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 Summerslam 2012

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The music hits, and the camera goes over the roaring crowd, and then it reveals the tombstone and dug up ground, for the first match

Match 1, Luke Gallows vs Man 2.0, Career vs Career & Streak, Buried Alive Match

Jerry: Thats right, someone will be buried alive, i cant wait.

Michael: Well, lets look back on how this match came to be

a video pops up on the screen

Michael: Luke Gallows went undefeated since his shocking return to WWE, claiming to be a "Reborn" Man, with his manager, Paul Bearer

Jerry: Then, we had Man 2.0 debut one night, after Luke Gallows came out to interefere in the match, but then, then Man 2.0 came out, shocking the world, and he had ended, Roderick Strongs career, and he attacked Gallows

Michael: These two squared off many times, over the course, Gallows winning every one, still being undefeated, but then, Man 2.0 did the unthinkable, and dropped Paul Bearer off a building, which led to the anger getting even more personal, and now, here we are, tonight

The match begns, and Gallows and Man lock up, Man getting the advantage, and he takes Gallows into a corner, and starts giving him punches to the face, 1......2......3.....4.......5.......6......7.....8...9......10.... Gallows then counters, and he pushes Man 2.0 down, but not to the ground, and Man 2.0 starts choking Gallows, and Gallows falls to a sitting position, Man 2.0 then starts kicking Gallows, until he bounces off the ropes and hits a running knee to the face of Gallows!! Man then lifts up Gallows, and tosss him out of the ring, and he starts choking him on the barricade!!!! Gallows then grabs Mans face, and he forced him to release him, and then gallows tosses Man into the barricade, and then lifts him up, and tosses him back first into the turnbuckle post!!!! Gallows then goes for his finishing big boot, but Man ducks, and Gallows leg goes into the ring, getting stuck on the second rope!!! Man 2.0 gets some punches to the back of the head, and then he locks in a chokehold!!!! Gallows headbutts Man 2.0, then gets his foot off the rope, and snapmares Man into the ground!!! Gallows locks in a shoulder hold, but Man stands up, and then tosses Gallows into the crowd, and then chokeslams him!!!! Man gets into the crowd with Gallows, and they start fighting, untl Gallows is leaned up near the ramp, and Man runs at him, but Gallows big boots Man!!!!! Gallows looks around, and finds a chair, and he starts whacking Man 2.0 with it, until he finally decides to stop, and he tosses the chair aside, and then he scoop slams Man onto the chair!!!! Gallows then drags him into the crowd even more, and he is up by a wall, and he smashes Mans head against a wall, and then he goes for another big boot, this time into the wall, but Man ducks, and then grabs the leg and sweeps Gallows, and then he keeps punching Gallows, over and over and over, until he lifts him up, and he drops him onto the ground, and then he drops him with a body splash!!!! Gallows manages to trip Man, and then he uses his body to stand up, and he is leaning against a wall, but then Man runs at him, and Gallows tosses him face first into the wall, pushing him on the back, ramming him into it, breaking the mask!!!!! Man is holding his broken mask, but then lets it go, and quickly gives Gallows a chokeslam, followed up by another chokeslam, and then another, and then another, until he finally hits him with a hook to the skull, then a stalling powerbomb, and he does it right through the merchandise table!!!!! Gallows then finds himself to be choked with a CM Punk t-shirt, then is hit with a chair, over, and over, and over again!!!! Gallows gets up, and clotheslines a running Man 2.0, who has a terrorizing face, with veins popping mixed with wires inside of him, makes his face distorted and