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 June 19th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival

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June 19th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Empty
PostSubject: June 19th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival   June 19th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2012 2:57 am

The show begins, as the video plays and the classic theme plays, and it shows Paul Heyman, William Regal, Kevin Nash, Miz, Big Show, And Bobby Roode in the ring

Heyman: I think I have caused some good hell, but Jericho, mark my words, this isnt over, those briefcases arent yours, they are OURS.... and WE will win them back..... but first, let me introduce ourselves..... This, is Kevin Nash, Diesel, Big Sexy, whatever you call him, he is one of our tough guys, with his size, and strength, although he is also a good brawler.......

Heyman: This.... Is The Miz, the man who made a shocking return to ECW, he has taken out Morrison in a cage, and has shoved 2 originals through tables...... I had to do miracles, by trading Rob Van Dam, to get this amazing man... he is a technical, as well as the second brain, along with me... in the group

Heyman: My original client, it started with one, The Big Show, he was put through hell, but is still here, and he is out other half of the tough one, he lifts up people, and slams them down, but isnt afraid to smash people by running at them either...... He almost ended Jericho last week!!!

Heyman: Last, but not least, we have Bobby Roode, an amazing man, turned on his partner James Storm, and he has done some amazing miracles, using those bottles to his advantage...... he is a well rounded addition to us....

Heyman: Ha, I almost forgot the most important......... Myself, Paul Heyman, the OTHER brain, the mastermind behind this.... this.... Enforcement... yeah..... Heymans Extreme Law Legion!!! HELL........

Regal: What about me sir

Heyman: Sorry to say this... BUT.... you have been...terminated..... from this group... BYE BYE!!!

Show spears Regal, and then Roode takes two beer bottles, and starts clanking them together, before Show and Nash lift up Regal, and Toss them into Roode, who throws the bottles at Regals head, and spears them, the spear and the bottles hitting at nearly the same time!!!! Miz walks out of the ring, and takes a pipe from under the ring!!!! Miz runs into the ring, and places the pipe down, and then hits a Skull Crushing Finale onto the pipe!!!!!

Heyman: Now... Jericho, you have done the best thing to ensure you will not walk after this is over..... you have taken 3 briefcases, and you are being forced to be in a match, because I am having briefcase vs briefcase, #s 7 and 8 against #3!!!! oh wait, you hold all three, right?? Check this out.....

Video shows Jericho leaving his hotel room, and he walks out the door, the door closing behind him, and Jericho is unaware of any of this.... Camera shows Bobby Roode and Miz take the only ones there, #7 and #8, no #3 in sight, but taking them, and running out, then shows a different video of them at New Hart Dynastys Locker Room, and them leaving them in the lockers, without them knowing, and running off

Heyman: That will be the SECOND match, but for now, speaking of New Hart Dynasty, I think that we should have that number one contenders match, Natalya, Mickie, come out here and fight in.... hmmm. A bra and Panties Match!!!!

Match 1, Mickie james vs Natalya Bra and Panties Match, Number One Contendership

Mickie and Natalya look at each other, and Mickie hugs Natalya, and then takes off Natalyas tights in the process!!!! Natalya looks embarrased, and Mickie connects with a Long Kiss Goodnight!!! She goes over to take off her top, but Natalya slaps her, and pushes her to the ground, and locks in a sharpshooter, taking off her Shorts in the process!!!! Mickie is hurt and embarrassed!!!!! Mickie finally kicks her away, and then hits a running DDT, then a clothesline, then a dropkick. Natalya stands up, and charges at Mickie, but Mickie catches her in a Mickie-DT, and rips off her top in the process!!! Natalya goes to run backstage, but Heyman stands up from the table

Heyman: No No No No, we get to see more of Half Naked Natalya, shes managing New Hart Dynasty in their tornado Extreme Rules Match against Jericho now!!!!

