punk?

Cass:He was about to hit me with a f*cking crowbar!

Matt:But ..

Cass:No buts! I only care about my money, and my title!

Cass turns to walk away.|Cass falls to the ground.|

Cole:The hell?

Revolt gets on screen.

Revolt:That was for Punk!

The show ends with Revolt, Ryder and Edge celebrating.
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July 2,2012 edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow
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