ugly, and Gallows takes down Man 2.0!!!!! Gallows then climbs ontop of Man 2.0 and sarts choking him, and then he finally stops, and he tosses Man into a wall, and then chokes him there, Man punches Gallows, then again, then again, then again, then he manages to slam him to the ground, releasing the hold. Man then waits until Gallows is getting up, then he slaps his hand across his back!!!! He does it again, and again, the chops are heard all the way, even in the cheap seats!!!!! Man then stomps on his back, then stands on it, then gets up and then just kicks Gallows head!!! Man looks for a nearby weapon, and finds a fire extinguisher, and he sprays Gallows in the face, and then he smashes it over his skull!!!!!! He takes the dented extinguisher, and he smashes it against the back over and over and over and over again, until its useless. Man then finds a chair, and he wraps it around Gallows neck, then stomps on it, Gallows is hurt, and hes hurt badly!!! Gallows manages to get up, and he starts jabbing Mans sides, and they are punching and walking over to the burial site!!!! Gallows then kicks Man in the gut, and goes for a powerbomb, and he hits it, not into the burial site, into the crane which will dump the dirt into the burial!!!! Gallows climbing it, punching Man, but Man starts climbing it as well!!! This is dangerous, they are getting high up!!!!! Man 2.0 and Gallows start fighting again. Man 2.0 has Gallows in a chokeslam position, hes gonna chokeslam him off the crane!!!!!!!! Man 2.0 lifts him up, only to slapped, and then choked by Gallows!!! Gallows stays on, and he backs up, and Man runs for a clothesline, but he is hit with a the finishing Big Boot by Gallows, Man is on the edge, laying down, and Gallows is gonna push him off!!!!! Man with a strong hook, punching Gallows, nearly taking him down to the ground, but Gallows remains balanced, but this allowed Man to stand up, and he starts punching Gallows, and then he kicks him in the gut, and he lifts him up, STALLING POWERBOMB OFF THE CRANE!!!!!!!!!! Gallows doesnt fall into the hole,he misses, and he hits the ground though!!!!! Man isnt done, he runs and hits a diving BODY SPLASH!!!!!!!!!! Man has just done that!!!!! He then gets up, and he tries to push him off, but Gallows wont move!!!! Gallows sits up, and has Man in a chokeslam position!!! He stands up, and then he goes for the chokeslam, but Man counters with a clothesline, and Man walks over to a tombstone, and he takes Gallows head, and he smashes it against the tombstone!!!!!! Man tosses Gallows over to the edge of the dug up grave, but Gallows manages to stand up, and he doesnt fall. Man picks up the tombstone, and he runs at Gallows, which, if he took 3 steps back, he would fall into it, and Man hits Gallows with the tombstone!!!!!! Gallows is groggy, bleeding, and he tilts back, Man thinking he done it, but he is mistaken, when he takes Gallows boot to the face!!!! Gallows managed to stay balance!!! Man gets up, slowly, but by this time, Gallows already grabbed a shovel, and he smashes it over Mans head, making him bleed, and then he takes the shovel, and he chokes Man with it!!! Man manages to power through, and he kicks Gallows in the gut, take the tombstone, lay it on the ground, put Gallows head on it, and he stomps on his head!!! Man then lifts up the shovel, and he swings it down, into gallows head into the tombstone!!!! Man lifts Gallows up, and he has him in a stalling powerbomb position!!!! Thats it, all Man has to do is finish the powerbomb and the match is over, but hes stalling extra long, about 30 seconds now, and then, when he takes a step forward, the lights go out, and....and....and.....PAUL BEARER!!!! PAUL BEARER RETURNS!!!! Paul runs over to Man, and he lifts up the shovel, and he smashes the shovel into Mans back, which sends both, Gallows AND Man, into the grave, ending the match!!!!!! ITS A DRAW!!!!!!!!