Match 2, #3 Chris Jericho vs teddy hart #8 and Kevin Hart #7 w/ Natalya, Extreme Rules Tornado Tag

Chris looks at Natalya, allowing Teddy to run behind him and hit a reverse DDT!!! Natalya is trying to hide herself, but fans are yelling, and Natalya then decides to walk around and strut!!!! Teddy and Kevin are tossing Jericho into each other, big booting him, or dropkicking him, until finally, Kevin catches him in powerslam!!!! Chris rolls out of the ring, and grabs a chair!!!! Chris runs into it, and dropkicks it into Kevin, then into Teddy!! he takes the chair, and smashes it against both of their heads, and then places it in the corner. Natalya hops up and takes the chair, trying to move it, but Chris runs up and stops her. They are fighting, her on the apron, and Chris tells her "Nice Clothes" And she goes to slap him, but he ducks, and then feels her feet up to her thigh, and she yells at him, and gets off the apron!!!! He takes the chair, and places it in the corner, but teddy tosses him into the corner!!! Teddy starts punching Chris, and then Kevin comes along and places Chris on the top rope. Kevin has Chris in a superbomb position, and Teddy bounces off one set of ropes, onto Chriss shoulders, and then he hurricanranas Chris out of the ring!!!!! Kevin stays in the ring, while Teddy is punching Chris outside of it!!! Teddy has Chris leaned up against the steel steps, and he stomps him out, finishing it off with a running dropkick!!!! Natalya comes along, and she signals for Teddy to move, and she goes for a running stinkface, but Chris ducks, Natalya falling onto the steps!!!!!! Chris takes Teddy and he tosses him into the apron, and then into the barricade!!!!! Kevin gets out of the ring, chair in hand, and he smashes Chris in the back with it!!!! He starts unloading, while Natalya and Teddy are talking strategy, and then Kevin smashes the chair against his head, busting it!!! Chris is bleeding now, and Kevin finds a kendo stick under the ring!!!! Kevin gets a running start, and He goes to hit Chris with it, in the gut, but Chris moves, and the kendo stick finds its way hitting a certain Extremettes back end!!!! Natalya is furios, and she yells at Kevin, and then starts punching Chris!!!!! Chris counters one punch, and then lifts up Natalya, and lays her in the crowd!!!! Teddy hits a springboard clothesline, or tries to, Chris counters with a CodeBreaker!!! Kevin locks in a straightjacket sharpshooter, and Chris, not inside the ring, taps, but it doesnt count!!! Chris is let out of it, and Kevin goes to toss Chris into the turnbuckle post, but Chris counters, and lays out Kevin, and hits a catapult into the turnbuckle!!!!! Kevin is busted open!!!! Chris rolls Kevin in the ring, and then hits a lionsault, and locks in a walls of Jericho, but Teddy Comes in and saves his partner at the last second!!!!Kevin lifts up Chris in a firemans carry, and Teddy gets on the top rope. Teddy jumps, and Kevin hits a gutbuster, while Teddy hits a stunner!!!! Teddy gets to the ropes and hits an Open Hart Surgery!!!! Kevin has Chris in a powerbomb position now, and Teddy comes and bounces off Kevins back, into the air, and Kevin lifts up Chris while Teddy flips in the air, in a shooting star DDT/Powerbomb Facebuster!!!! Teddy pins 1....................2............KICKOUT BY CHRIS!!!!!! Natalya is yelling at the ref, and Chris hits a codebreaker on Teddy, and Kevin runs at him, but is caught in a codebreaker!!! The ref is still distracted, and Chris has a plan, He runs up and Kisses Natalya, and then pushes her down, and then pins Teddy 1...........................2.......................3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyman: Sorry Chris, but that was NOT for the briefcases!!!!


Maria:Hello ECW Extremists fans, I am here today with Chris Masters today

Chris: Thank you Maria for the introduction

Maria: Some people say you were screwed last week by Rhodes, is that true???

Chris: I cant say it is, anything goes really in the Masterlock Challenge I guess.... and sadly for me.... I felt the wrath of it, and lost the case..... but I WILL get a briefcase..... I no longer have a 1 on 1 match with anyone for it, but I cn win it in a triple threat or battle royal, and I WILL be getting into one, Rhodes, Be Careful!!!