Match 2, Paul Heyman vs Eugene, Steel Cage Match

Eugene comes out with a standing ovation, the crowd is going wild, and he enters the cage, still waving, until he touches the cage, and sees its pure metal, and he looks scared for a moment

-WELLL, WELL ITS THE BIG SHOW- hits as Big Show walks out, with Paul Heyman on his shoulders, and Show is outside the ring, while Heyman enters, a smile on his face, as he looks to big show, to ensure his protection is there.

jerry: Lets look back on this match

Michael: Well, ever since Heyman and Show made HELL, Eugene and Revolt have been down their throats, with a few others. Eugene and Heymans rivlary got intense, ever since Heyman paid someone to run over Eugene, and Revolt came to his aid. Eugene request this match, and the WWE Board of Directors accepted it!!!!

Heyman kicks Eugene with a low blow!!! Heyman dances around, then pushes Eugene into the cage door, and Show punches it, smashing the cage into Eugenes face!!!! Heyman then corners Eugene, and punches him, over and over and over,

-WHO DO YOU WANT- hits, as Revolt runs to the ring, and he climbs up the cage, and he big show runs through the door!!! Revolt jumps on Big Show, then he kicks Heyman, and then he goes for a flash cutter, but heyman ducks, and Eugene attacks Heyman from behind. Revolt keeps attacking Big show, while Heyman and Eugene go punch for punch. Revolt then takes Big Show out of the cage, and leaves, so that Revolt is on the opposite side of the cage from Big Show. Eugene ducks a punch from Heyman, who isnt normally a wrestler, and then he slams him to the ground 1........2........kickout by heyman!!! Heyman manages to stand up, and then he bounces off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline from Eugene, and then he bounces off the opposite ropes, hitting a bulldog on Eugene! He covers 1..kickout! Heyman is yelling at the ref, and he is caught in a neckbreaker!!! 1.......2...kickout by Heyman! Heyman then tells the officials outside to open the door, and they do, and Heyman starts walking out, Eugene runs after him! Heyman ducks, and Show chucks a chair at Eugenes face!!!!! Eugene is down, and Heyman bounces off the ropes, and drops an elbow drop! 1............2.......kickout!!!! Heyman grabs the chair, and he smashes it against Eugenes face, this time busting him open!!! Heyman covers 1..........2.....kickout!!!! Heyman drags Eugene over to the bottom ropes, and he starts choking him with the ropes!!! Heyman then grabs him and ties him up between the first and second rope! Heyman then starts punching the back of his head, and then pushing him face first into the cage over and over and over! Heyman finally pins him again 1............2........KICKOUT BY EUGENE!!! Eugene stands up, holding his head, but then he runs and hits a clothesline, then he hits the Hulk Hogan punches!!! he climbs to the ropes and he climbs up tue cage, big show, going to stop Eugene from winning, but eugene doesnt climb down, he puts his hands in the air!!!! He goes for a macho man elbow, but Show punches the cage, and eugene falls off!!! Eugene crashes onto the chair!!!!! Heyman is too hurt to pin though!!! He manahes to stand up, and he tries escaping through the door, but Revolt runs at Show, taking him out with a quick flash cutter, then Revolt starts pushing the door, so he cant escape!!!!! Heyman is angry, and he punches the door, hurting his hand!!! Eugene manages to kneel, and Heyman starts choking him!!!!! Heyman then pushes him into the cage over and over and over again, showing a brutal side! Heyman then stomps on his skull!!!! Eugene cant stand after that!!! Heyman doesnt pin, he locks in a chin lock instead!!! Eugene manages to get to his feet!!!! After about 30 seconds, Eugene is standing, and he is fired up!!! Eugene clotheslines Heyman!!! Eugene clotheslines him again! He waits for heyman to run at him, and hits a powerslam!!!! Eugene with a randy orton comeback!!! Eugene then waits for heyman to stand up, and he hits a spear!!!! Heyman manages to stand up, and Eugene hits a rock bottom!!!! Eugene grabs the chair, places it around the leg of Heyman, then he sits on it!!!!! Eugene locks in a sharpshooter, and Heyman taps!!!!!!! Big Show runs into the ring, but so does Revolt, and Show goes to spear Eugene, but Revolt runs in front and hits a flash cutter!!! Big show is lifted up, and eugene and revolt hit a double flash cutter!!!! wait, they do a double dx chop!!!!! Eugene grabs Heymans head, as Revolt lowers Big Shows tights, and he leans Show on the ropes, and they rub Heymans face right into the gigantic arse of Big Show!!!!! Eugene and Revolt leave, the victory in hand, with Heyman losing the match and being humiliated

Match 3, Chris Masters vs Cody Rhodes, HIAC

Michael: Remember this one, this will be a classic, lets look back at this one

Jerry: Chris Masters and Cody Rhodes were in the ECW Briefcase Brawl. where Maria came into play, the interviewer. where she was involved in a relationship with Cody Rhodes, Masters got jealous and kidnapped her, using her to make Cody Rhodes angry. These two fought off in a Steel Cage Match, this one for Maria, and Todd Chimel, the interviewer Maria replaced, cost Rhodes the match, and Rhodes was hitten with a leather strap over and over, until finally, Masters used it on Maria as well, and here we are now.