Maria: Thank you Chris

Cody Rhodes walks up

Rhodes: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH BOOOOOHOOOOO You think I care about you coming after me, you cant win at your own challenge... sad... Maria, how about you interview someone with a Briefcase, and someone Dashing, someone who isnt... this dissapointment

Maria: Well Cody...

Chris: What makes you think That she wants to hear you

Cody: Shut up, Maria is talking.... Maria... continue, this rude SOB wont get away with it twice

Maria: Well Cody how do you...

Chris: Me.... a rude SOB?? Who ruined MY interview

Cody: Thats twice.... just for that, I think I should kick... your....

Joey Styles shows up

Joey: As Heymans backstage executive, I would like to tell you two that Heyman is putting you two in a match.... NEXT.... so both of you should get ready......... like now

Maria: There you have it folks.... now Cody, we will continue after the match, OK

Chris: What about me??

Cody: Your uninteresting, unlike me

Match 3, Cody Rhodes vs Chris Masters, #4 on the line, Falls count anywhere

Heyman: I am so smart

Punk: Sometimes

Matt: ALL the time.... actually

Chris starts flexing his mucles, and Cody laughs, as he points to his face, and yells "Im Dashing" ANd Chris runs at Cody, but Cody ducks a clothesline, and hits a quick dropkick, and then he starts punching Chris shoulders, and then Cody bounces off the ropes, and he goes for the disaster kick, but Chris moves behind rhodes and locks in a masterlock!!!! Cody runs over the ropes, flipping them both over, and forcing the hold to be released!!!! Cody tosses Chris into the barricade, and then tackles him, and then stomps him into the barricade! Cody then waits until Chris gets up, and goes for a running crossbody, but Chris catches him, and then hits a military press slam!!! Cody stands up, and then tosses Chris into the turnbuckle post, and then grabs a chair, and starts swinging away!!! Chris, after 5 shots, ducks one, and Cody hits the chair, which bounced off the impact with pure steel!!! Chris goes to lock in a masterlock, and is halfway there, but Cody bounces off the bottom rope and hits a sprinboard bulldog!!!! Cody gets on the apron, and sees a down Chris, and he climbs to the top ropes, and hits a moonsault!!! He pins 1............2.....kickout by Chris at the last second!!!! Chris stands up, and hits an inverted atomic drop, then another, then another, then another, after 8 of them, he lets Cody go, and then pins 1..............2...........kickout!!!!! Cody stands up, and runs at Chris, but Chris hits his devastating Polish Hammer!!!!! Cody is down 1.............2........kickout by Cody!!!!! Cody stands up, tripping Chris, and then starts working on the arms, slamming them against the ground, and then he lifts him up, and drives him shoulder first into steel steps!!!!! Cody follows up with a knee drop onto the arms!!!!!!! Cody stands on the apron, and starts stomping on Chris arms, and then he climbs to the top rope, and goes for a diving stomp onto the steps, but at the last second, Chris catches Cody in an inverted atomic drop onto the steps!!!!! Cody is hurt!!!!! Cody falls to the ground, and then Chris looks under the apron for a weapon, and finds one, he finds...... handcuffs!!!!! Chris handcuffs Cody to the ropes!!! Cody starts kicking Chris, but cant do anything to move!!!! Chris locks in a masterlock!!!!!! Cody cant do anything, his hands are cuffed!!!! All of a sudden, interviewer Maria runs to the ring, and then starts yelling at Chris Masters for using the handcuffs

Matt: What is SHE doing out here????

Paul: Maybe she has something for Cody

Punk: Looks to be that way Heyman.....