Rhodes attacks Masters quickly, and he starts punching Masters, and then he tosses him onto the apron, then rams him off the apron into the cell!!! Masters is leaned up against the apron, and Cody hits a springboard body splash into Masters, and masters back is rammed into the cell!!!! Rhodes then tosses Masters into the cell over and over again, and then he alabama slams him into the apron!!! Masters gauges Rhodes in the eyes, then slams him into the cell, then suplexes him into it, then rubs his face against it, ending it with a big boot, and rhodes is busted open! Cody then manages to kick Masters in the gut, then Toss him into the cell, then he runs and clotheslines him, then he goes for a bulldog, but Masters counteres with a powerbomb through the cell!!! Cody is hurt, and Masters locks in a masterlock. Cody manages to escape, with a snapmare into the broken cell piece! Cody then starts stomping away at Masters, until finally tossing him into the crowd! Cody drags the broken cell piece over to the barricade, and he leans it up there! Masters, coming back in, and Cody runs up the cell, and crashes onto Masters with a diving clothesline! Cody then places him onto the barricade, and then gets on it with him, and then he goes for an alabama slam into the cell! Cody almost hits it, but Masters rolls off the shoulders of Cody, and then grabs a chair from the crowd and smashes his back with it, then he gives him a polish hammer, and Cody falls onto the cell! Masters then jumps, and hits an elbow drop to Rhodes onto the cell! Cody rolls off, and Masters rolls off too. Masters stands up, and lifts Cody up, and tosses him into the cell. Masters then suplexes him into the cell, then starts rubbing his face into it, and then he boots his face into it! Masters looks around, and finds a chair! Cody ducks a chair shot, and the chair bounces off the cell into Masters face! Cody then tosses Masters face into the chair into the cell!!!! Cody gets to the ringside, and pulls out two ladders, a table, and a chain!!! He drags them out, and then he sets up one ladder, and he leans that one against the barricade and the set up ladder! Cody then tosses Masters into the leaned ladder, and then he climbs the set up one!!! Cody then hits a moonsault onto the ladder! Masters is hurt, and Cody isnt done! He starts to set up the table, but Masters runs and smashes Codys face into the table, then into the cell, then into the ladder, taking down the set up ladder! the set up ladder goes down, and so does the leaned one! Cody then starts punching Masters, but Masters kicks Cody in the gut, and then powerbombs him into one of the ladders! Masters sets up one ladder, then moves Cody off the other and sets that one up too!!! Masters starts climbing with the table!!!! He sets up the table between the ladders!!! Cody dropkicks Masters into the ladder, and he bounces off, and cody catches masters in a powerbomb!!! Cody grabs the chains, and starts hitting away!!! the chains bounce off Masters body! Cody then starts choking Masters with it, and then he stops choking him, and ties him to the cell! Cody starts climbing the ladders, and then he gets to the top, and he stands on the table, and he body splashes Masters, breaking another piece of the cell!!!!! Masters is still tied up to the square of broken cell! Cody then takes a chair, and he starts smashing Masters with it!!! Cody breaks the chair, and then he looks under the ring some more, and he finds a baseball bat!!! Masters still cant move!Cody goes to swing the bat, but Masters manages to move the cell piece a little by shaking it, and Cody busts one of Masters shoulders, but breaks a piece of the chain! Masters takes advantage, he unties his other, and he is fired up. Clothesline, then another clothesline, then he lifts up the piece of the cell, and he ramsit into cody!!! COdy is being squashed between the two pieces of cell!!!! Masters finally lets go, and then does something crazy. He starts climbing the cell! Cody is hurt, but he also starts climbing!!! Masters is at the top, and he starts jumping on the cage, hopefully making Cody lose his balance and fall off! Luckily, Cody stays on, and then he runs and clotheslines Masters! Cody waits until Masters gets up, but Masters low blows Cody, and Cody falls onto the cell!!!! Masters lifts Cody up, and he goes to toss him off the cell, but Cody quickly falls, and then he grabs Masters head, and he lifts him up, and then catches him in an alabama slam, and Masters falls off the cell!!!!Masters DOESNT go through the table though, but he is still very, very, VERY, hurt. Cody then does something crazy. He goes for a moonsault!!!! At the last second, Masters grabs a chair and tosses it into the air, and it crashes into Rhodes!!!!!!!!! Rhodes is hurt!!! Rhodes ribs have to be shattered after that. Masters drags Cody over to the ring, and he goes to cover 1....................2......................KICKOUT BY CODY RHODES OH MY GOD HOW DID HE KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Masters is shocked, and Rhodes with a rollup 1...................2...................3 RING THE BELL WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!! Masters is angry, and he is shouting at RHodes, and Rhodes just gives Masters a low blow! Maria comes out, and helps Cody up, and Cody is celebrating with her, hurt, and then, Cody limps his way to the ladders, and he stands on the top of the table, holding his hand in victory, maria is there with him, and then, Cody kicks Maria in the gut!!!! Cody looks at her, gets a big grin, and then gives her a cross rhodes through the table!!!! Cody then grabs a bag and puts it over her head! Cody leaves happy

Match 4, ECW Cuffed in a cage match, ECW Tag Team Championships

Joey Styles: Now lets look back at this match, Jerry,
Michael: Why him
Joey: Shut up Cole, anyway, the only way to win, is to last until the end, and then find a way to climb out, and remember, you arent cuffing your opponents to the cage, you ARE cuffed to begin with, with your partner.
Jerry: This will be one heck of a match, I gurantee it

Camera goes to backstage

Bobby Roode is beating down stone cold steve austin, and then James Storms helps him, and then they hit the DWI, and then walk out to the ring!!!


Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett

Teddy Hart and Kevin Hart

Big'Spyce and T Dogg

Petey Williams and Scott Steiner

The Motor City Machine Guns

Chris Daniels and Kazarian

Bobby Roode and James Storm

The match begins, after everyone is tied up, and no one goes after anyone. Spyce and Dog finally go for a double clothesline on Beer Money, but they lift them over their shoulders, and they toss them into the cage! Jarrett grabs a guitar, in the weapon covered cage (Yes, it has weapons in it) and he goes to smash it, using Kevin Nashs hand to assist him, but Petey Williams dropkicks it into Their face, and then everybody starts fighting!!! The Fallen Angels, Daniels and Kazarian, back into a corner, but made a huge mistake, as The motor City machine Guns run at them, and hit double dropkicks, and then Shelly grabs one leg, and Sabin grabs the other, and they flip Kazarian into the cage, and then start punching on Daniels! James Storm and Bobby Roode walk over, and hit an amazing Last Call into a spear on Shelly, and then Roode pins Shelly, as Storm holds back Sabin! 1....................2............Kickout by Shelly, and then Roode keeps Shelly on the ground, and Storm tosses Sabin into Shelly!!!! Kevin Hart and Teddy hart run over, and Teddy gets on the top ropes, and Kevin yanks back the handcuff to the teams advantage, using it to add extra impact to a body splash on Bobby Roode! Storm then clotheslines Teddy, and Hart connects with a suplex! Using the hurt Teddy to help him! Big Spyce runs in with a body splash in the corner!!! Followed up by a clothesline by T Dogg, and a backbreaker by spyce! Spyce pins Hart 1..................kickout using Teddy to help him. Petey Williams goes for his Canadian Destroyer! He almost flips, but Kevin Nash big boots Steiner, and Petey is yanked back, and crashed down on his neck, he is spazming! Jerrett pins 1.............2...........3!!!! Steiner and Williams are out. Steiner carries little petey pump over, but then, Steiner is uncuffed, and is brought into the ring! When your partner is pinned, you get a better chance at winning! Steiner runs in, big boot to everyone, and then a few clotheslines, but then, Steiner is hit with a guitar by Jarrett! Kazarian attacks Jarrett with a pipe, but Motor City Machine Guns just keep attacking Kazarian, locking in a neckbreaker dropkick, and then hitting a double moonsault! They pin 1........2...Daniels forces Kazarian to kick out! Teddy and Kevin get up, both of them doing double team moves, a double chokehold with chains to spyce and t dogg, a clothesline dropkick to big papa pump, a ddt/leg sweep to Kazarian, then a germain suplex/dropkcik to Daniels! They bounce off the ropes, but is caught in a big boot/guitar shot by nash and jarrett! Jarrett pins Teddy 1..................2......................3! Kevin is left solo, and folows by suplexing everyone in the ring, until he reaches Beer Money, then he was caught in an inverted DWI!!!!! They pin 1..............2.............3 Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin are running wild now, with Sabin hitting move after high impact move, and Shelly following it up with a brilliant strike. Sabin hitting a german suplex, alex shelly with a superkikc. Sabin armbar, Shelly knee drop, Sabin flapjack, Shelly clothesline. They are on a rol until they reach Spyce and T dogg. Spyce lifts up Sabin and Shelly with one hand! T Dogg then connects with a double spear!!!!! Spyce pins shelly, T Dogg pins sabin 1.................2.............3 for sabin but shelly kicked out! Shelly is unleashed, and he runs around the ring, clotheslining Scott Steiner. Scott picks up a chair and swings it at Shelly, and then he hits a clothesline! Scott puts him in a steiner recliner!!! Kazarian and Daniels hit a double clothesline to Scott, and Scott falls back, hurt. Kazarian goes for a body splash, but the hand cuffes stop him! Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash are looking for weapons, and they find a chain, and they start look at the restng beer money, who is turned around, holding their arms, trying to recover them. Nash and Jarrett chain the hands of Bobby Roode together!!! James Storm turns around and hits a last call, but Nash pushes Roode in front of him, and Roode is hit with the superkick!!!!!!! Nash pins Roode 1.............2............3!!! The it factor of wrestling is out. James Storm then starts climbing up the cage, and he is holding on on top, so no one can get him. This backfires, as Scott Steiner climbs to the top of the cage, and hits a frankensteiner off the cage!!!! Steiner pins James 1............2...............KICKOUT. Shelly and The fallen angle are fighting, going punch for punch, kick for kick, until Kazarian hits a quck roll up on shelly 1..........2.......kickout by Shelly. T Dogg and Big Syce run over to James Storm, but Storms kicks the hand cuff chain quickly, and they both fall, and Storm waits until one of them gets up to, but behind him, comes Scott Steiner, who locks in a steiner recliner!!!! James Storm is gonna tap, hes gonna tap! He runs to the ropes, and holds on, so Scott Steiner bounces off, and then waits until he turns around, and goes for a spear, but Shelly runs in and hits a shellshock!!!! Steiner locks in a steiner recliner on Shelly! Big Spyce and T Dogg bounce off the ropes, and hit a double body splash!!!!! They cover James 1..............2.............3!!!! Beer Money, both members, are out. Shelly has no choice, he has to tap out!!! Steiner goes into full out mode, being the only person with only himself, and he hits a belly to back suplex on both, Big Spyce and T Dogg!!! Daniels and Kazarian run at him, but Steiner hits a Steiner Line on both of them! Nash And Jarret run at Steiner, and Steiner is hit with a Stroke! Steiner is laid out, and Jarrett covers 1...................2.....................3!!!! Steiner walks out, angry. T Dogg and Spyce corner Nash and Jarrett, and run for a double body splash, but Nash hits a big boot, and then Jarrett gets behind Spyce and locks in a sleeper hold, and he taps! Nash then hits a chokeslam on T Dogg, and he pins 1................2.........3 Chris Daniels and kazarian start climbing out of the cage, but Nash and Jarrett start climbing out. Nash starts punching Daniels, and Jarrett low blows Kazarian! They quickly escape, they are at the top, but Kazarian starts running up the cage, dragging Daniels with him, and Kazarian hits a double Flux Capacitator on Nash and Jarrett!!! Daniels and Kazarian start climbing, and when they are at the top, Jarrett throws a guitar, and hits a tossing El Kabong, and Daniels loses his balance and starts falling, but Kazarian starts grabbing his arm, and tries balancing him, but in the end, Nash Big boots the cage, and Kazarian falls on one side of the cage, and Daniels is on the other. the drop and the weight make the cuffs break, and Kazarian falls to the floor. Kazarian is your winner!!!! Daniels, just in case though, hits a BME Attack on Nahs and Jarret, and then climbs out of the cage, being the winner, and the new tag team champs!


Matt Striker: Hello everybody, Im here with Black Machismo, Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal: Ohhhhhh yeah.

Matt: Are you ready for your match Jay?

Jay: You bet I am Matthew.

Matt: Do you think, that, against 11 other men, you can win the ECW X division title

Jay: Of course I do Matt. And when Black Machismo runs wild, he will be bringing home that title. OHHH Yeeaaahhh

Brian Kendrick appears

Brian:Whoah whoah whoah whoah. You think you can beat ME.... THE brian kendrick. You must be out of your mind.

Jay: The only person out of their mind is you, you think that THE brian kendrick can barge into Black Machismos interview. THE only thing you are is stupid.

Brian hits a quick clothesline, but Jay ducks, and hits a
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Summerslam 2012
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