Chris lets go, and argues with Maria, and then Mariaslaps Chris, and quickly goes under the ring, and finds the key!!! She comes up and uncuffs Cody!!! Chris puts Maria in a masterlock though!!!!!!! Cody then with a chair, smashes a chair against Chris legs, tripping him, releasing Maria!!!! Maria and Cody stare at each other, Cody confused and Maria smiling, and Cody lifts up Chris, and hits a cross rhodes... he pins 1................2...........3!!!!!! Maria takes a mic

Maria: So are you ready for that interview??

Cody: Bad place but after that, I will, why did you...

Maria: Ok so you just kept your briefcase, any plans for celebrating

Cody: Not really, its just one match.....

Maria: True, what are your plans for after ECW

Cody: Are you asking what I think your asking

Maria leans in and kisses Cody!!!!! Cody takes his briefcase, and walks back with Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyman: What... the fu......dge..... just happened

Punk: Seriously, you cant say fuck but you can do Heymans weekly


ECW Extremely


Crowd Chants ECDub ECDub

Paul: Well our guests have some problems on SD, since RAW Sucks like normal, SD is our only true comp.....

-Christian Cages music hits- As Kevin Nash, dressed as Christian Cage, walks out

Nash: Paul, I am glad to be on your show, I WISH you could take me to your show, why wont you trade for the IC Champion

Paul: Well Christian Cage, sorry, but im not trading my amazing talent, for low lifes like you, please sit down

Kevin sits down on the floor right next to a set up chair

Paul: Good enough, what are your plans for NOC going up against the worlds fat ass man and Austin Babies

Kevin: Well, being

-Mark Henrys music hits- As Big Show, in a Mark Henry costume, tries running down to the ring, but trips, and cant get up, waving his arms and legs in the air!!!! Eventually, Heyman gets a group of staff to come lift up up, and Show finally walks to the ring, sitting on a chair, but busting it!!!!! Show just stays sitting on the broken chair

Paul: Welcome Mark!!!

Show: Anytime, I am glad to be back to this amazing show, I love it here, better then SD, but I will win the title, so SOMETHING good will happen, right???

Paul: Maybe.... Maybe, now Mark, going up against 2 small guys, Cage and Babies, what are your plans on walking out the winner at NOC

Show: Im gonna sit on them!!!

Paul: Really?

Show: Oh yeah, if I sit on them, they die, and then afterwords, im gonna go to McDonalds and eat me 10 or so nice crispy cheeseburgers, CAUSE I LIKE FOOD!!!!

-Austin Aries music hits- as Miz walks to the ring

Miz: Now hold on, you cant sit on me because

Miz does a quick somersault

Miz: Im the greatest man in the universe, I AM AUSTIN BABIES..... and you cant catch me to sit on me

Nash: Now hold on a second, you have to remember, I am The current champ, and I am NOT losing my title to YOU TWO..... got that

Miz: Well look, I am Austin Babies, and there is NOTHING you can do to stop ME from winning, because He cant sit on me if he cant catch me

Nash: Same here

Miz: But I am faster then you

Nash: REally, lets race!!!

Nash and Miz stand up and go to the apron

-Teddy Longs music hits- And Bobby Roode, dressed as Teddy long, comes out and starts doing the stupid teddy long dance, over exaggerating it, moving across the whole ramp, and then back

Roode: When you two playas reach me, the first one wins dog... HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA

Miz and Nash start running, although very slowly, as if in slow motion, and then Big Show leaves the ring, and pushes them aside and starts running, and while "Teddy" is dancing, Big Show runs into him, and Roode "is hurt" and falls off the stage!!! Big Show gets a mic


A piano "falls" on Big Show, and Big Show must be crushed!!!! The camera goes to a lifted up Piano, and it shows the Mark Henry costume, with nothing but Burgers inside it, and gravy flowing out of it!!!

Heyman: Now thats what all members of the McDonalds fan club will look like in 100 hundred years!!!


Show: Man, we killed the ratings

Roode: We are gonna go off the charts

Miz: HELL was the best thing to ever happen to ECW

Nash: You got that right

Joey Styles shows up

Joey: As Heymans backstage man, he wanted me to let you know that rating for that last segment were like this...

Joey pulls out a chart out, and then sets it up, it has ECW RATINGS at the top, and then Joey gets a ladder, and sets it up next to it, he then pulls out a red piece of rubber, and he places it on the bottom of the chart, and then climbs the ladder, making it touch the chart to the ceiling!!!! Joey gets off the ladder

Joey: Oh, and Roode, you have a match up next, against Umaga!!!

Roode: WHAT, no fucking way, thats impossible, Heyman wouldnt

Joey: Dont worry, HELL will be at ringside, but that wont matter much.....

Roode: Why???

Joey: I dont even know, Heyman just sent that to me..... but good luck

Match 4, Bobby Roode w/HELL vs Umaga, #9, ??? Match

Bobby Roode comes to the ring, and then Umaga, and as Umaga walks to the ring, a cage lowers!!! HELL gets in the ring, but Heyman tells them to get out, and they do, and Umaga runs in at the last second, beginning the cage match!!!

Match 4, Bobby Roode w/HELL vs Umaga #9, Cage Match

Roode and Umaga have a stare down, or try to, but Umaga runs Roode over!!! Umaga hits multiple punches on Roode!!! Roode gets up, and runs to the door!!! He escapes the ropes, and is on the steps, but Umaga pulls him back in by his neck!!!! Umaga shuts the door, but Big Show keeps it opened!!!! Umaga then pulls Roode to a different turnbuckle!!!! Umaga hits punch after punch after punch, and then runs and hits a Samoan Wrecking Ball!!! Roode is still sitting in the corner though, and Umaga goes over and starts choking him!!!!!! Umaga starts climbing the cage!!!! Roode starts getting up!!! Roode starts attacking Umaga, but hes not going down!!!! Miz runs over to the corner where Umaga is climbing and climbs up the cage!!!! Umaga almost escapes, but Miz is holding down Umaga!!! Roode goes up behind Umaga, and starts attacking him. umaga hits Miz with a Samoan Spike, and then smashes Roodes face into Mizs, and then goes to toss Roode into the mat, but Roode catches him in a neckbreaker off the cage!!! Roode and Umaga are down!!! Roode gets up before Umaga, and starts climbing up the cage!!! Umaga gets up, and Roode is almost at the top, but Umaga jumps up and takes Roodes leg and pulls him down, crashing into the ropes!!! Now he is stuck between the ropes and the cage!!!! Umaga starts punching the trapped roode, and he continues to punch him!!!! Umaga then starts stomping on hi, and then he places he wraps the ropes around roodes head, choking him!!! His head is in between the bottom and middle ropes, and then, Umaga walks back, and then runs and hits a diving headbutt!!! Umaga then picks up Roode, still trapped, and he tosses him back first into the cage, over, and over, and over again, and then Umaga starts choking him!!!! Roode cant do anything about it!!! Umaga finally lets go, and kicks Roode in the gut, making him bend over, leaning on the top rope, and Umaga runs and hits a jumping axe handle to roodes back!!! He goes to do it again, but Roode hits a back body drop, and Umaga goes straight into the cage!!!!! Roode then gets out of the trapped zone, and starts stomping on Umaga, and then chokes him with his foot!!!! He then starts kicking the trapped Umagas face!!!! Roode then hits a neckbreaker, Umagas neck going straight into the ropes!!!!!Roode then dropkicks Umagas face straight into the cage!!!Umaga is busted open, but sees the blood by feeling his head and then looking at his hand, and he takes walks into the ring, pushing away Roode, the blood fired him up!!! Roode runs for his spear, but Umaga samoan drops him!!! Umaga then bounces off the ropes and hits a body splash!!! He goes for a Wild Samoan Splash on the top rope, but Roode gets up and spears him into the cage!!! They are on the turnbuckle, and they go punch for punch, until Umaga lifts up for a samoan drop, but Roode holds onto the cage, staying on, but Umaga just tosses him into the cage!!!! Umaga then goes to push off Roode, but Roode starts punching Umaga, staying on, and then he starts climbing the rest of the way, jumping off Umagas shoulders!!! Umaga then goes up beside him, and starts choking him out with two hands, and eventually, he lets go of the cage, trying to stop the chokehold, but Umaga just chokeslams him down, and then he gets ready for the wild samoan splash, but Kevin nash big boots the cage, messing up Umaga, and Umaga falls almost hitting Roode, but he doesnt. Roode stands up, and goes over to the cage door, telling HELL to come in!!! Miz and Show start stomping on Umaga, and Show lifts up Umaga in a military press, and Roode runs and hits a neckbreaker!!!! Kevin Nash waits until he gets up, and Jackknifes him!!!Big Show and Henry go for a double powerbomb!!! And Miz and Roode get to the top rope, Miz and Roode jumping off at the same time, hitting a double powerbomb/spear/neckbreaker (neckbreaker by miz spear by roode)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Umaga has to be hurt, but that isnt all!!!! Heyman comes up and stares at Umaga, and Show picks Umaga up, and Heyman walks around Umaga, and Umaga almost attacks Heyman, but Show holds onto him!!!! Show lifts up Umaga in an oklahoma slam position, and Roode and Miz hit a double cutter!!!! Nash then gets on the ground and hits punch for punch on Umaga!!!! Heyman then licks his hand, and places it on his huge boots, and then hits a running small big boot!!!!!!! Heyman gets a chair, and places it on Umagas neck, and Big Show gets on ropes, hes looking to sit down on the neck!!!

-Sorry, About Your Damn luck- hits as James Storm runs to the ring!!! He last calls Miz!!! Nash runs at him in a big boot, he dodges, and catches him in a last call!!!! Here comes Big Show!!! Show runs for a spear, but he catches him in a spear of his own!!!!!!! Just Roode and Heyman left!!! Heyman runs off, as Storm leaves to, he pushes Heyman out of the way, and then, runs back into the cage with something, A BEER BOTTLE!!!! He smashes it across Roodes head, and then lifts up Umaga and slowly pulls him out of the ring!!!!!! Umaga has won the case!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby Lashley vs Wade Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler vs Yoshi Tatsu, #10 and #11 on the line, Elimination Match

Dolph Ziggler comes out with a mic

Ziggler: Well, I was put through a table last week, it hurt, I wont lie, but that old man beat me.... that old... stupid..... washup up.... has been.... beat ME!!! itt was a fluke, and I will be winning the match, winning a case!!!!

Bobby Lashley runs out behind him with a spinebuster!!!!!!

Lashley tosses him into the ring, and then starts beating down on Ziggler, and Wade connects with a big boot to Lashley!!! Lashley is down, Ziggler is down, and Yoshi and Wade are staring down at each other. Wade dodges a kick, and tosses him outside the ring!!! Wade runs after him, and hits a clothesline!!! Lashley gets up, and then sees the hurt Ziggler, and stomps him out!!!! Wade runs into the ring, only to be hit with a shoulder block!!!! Wade lifts up Ziggler, forming a small alliance!!! Lashley connects with a double clothesline, then connects with a spinebuster to Wade, then a full nelson slam to Ziggler!!! Yoshi gets on the apron, and gets to the top ropes!!! He goes for the heel kick, but Lashley catches him, and slams him down in a dominator!!!! Lashley is on a roll!!!!! Lashley signals for a spear on anyone who gets up, and that is Wade!!!!! Wade gets up, and catches Lashley in a big boot!!!! Wade then grabs Lashleys legs, and holds them, while Ziggler gets up, and Ziggler hits his elbow drop!!!! Yoshi runs in, and hits a shining wizard on a sitting Lashley!!!! Ziggler leaves the ring, and grabs a chair and a baseball bat from under the ring!!! He runs in it, while Lashley is held down by Yoshi, and hands Wade the steel bat, and places the chair on Lashleys chest!!! Wade gets to the top rope, putting the bat under his elbow, and Yoshi holds Lashleys arms, while Ziggler is holding his legs!!!! Barrett jumps, but Lashley tosses Yoshi into the flying Barrett!!!! Lashley rolls out, seeing Yoshis back go straight into the steel bat, and he takes the chair previously on his chest, and he sees Ziggler standing there!!!! Ziggler is begging him to stay away, and Lashley laughs, and he takes the chair and runs at Ziggler!!!Ziggler is hit with a chair shot to the face!!!! Lashley turns around, taunting, straight into a big boot!!! Barrett goes for the pin 1...........2..... Lashley tosses barrett off of him!!! All three men start attacking Lashley, trying to take him down!!! Yoshi is at his side, Barrett on his back, and Ziggler holding onto his shoulders!!!! Lashley starts walking around the ring, and then runs, all of the men still on him, and he runs over the apron, tossing all three of them to the floor, while he stays in the ring!!!! Yoshi is the first one to get into the ring, and he connects with 5 knife edge chops, but they dont hurt Lashley!!! Lashley just picks up him and gives him a military press drop!!!! Ziggler runs into the ring, going for a zig zag,but Lashley counters with a snapmare!!!! Ziggler turns around right into a spear!!! Barrett comes in behind him and turns him around and lifts him up in a wasteland position!!! Lashley gets to the ground, and follows up with a huge dominator!!!! Lashley almost goes for the pin, but behind him, Ziggler connects with a zig zag!!!! he covers 1............2......kickout by lashley!!!! Ziggler is angry, and he starts yelling at the ref, but this allows Lashley to connect with a reverse suplex to Ziggler!!!! Yoshi comes back to fight Lashley, and he starts going punch for punch, until Lashley tackles him, and starts punching away!!!!!!! Lashley then turns around into a big boot, but he ducks, and the boot takes out the standing up Yoshi!!!! Lashley sees the baseball bat that was almost used against him, and he picks up the steel bat, and he swings the bat at Ziggler!!!

Matt: That couldve broken bones!!!

Paul: Exactly..... thats the point Matt

Lashley then smashes the bat against Yoshis back, and then against Barretts foot!!!! He takes the bat, and then tosses it at Ziggler!!!! The bat flies out of the ring, and Lashley pins Ziggler!!! 1...........2........Yoshi gets up, sees the elimination, but doesnt break it up!!!! 3!!!!

Ziggler has Been Eliminated!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ziggler starts yelling at Yoshi when he gets up, and Ziggler hits Yoshi with a Zig Zag!!!! then he leaves!!! Lashley takes adantage, and he spears a kneeling Yoshi!!! He pins 1..............2..........3!!!!

Yoshi Tatsu is Eliminated!!! THe winners are Barrett and Lashley!!!

Heyman: No No No No, this will be one winner with TWO cases!!!!

Barrett tries standing up, but falls on his foot!!! Lashley rolls out of the ring, grabbing a trash can!!!! He runs into the ring and places the chair on Barretts foot, and then takes the trash can, and tosses it onto the chair!!!! Barrett is hurt!!!! His leg could be crushed!!!! Lashley takes the foot, and starts smashing it against the trash can!!! He then locks in a modified ankle lock, twisting the ankle, while the foot is being smashed against the chair!! Barrett doesnt tap though, he grabs the ropes, and he pulls himself out of the ring!!!! Barretts foot is crushed!!!! Barrett rolls into the ring, and Lashley spears him!!!! He chokes Barrett to get him up, and then spears him again!!!! He isnt done though, he hits a thrust spinebuster!!!! Then he lifts him up and locks in a standing sleeper hold, Barrett taps!!!!

Lashley Walks away with his two briefcases!!!

Main Event, Revolt vs The Miz w/ HELL, No Briefcase

Revolt and Miz lock up, the debuting Revolt winning, and Big Show enters the ring, and distracts Revolt, but Revolt just ducks a punch, and hits a huge dropkick to show, show leaning against the ropes, and Revolt tosses Miz right into Show, knocking show over the ropes!!! Miz is caught in a few kicks by Revolt, and Revolt bounces off the ropes and hits a springboard body splash!!! he pins 1..........kickout by Miz, and Kevin Nash starts fighting with the ref, and Revolt runs and superkicks him off the apron!!!! Bobby Roode gets up, and starts punching Revolt, but Revolt ducks one, and bounces off the ropes, doing a springboard clothesline to Roode!!!!!! Revolt slides back into the ring, only to be caught in an axe handle!!! Miz starts punching the down Revolt, and pins 1......2.kickout by Revolt, and Revoltg kips up, and then bounces off the ropes, dodging a clothesline, then comes around and catches Miz in a bulldog!!! Revolt then bounces off the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault!!! Miz starts getting up, but Revolt catches Miz in a back suplex!!! Miz gets up, angry, and he runs at Revolt, but Revolt ducks a big boot, and then flips over a Running miz from behind, and catches him, while flipping, in a reverse DDT!!! he covers!!!! 1......2....Kevin Nash trips the ref!!!! Revolt gets up, angrily, and he bounces off the ropes, looking to dive outside, but Miz catches him in a big boot!!! he covers, the ref still distracted, but eventually turning around 1..........2.....kickout by Revolt!!! Miz is yelling at the ref, and Revolt hops up, taunting Miz to turn around, and he connects with a knee to the gut, and Miz is bend over!!! Revolt, using the movement of the knee, to run to the ropes opposite of the ones facing Miz, and he hits a bulldog!!! Revolt runs up the turnbuckle, and Miz stands up, angry, and Revolt hits a diving Double Underhook DDT!!!Revolt covers 1...........2.......Bobby Roode with a beer bottle over Revolts back, cutting it open!!! Revolt stares at Roode, Roode taunting him to bring it, and Revolt bounces off the ropes at the turnbuckle, the second ropes, and hits roode with a Springboard Rolling Kick!!!


Matt: I have never seen that before

Punk: GO ROOKIE... we call that the flash kick!!!!

Paul: Well Miz will win it, trust me!!

Miz gets up, and catches Revolt in a skull crushing finale position!!! Big Show runs into the ring, and hits Revolt with a WMD, and after that, Miz brings him down in a Skull Crushing Finale 1.............2.........

-Eugenes Music hits-

Eugene runs to the ring, ref distracted, while Kevin Nash tells The ref to watch the pin, and the ref goes back for the count of three, as he brings his hand down, it doesnt touch, and Revolt kicks out at the last second!!!!!!!! Eugene runs into the ring to help Revolt, and to stop Big Show, but Big Show has him in a chokehold!!!! Show lifts him up, and almost brings him down, but

-SORRY.... ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK- hits as James Storm struts to the ring, HELL is distracted, and Eugene turns around Big Show and hits him with a WMD of his own!!! Revolt then waits until Miz turns around, and he hits a Cutter!!!

Punk: Right there, Flashing Cutter

Revolt pins 1...............2..................3

James Storm runs to the ring, and Show and Miz start attacking Eugene, while Roode and Nash attack Storm and Revolt, and Storm is hit with a chair from behind by Heyman!!!! Roode connects with a spear then to Storm, and then Revolt and Eugene go down, in 2 vs 1 handicaps, and then, Heyman gets the chair from under the ring, and places it on Storms neck!!!! Big Show gets on the apron, and Storm is being held down!!! He is gonna sit on the neck!!

-Austin Aries Music Hits- As Austin Aries runs to the ring, dropkicks Show off the apron, avoiding the chair and neck of storm, and Aries starts attacking everyone else, but they are winning, until

-Somebodies gonna get their ass kicked- hits as Mark henry, somewhat runs/jogs to the ring, and he starts attacking everyone, and then they are still losing, until

-Christians music hits- as Christian Cage runs to the ring, stopping the attack!!!! Cage, Henry, and Aries all stare at each other, but then Aries shouts "Save it for NOC" And they walk off as the show goes off air
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June 19th, 2012 Edition of Tuesday Night ECW Revival
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